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Islas Canarias

Islas Canarias
NS Originals
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112 min

Marc MacNamara

    all models over 18    
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Apolo Adrii

Austin Sugar

Bastian Karim

Craig Marks

Johnny Viper

Logan Moore

Oskar Ivan

Sam Steiner

Sir Peter

Valentin Amour

With no one else around for miles, Austin Sugar and Valentin Amour are eager to explore each other’s bodies and the vast volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote’s scenic beaches. Valentin submerges himself in the clear Atlantic waters to better service the cock that’s spilling out of Austin’s skimpy swimwear before climbing onto a nearby rock formation to let Austin rim his tight hole. Hungry for more, the two escape to their villa, but find themselves unable to make it inside as Austin begins burying his stiff dick in Valentin’s ass. A bearded Valentin rides Austin on the outdoor staircase, spreads his legs as far as humanly possible, and jerks his uncut cock as Austin fills him up. The bareback Canary Islands hookup comes to a climactic finish with Valentin covering himself in thick ropes and draping his body over the wooden steps to lick up Austin’s sugary load.
21  minutes
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It may be the middle of the night in the Canary Islands, but sleep is the last thing on the perverted minds of Sir Peter and Craig Marks. With Sir’s hard cock aching to escape his swimsuit, Craig lends a helping hand and mouth as he services the girth of Sir Peter’s meat. Sir then guides his cocksucker into position for a bareback poolside pounding. With his legs draped over his top’s shoulders, a wide-eyed Craig lets out a series of gasps and whimpers as the hung top works his thick dick into Craig’s eager hole. An insatiable Sir continues to rim, face fuck, and work his muscular bottom into multiple positions until Craig is stroking out his load and opening his mouth for Sir’s creamy cum.
22  minutes
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After an exhausting day of sightseeing and discovering the beauty of the town of Teguise, all Bastian Karim and Sam Steiner want to do is head back to their private beach villa, relax, and enjoy each other’s raw bodies. Quick to lose his clothes, Bastian bobs his head up and down on his lover’s uncut member before taking a seat on his face and his stiff dick. After spreading his thick thighs and riding Sam, Bastian gets his own go at topping as Sam takes to the floor, gets on all fours, and opens up for Bastian’s cock. The villa soon fills with the sound of Sam taking deep breaths at every one of Bastian’s bareback thrusts. A few strokes by his own hand has Sam nutting all over himself with Bastian taking the opportunity to unload onto Sam’s face.
25  minutes
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Apolo Adrii and Oskar Ivan don’t have a care in the world and are more than happy with spending every waking moment naked by the pool of their secluded villa off the southern coast of Lanzarote. Ready to ride Apolo’s already-hard cock, Oskar shows off his playful side as he flips himself onto his lover’s piece of meat bareback. Apolo’s raw cock goes directly from Oscar’s ass to his open mouth as the bottom swallows his stiff uncut dick. Apolo then rims Oskar’s used hole before hitting the shower, laying down to 69, and reinserting himself into his man’s hungry cheeks. Now on his back, Oskar shoots a hot load onto his furry six-pack for Apolo to lick up and gets into position for the top to spew a thick mess of cum all over his mouth.
23  minutes
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One simple knowing nod has Johnny Viper tailing Logan Moore across the town of Teguise until they’ve officially reached a private residence where they can strip, shower, and suck. Still glistening from water covering his muscles, Johnny looks down to admire Logan, inhaling his cock to the base before going down to rim Logan’s hole and bareback his juicy cheeks. The two trade the shower stall for a lush bed where Johnny continues chowing down on Logan’s thick ass. Johnny’s viper then jumps from the beefy bottom’s hole to his mouth until it’s back and buried between his thick cakes. A few more thrusts has the cruising couple busting loads with Logan cumming on his own stomach and Johnny pouring an excessive amount of seed onto Logan’s beard and body.
21  minutes
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Anyone visiting ‘Islas Canarias’ knows that the only thing more gorgeous than the scenic volcanic beaches, cultural landmarks, and oceanic views are the men roaming around each and every island. Directed by the award-winning Marc MacNamara and shot on location in the Canary Islands, this bareback film follows ten of Europe’s hottest models as they venture out to explore the sights of these islands and the bodies of the men that inhabit them. Over on Lanzarote, the cocks of Austin Sugar and Valentin Amour are pouring out of their skimpy swimwear as they clutch onto volcanic rocks and submerge themselves in the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s midnight when Sir Peter finally decides to head for the pool, take a dip, and dive dick-first into the tight hole of muscle stud Craig Marks. After an exhausting day of sightseeing near the Castillo de San Gabriel, Sam Steiner can’t wait to get back to his private villa for a passionate flip-fuck that ends with lover Bastian Karim covering his face in cum. Miles away near a private pool, Oskar Ivan is flipping himself onto Apolo Adrii’s hard cock and shooting creamy loads onto his own furry six-pack. Over in the town of Teguise, a ravenous Johnny Viper is out cruising for cock, following strangers, and digging his dick into the beefy cheeks of Logan Moore. When you see first-hand how these European heartthrobs are erupting on a daily basis, it’s easy to see why the volcanic islands of ‘Islas Canarias’ have such an explosive reputation.

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