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Jasper Stone`s Bisexual Adventure

Jasper Stone`s Bisexual Adventure
Treasure Island Media
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93 min

Jasper Stone

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Barbary Cruz
Daisy Ducati
James Dickson
Jay Davis
Kay Kardia
Kely West

Sahara Rain
Sal Marquez
Tony Orlando
Vivi Marie
Zach Clemens

Vivi and Sal meet Jasper at a seedy warehouse. Instantly, the pair start sucking Jasper`s turgid cock while Vivi works to get her boyfriend’s dick uncovered. Jasper wants Vivi`s pussy badly -- he wastes no time planting his face right between her sexy legs. While Jasper has a mouth full of dripping pussy, Vivi swallows Sal’s cock. Jasper pounds Vivi`s box hard, as he watches her suck her man`s tool. Jasper is clearly becoming delirious with lust. Crazed and out of control, without a second thought, Jasper takes his first cocksucking plunge. He drops to his knees, grabs Sal`s hard bone, and swallows it whole. Mmmm...there`s nothin` quite like that first dick! Changing things up, Vivi jumps onto Sal’s cock for a nice ride while she sucks Jasper`s fat hog. Sal joins in, wedging his hard cock into Vivi’s tight-as-fuck pussy, delighting as his cock rubs against Jasper’s veiny tool. Vivi`s in hole-hog heaven! It`s Jasper`s turn to take charge. He bends Vivi over to deepstroke her hot cunt from behind, while Sal feeds them both his pussy-wet cock. The cock-and-cunt-juice cocktail pushes Jasper over the edge, and he unloads his heavy nutsack into Vivi`s quim, overflowing her little box. Eager to share in the finale, Sal dives right in, slurping up all of Jasper’s tasty cum. Sal then shoots his load all over Vivi’s face and Jasper’s cock as she tries to get all the cock and cum she can before it`s all over.
14  minutes
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This threesome have known each other for awhile, but never played together. That all changed one day when wet weather kept the trio from their usual Saturday bike ride. Tony has secretly wanted to sample Jasper`s dick. Sensing Jasper`s willing mood on this particular rain day Tony gets down to business before the stud changes his mind. Sahara is moist from watching so she joins in, getting an expert tongue lashing from Jasper and a mouthful of penis from Tony. No stranger to Tony`s cock, Sahara moans with a throat full of manmeat and a pussy full of Jasper`s manhood. They switch it up, Tony plowing Sahara`s hole while she struggles to swallow Jasper`s every inch. By this point, Jasper`s cocklust has been fueled. He kneels down for some quality time with Tony’s dripping cock before Sahara hops onboard to fuck Tony while Jasper’s shares his cock with them both. After riding Tony for a while Sahara jumps back onto Jasper’s cock, using her tight cunt to extract a heavy load from Jasper`s bloated balls. Tony loves a creampie. He eagerly eats every last drop from Sahara’s sloshy pussy. And Sahara`s not done yet! She walks the men over to Jasper’s motorcycle, where Jasper lines up and starts fucking her again as she blows her boyfriend. Tony taps in to fuck Sahara while she cleans her juices off of Jasper’s meaty cock. Sahara is still prone across the bike as Jasper taps back in, fucking her hard while Tony plays with her tits.
16  minutes
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Daisy and Jasper check into a cheap hourly-rate motel for some sleasy down and dirty fucking. As Daisy lays some oral exertise on Jasper`s bone, their friend Zach finally shows up to join the party. Zach can’t resist Jasper’s stiff rod and drops to his knees to help Daisy get that fat dick ready for action. Cockstrong and ready to play, Zach jumps on top of Daisy and pounds her tiny pussy. Daisy switches to Jasper’s cock while Zach salivates over the possibilities. Zach steps up and jams his cock alongside Jasper`s, filling little Daisy to the brim with hard dick. Daisy slides forward, leaving a wet trail all the way up to Jasper`s waiting tongue. Zach takes the opportunity to tackle Jasper’s unattended cock with new vigor. After Daisy and Zach share Jasper’s cock, Daisy climbs back on the hobby horse, getting a solid cunt ramming from Jasper as Zach enjoys Jasper`s growing cocksucking skills. Jasper cums bucketsfull, unloading a deluge into Daisy’s cunt. Jasper drinks his hot spunk from her pussy, then turns to Zach for more jizz, leaving them all sweaty and spent.
14  minutes
