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Jock Hole

Jock Hole
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74 min

Christian Owen

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Alexander Gustavo

Bobby Hart

Connor Kline

Connor Maguire

Johnny Torque

Lance Luciano

Bobby Clark
Rod Daily

Connor Kline knows exactly what he`s doing when he`s screaming at Lance Luciano to hit the punching bag `harder!` The more pissed off Lance gets at his sparring partner the `harder` his cock gets until he whips it out and forces it down Connor`s hungry throat. Connor worships every inch of the Latino stud`s huge dick then stands up so Lance can suck his rock-hard monster. Lance gives Connor a juicy blow job then turns him around to get a taste of his legendary bubble-butt. No one can resist Connor`s huge ass - and Lance is no exception. He throws the muscular stud up against the punching bag and power-fucks his hole. When they move to the floor Lance lies back so Connor can hop on his cock and bounce until they both blow their loads.
20  minutes
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Bobby Hart spills the contents of his gym bag all over the locker room floor and gets down on his knees to clean up the mess. It looks like Johnny Torque may lend him a hand but he`s got other ideas. The cocky athlete pulls out his long hard cock and shoves it down Bobby`s throat. Bobby swallows it whole then kicks back on the bench so Johnny can worship his thick Latin cock. Johnny opens wide so Bobby can fuck his face then stands up to fuck Bobby`s ass. Bobby throws his legs over his head and opens his tight hole so Johnny can pound him hard. Both studs are ready to blow so they stand up and jack their loads all over their jockstraps.
17  minutes
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When you hire a trainer like Connor Maguire you don`t just want to get in shape, you want to get fucked. Just ask Bobby Clark. During their workout Bobby complains of lower back pain until Connor offers to give him an exam. While he`s massaging Bobby`s glutes a buttplug falls out of his huge bubble-butt. Taking the hint, the muscular trainer probes his client`s ass with his tongue then turns him around to suck his cock. When Connor stands up it`s Bobby`s turn to choke on Connor`s huge man-meat. The young athlete does his best to take it all but it`s too big for his throat. There`s only one place to put a cock that size: up Bobby`s ass. Connor rolls Bobby over on his shoulders and mounts him so he can fuck him deep until he blows. Bobby runs one out and tells Connor that his back feels much better!
18  minutes
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Alexander Gustavo loves to get his jock hole eaten so when Rod Daily comes up behind him in the gym locker room he obediently bends over and lets Rod go to town. Rod feasts on his buddy`s perfect ass, basically fucking Alexander`s hole with his tongue, then spins him around to swallow his huge cock. Alexander fucks Rod`s face then gets on his knees to give Rod a hot blow job. The young kid licks Rod`s balls and swallows his cock until he can`t resist the temptation to take it up his ass. Rod kicks back on a bench so Alexander can climb up and push his tight hole onto Rod`s erect dick. Alexander bounces up and down on Rod`s boner and strokes his hard cock until he shoots his load - but Rod isn`t quite finished. He bends Alexander over the bench and fucks him hard until he pulls out and blows his load all over Alexander`s ass.
19  minutes
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The Gym Dudes are back in the ring with a new cast of young hung studs eager to show off their Jockholes. When these muscular horny jocks start throwing punches it doesn`t take long before the gloves come off, the cocks come out, and the big juicy bubble-butts get fucked long and hard. Gentlemen place your bets to see who will come out on top and who will end up on bottom, forced to surrender his Jockhole.

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