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Jock Fuck

Jock Fuck
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Brute Club
Cory Prince
Fostter Riviera
Jace Tyler

Jack Green
Johny Cruz
Kayden Gray
Nathan Raider

Stroking his handsome young dick, cute dark haired twink Jack Green lays back on his bed letting us see his tattooed and toned body, his smooth skin slightly tanned, as he plays with his now rock solid dick, imagining his perfect fuck buddy and what he’d do with him! Appearing instantly, the damn sexy Brute Club arrives right on cue, his muscular frame and cute boyish face making way for his giant twink dick, this is some porn star in the making! Brute gets immediately into action with Jack, stroking his skin then coming by to offer his giant dick to his waiting bottom boy who willingly take sit down his throat – who wouldn’t?! After some intense deep ass licking, Brute is ready of truly offer his services to Jack and slams that long thick dick into him, moving the full length back and forth inside that smooth beautiful butthole, leaving Jack gasping for breath as each thrust fucks the breath out of him, all the while jerking himself off until he can’t hold back and empties his sack over himself, swiftly followed by the gallons of spunk squirting from Brute, the smile on Jack’s face says it all!
22  minutes
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Opening with a dark and sweaty workout sessions, Nathan Raider and Cory Prince are flexing and teasing each other, hard dicks already bulging from their tight shorts. Super twink Cory can’t help but head straight towards the twitching shaft still hidden beneath polyester fabric, and soon strips the hairy chested Nathan Raider and focuses his attention on his thick dick, swallowing as much down his pretty mouth as possible. His tanned smooth ass raising in the air as all good bottoms should do and Nathan takes full advantage, probing spit covered fingers deep inside, ready for his dick to follow! Throwing Cory around the place, Nathan works his dick deep, back and forth from tip to hilt and Cory can’t get enough! Soon bouncing on top all the way to the balls, Cory jerks himself furiously as his ass works Nathan’s own dick into ecstasy, leaving Cory ultimately dripping with well-earned sweat and well deserved spunk as Nathan unleashes a huge load all over his already cum covered abs.
21  minutes
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Jace having arrived at the end of the action pushes Fostter back onto the bench as he tries to follow the other two. Taking off the glove and grabbing Fostter’s hefty cock, he takes him right down his neck, getting fully throat fucked! Once he has tasted what this boy is made of he offers his dick to Fostter and he eagerly takes the offer and swallows as much meat as he can down his tight throat. Jace having not felt Fostter’s hole around his cock yet takes the opportunity now and flips him onto his back and drives his cock right to the balls in his smooth ass. Just when Fostter thinks things can’t go on for much longer as how can his hole take much more? Jace pulls out another glove and offers his big jock hands for one last stretch. Consider it a warm down. Warming his hole up 1 2 3 4 fingers he stretches fosters hole till he blows a load on the underwear he was wearing. Standing up Jace hits the 4-yard line with his load and touches down on Fostter’s chest. Taking the underwear with the sticky treat he stuffs it into his bag and leaves Fostter to pick up the pieces
17  minutes
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Grappling, tackling and getting to grips with each other, super horny Kayden and Johny joke around after a hot sweaty match, rubbing their wet singlet’s in each other’s faces in the locker room as their glistening muscular young bodies are naked, their growing dicks swinging between their legs. As the testosterone fills the air, Kayden pulls Johny closer, grabbing him by the balls and manoeuvring his thick semi-hard dick into his mouth! As soon as the shaft touches his lips, it grows even bigger until rock solid and being worked down Kayden’s wanting throat. These horny young wrestlers don’t stop there, Kayden’s own massive dick wants attention and as the victor, he deserves it! Pulling Johny to his knees, Kayden throat fucks and then lifts him back up to expose his peachy butt hole, ripe and ready for a hard bench fucking! Johny rides his huge cock over and over, even positioning himself so Kayden can get even deeper than ever inside him, letting us see his hole wrap around it as Kayden pumps him full of himself! Spunking after a multitude of positons, their bodies are soaked with sweat and spunk but ready for another match any day!
18  minutes
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Tight, toned young bodies, smooth or with a smattering of body hair growing on their youthful skin, jocks are the perfect type of young man, energetic, sporty and full of testosterone that they just can’t wait to use up! Living in the gym, and usually fucking in their too – these gorgeous guys just can’t keep it in their pants! From heavy assplay, giant dicks disappearing and sports kit tight against their sweaty skin post workout, sit back and let them do all the work for you!

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