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Is That You Daddy?

Is That You Daddy?
Dads Fucking Lads
  • Anal Sex
  • Blindfold
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
87 min

Sean Hardy

    all models over 18    
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Alex Roman

Dave London

Dmitry Osten

Gabriel Phoenix

Koby Lewis

Korar Darver

Logan Moore

Nathan Raider

Softly stroking his delicate young cock, smooth pale twink Koby Lewis blindfolds himself to heighten the sensations he`s feeling as he relaxes in his room. He hears a noise and automatically assumes it`s a hot man waiting in the wings to join him in carnal pleasure. Perhaps the fantasy world is beginning to merge with reality, but muscled, tanned daddy Logan Moore enters, stroking the boys body and soon getting his own dick the attention it deserves. Blindfolded throughout their hot, sweaty tryst, both Logan and Koby feel the amazing pleasure anonymous sex can give each other, right up until the spunk heavy climax from both quivering dicks. Giving Koby back his sight afterwards, they give their own special accounts of the experience directly to camera, inviting you in to share the fun they had!
20  minutes
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If there is ever a daddy you want to sneak into your room whilst you’re blindfolded and butt naked, it’s the lean, tanned hairy young daddy Nathan. Quietly entering the room, he slowly and softly strokes Korar’s toned muscular but hairless young body, perfectly framed in a red jockstrap. It’s only a matter of moments before Nathan works his exploratory fingers down to that waiting, puckering butthole. Both men can feel the anticipation as it tightens and relaxes, the hunger very obviously there! Feeding the boy his dick as his head hangs over the side of the bed, Korar gets the thick shaft slick and his face nuzzling into the brown fur between Nathan’s legs. Slurping on the boys own thick dick and smooth pink hole, Nathan is soon slamming inside, all the while Korar not knowing who is inside him, or what his next step is going to be! All is revealed at the end of the scene in a fun frank and exciting interview with them both!
21  minutes
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Slim and smooth with a hot shaved head, this twink has a filthy look about it, and it’s not just because he laying on his bed with a blindfold on – although that definitely helps. Bulging from his striped trunks, it’s no surprised that big dicked daddy Dave London is quickly on the scene to take advantage of the horny sight before his eyes. Almost completely hairless, young Alex Roman lays back and allows the strong gripped man pull down those pants and expose his boyish balls and impressive dick, massaging the older man’s dick in motion. Soon turning over and letting the unknown daddy tongue fuck his perfectly smooth pink hole, Dave is swept up in the deep rimming that he even begins to thrust his dick in fucking movement against Alex’s foot. Softly moaning in pleasure, Dave takes that as the moment to slide his thick dick deep down into the boy, and with Alex arching is back – it was definitely the right thing to do!! Don’t miss the interview afterwards, once Alex is cum covered and takes his blindfold off to see who just fucked the hell out of him!
23  minutes
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Dirty Russian twink Dmitry Osten is ready and waiting on his bed, hoping that daddy will come in to his bedroom and see his smooth young body and blindfolded face and acknowledge the invitation. Rubbing his bulge through his red jockstrap, hairy young daddy Gabriel Phoenix enters, and immediately takes Dmitry’s unspoken offer, stroking his soft skin and whipping his delicious dick out as his conquest lays there stroking his own huge twink dick. The blindfolded boy remains in the dark throughout the whole hard sexual encounter, only seeing the light once Gabriel has shot his thick creamy load all over the already cum soaked boy, mixing daddy and son cum together as they then give us the low-down to camera on how they both thought of the horny session!!
23  minutes
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The young boys might not know who is fucking them, but they are having the best time of their lives as they feel the warmth of daddy’s hands caress their smooth skin, the big rough hands working their way over their pale torsos and down towards their growing dicks and over their tight young butts, slipping a finger or two inside if there are lucky, opening the way for some hard daddy dick to enter! The blindfolded boys have no idea who is about to fuck them – all they can sense is that they are about to be submitted to the muscled older men who are in full control of the situation, and they can’t do anything about it. Flipped over, fucked and pounded into their beds, they only see the light when daddy takes off the blindfold after shooting his heavy load, and just who has been inside them becomes clear! With interviews afterwards, we get to know the intimate details of how these boys were feeling throughout the anonymous ordeal!

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