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Into You

Into You
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
120 min

Tony Dimarco

    all models over 18    
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Bailey Zane

Dean Young

Eli Shaw

Felix Fox

Michael Boston

Mr. DeepVoice

Sean Xavier

Sumner Blayne

With Dean Young stripped out of his tight white briefs, Aussie stud Bailey Zane can finally have his way with the young twink’s smooth hole. The tanlined jock uses his tongue and fingers to service Dean’s ass before pulling out his big dick and making it disappear deep inside his buddy. Then, with his hands wrapped around Dean’s throat, Bailey picks up the pace and barebacks his horny friend at full speed before covering the cock-hungry bottom in a blanket of cum.
24  minutes
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MrDeepVoice wants nothing more than for Sean Xavier’s ten-inch dick to fall out of his briefs and completely fill his mouth. To his pleasure, it isn’t long before both of the muscular men are naked, servicing each other’s big dicks, and 69ing across the bed. His intense satisfaction only continues as Sean fills up MrDeepVoice’s bubble butt with his lengthy bareback rod and fucks the ripped hunk across his bed.
25  minutes
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Fit twink Eli Shaw can’t help but smile as a nearly naked Sumner Blayne carries him to bed for a night of bareback play. The two enjoy each other’s muscular bodies as Eli takes a mouthful of Sumner’s big dick, and Sumner’s tongue gets a taste of Eli’s perfectly smooth hole. Then, with both men craving more and more of each other, Sumner uses his XL cock to bareback Eli and pound out his ass until the young fucker is swimming in his own pool of seed.
21  minutes
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Carefree and insatiably horny, ripped jock Felix Fox is spending his day getting fucked in every room of his house by big dick stud MrDeepVoice. Their first stop is the living room where Felix swallows down his friend’s uncut cock and spreads his muscular thighs to get rimmed on the couch. Sounds of skin clapping, Felix’s whimpering, and MrDeepVoice’s deep moans then overtake the space as Felix gets barebacked all over the sofa and rammed until he’s cumming buckets.
27  minutes
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It’s a lazy Sunday for Michael Boston and Sumner Blayne. Uninterested in leaving their bed, the bareback duo has spent all day between the sheets – and between the cheeks – while roughhousing and exploring each other’s bodies. Michael’s mouth can’t stay away from Sumner’s girthy meat, and Sumner can’t deny his constant craving for Michael’s juicy bubble butt. With dicks this big and asses that fat, it’s easy to see why these two are more than happy to spend their days rimming, sucking, and fucking raw in the comfort of their luxury bedroom.
23  minutes
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Sporting only tight briefs and smoldering smiles, the insatiable men of Falcon Studios are eager to get under the sheets and prove just how truly ‘Into You’ they really are. MrDeepVoice is already in bed as he makes it known that he wants nothing more than for Sean Xavier’s nine-inch cock to fill up his open mouth and muscular ass. Elsewhere, a nearly naked Sumner Blayne is getting in on the bareback fun by carrying Eli Shaw to bed and using his big dick to give the fit bottom the ride of his life. Always ready for more, MrDeepVoice and Sumner Blayne gear up for Round 2, with MrDeepVoice taking to the living room sofa to pound out the bubble butt of ripped jock Felix Fox while Sumner spends a lazy day in bed exploring and entering Michael Boston’s juicy peach. Taking his time to explore every inch of Dean Young, Bailey Zane brings the passionate action to a climax as he fully services the Irish twink’s smooth hole.

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