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Jay and Jasper are two party buds who find they have a lot more in common than a love for KILLER TIM WEED and fast motorcycles. After sparking up a bowl and watching some bisexual MILF porn, the two give each that sideward look that says, "You thinkin` what I`m thinkin?" Yep. They`re both on the same page. Jasper gets naked and Jay goes to town on his stoner dick, taking every last inch into his warm throat in a blissful cocksucker haze. Jasper enjoys the trip, finally giving in to Jay`s skillful mouth. When Jasper unloads down Jay`s gullet, the cocksucker knows there`s more to be had. Like a man possessed, Jay keeps sucking and slurping, tugging and milking, until he coaxes another creamy load from Jasper`s all-to-willing nutsack.
11  minutes
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Barbary and Jasper finally had a chance to hook up after they met last year at a warehouse-district sex party. No sooner than Jasper lets her in the door, and they`re undressed and ready to fuck. Barbary climbs right onto Jasper`s pole, gliding her beautiful wet pussy along his slick shaft. Jasper`s not here to make love tonight. He quickly pulls Barbary off his dick, bends her over, and deep-drives her hard. He`s definitely in charge. Barbary has no complaints. She meets his every thrust, loving the agony and ecstasy, before she needs to control the pace and switches to riding his fat hog on the couch. This position gives Jasper unfettered access to her engorged clit. Jasper diddles her twat while she rides his cock and cums ferociously several times all over his lap. Jasper loves a fresh post-orgasm pussy, so he dives in to clean up her juices before sliding his cock back in to make her cum again. The sweaty fun ends with a hot twist as Jasper unloads onto Barbary`s face then eagerly cum-laps it all up!
12  minutes
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It`s closing time at the bar and James and Kely are anxious to lock the door and play with their favorite customer, Jasper. He`s been teasing them all night, telling them about his newfound cocksucking hobby. The couple take turns sharing Jasper’s cock and he`s soon eager to fuck. Not so fast. James isn`t done sucking that hot dick. Jasper wants more of Kely`s cunt. Compromising, Jasper sits Kely on the pool table to eat her out while James can`t keep Jasper’s dick out of his mouth. After a few minutes Jasper`s ready to fuck something, anything, at this point. He bends Kely over and finally has his sweet meat inside that tasty vagina! He plows her while she sucks James’ long meat. James sees Jasper watching intently, so he jumps up onto the pool table and feeds his cock into Jasper`s willing throat. They move across the room where Kely rides Jasper until he cums in her hot pussy. James jumps in to get a faceful of heavy cream as it drips freshly from her twat. Never satisfied, James lunges after Jasper’s cock, cleaning every inch as Kely nurses on James` dick. Kely’s tight cum-filled pussy gets a second pounding as James drills her until he whips it out and blows his load on her face. Jasper’s hard again from seeing Kely`s cum-covered face, so he steps up and fucks her again until they both cum again.
12  minutes
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*************** BONUS **************** It`s another first "play date" for Jasper, as he welcomes the lovely and luscious Kay into his arms. Things start out with some playful groping and making out, then they get serious. Fast. Jasper tosses Kay onto his couch and gives her some oral delight. They change places and she welcomes his long cock into her body, almost cumming from the initial entry. Jasper mounts her from behind, gripping her gorgeous ass as he cums hard into her for the first time. Kay turns around and cleans their cum off his dick, never letting it go soft. Using Jasper’s first load as lube, Jasper lays her down and gives her two more orgasms before dumping loads number two and three into her quivering hole. Jasper, who by now has developed quite a fondness for sperm, wastes not a drop as he uses his talented tongue to tease out every morsel from her well-fucked gash. After Kay cleans the cum off Jasper’s dick they enjoy some post-orgasm helium-huffing pillow talk. Yeah, you might say it gets a little weird.
14  minutes
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Watch as JASPER goes from a handsome shy young man with a big cock -- "Yeah, I guess I guess I`ll let a dude blow me..." to a cock-hungry stoner maniac, thirsty for dick and cum wherever he can get it - straight from the dick spout, or oozing from a juicy gash. Featuring Treasure Island Media`s very own cockstrong stud JASPER STONE.

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