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Jacked Up

Jacked Up
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Bondage
  • CBT
  • Circle Jerk
  • Cum-eating
  • Dildo
  • Flogging
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Nipple Play
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Underwear
109 min

Bruce Cam

    all models over 18    
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Bruce Jennings

Eddie Moreno

Jack Simmons

Joe Hix

Mitch Ryder

Rolio Vizarro

Ross Taylor

Steve Carlisle

Joe Hix wears the overalls in this garage, at least until his first customer asks for service. Tattooed Eddie Moreno wants it delivered fast and hard and Joe whips it out with the raw power of one of the over-stoked cars he works on. He’s foul-mouthed and packs a mean punch, but as Eddie would say, `Sir, the customer is always right.` Joe decides some major adjustments are in order. Eddie gets his tits worked over with a pair of pliers and his cock and balls tuned precisely with a wrench hung by a cord strapped so tight around his balls that they turn red and sweaty: just the way Joe likes them. He gives them some not so tender whacks, then sucks Eddie’s fat dick while torqueing his balls to peak performance. `Good Boy`, says Joe as he works Eddie’s asshole with his bruised and callused fingers. Wracked in pleasure and pain from the heavy weight lugging on his nuts, Eddie cums on his chiseled tattooed chest. Joe may be a Hix, but he’s good at clean-up and wipes up every bit of the cum gobbed on Eddie’s smiling face.
24  minutes
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That’s only appetizers for Joe. When hunky Steve Carlisle clocks in for work, Joe demands a blowjob for starters, then piston fucks Steve’s hairy blond ass. Big black Jack Simmons struts in with a cranky shaft. Both Steve and Joe get down to business, taking turns sucking his rock hard cock, licking his fat balls and deep rimming his ass until it drips with spit. Then Jack really gets hot and starts fucking Steve’s furry butt. He slams Steve’s mouth on his dick while Joe rams a wrist-thick black dildo up Steve’s hungry butt so fast and hard that he blasts a load on his hairy chest.
25  minutes
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Down on the garage floor, Rolio has Bruce tied up to the rack with his own tie and found the perfect tool to beat the smart-ass out of pretty boy Bruce - his own belt. Whipped and slapped, Bruce’s vulnerable body writhes all the way down to his underwear entangled ankles. Flogged, punched, and generally having the shit beat out of him, Bruce gets a really thorough tune-up when Rolio punch-fucks him with a hot toy from his tool chest: a red handled screwdriver takes a hard drive up Bruce’s hole, again and again. Once he’s got Bruce’s valves wide open and well lubed, Rolio pulls his big dark cock out of his overalls and plows Bruce’s lilly-white ass. A few well-aimed slaps make Bruce know who’s in control of his butt.
28  minutes
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Back in the office, hungry Eddie needs more service and gets it from Joe, Jack and Bruce. Tongue to butt, dick to mouth, cock to ass - it’s a four way fuck-stack. Then Jack gets the deluxe three-way round the world service from the hard working boys. Once Jack shoots his load, they rally around and launch cum jets over Jack’s brown mountain chest. Clean-up time. Nasty Eddie is all smiles.

On the garage floor, Ross is getting it from both ends. Mitch is up his ass and Rolio down his throat while steel pliers swing on his tits. Bruce is at work down below, sucking and licking anything he can get his mouth on. He finally gets his lips around to cleaning Mitch’s ass-wet dick like the good boy he is.

32  minutes
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TITAN Media is proud to announce the release of Jacked-Up Hardcore, a 2 hour and 10 minute rough and greasy romp in a car repair garage where the hard bodied guys have plenty of time to use their tools but never seem to work on the cars. From the opening fuck on the office couch to piss play in the toilet and a hot four for-all in the garage work-pit, Jacked-Up follows a normal day in the life of eight tool obsessed, super hot, insatiably horny men.

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