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Justice - Director`s Cut

Justice - Director`s Cut
Hot House
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184 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Carlos Morales

Duke Michaels

Kent North

Marco Paris

Nick Piston

Robert Van Damme

Shane Rollins

Tony Mecelli

Trevor Knight

Brad Star
Jodan Vaughn
Mark Williams
Mike Roberts

Nick Horn
Parker Williams
Steven Scarborough
Ty Hudson

Arrested by two cops for a crime he didn’t commit, Toby (Shane Rollins) loses his cool in the interrogation room trying to convince them of his innocence. The cops (Hot House Exclusives Tony Mecelli and Robert Van Damme) decide to teach Toby some respect Van Damme pinches Toby’s nostrils shut, forcing him to open his mouth and take Mecelli’s 10-inch whopper. Hoping that his cooperation will win him his freedom, Toby begins to service both of the buffed-out pigs. The two take turns gag-fucking his mouth before putting him on top of the table for a cavity search. Robert puts on a latex glove and begins to poke around Shane’s hole in search of contraband. Convinced that it’s good to go, Robert sidles up behind Shane and sticks his fat prick right up his ass and begins to pump. The two continue to use Toby as their service pig and fuck him from both ends until the jizz flies (Robert got so turned on in this scene that he let loose a torrent of cum we’ve never seen from him before.)
23  minutes
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The cops lock Toby up with three tattooed lowlifes (Hot House Exclusive Nick Piston, Jordan Vaughn, and Brad Star) who immediately descend on the fresh meat. The three push Toby to his knees for some force-feeding and asshole cleaning – wait till you get a load of Hot House Discovery Jordan Vaughn’s giant round ass spread for Shane’s tongue. We nearly fainted from the sight of it. Clearly the boss of the gang, Piston orders the men around with his deep sexy voice. Star and Vaughn hoist Rollins’ legs up in the air with his asshole pointing straight at Piston who pile-drives right down the middle of those split legs. Finally, the trio bends Shane over a bench and gangbang him from both ends until they bust their nuts all over Shane’s hairy torso.
19  minutes
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In Scene 3, Toby meets with his lawyer Larry Mangiaforte (Ty Hudson), a greaseball public defender who promises to get Toby sequestered in the infirmary, away from the dirty cops and cellmates who’ve been attacking him. When Toby explains he has no money for this extra bit of service, Larry quickly takes advantage of the situation by having a quick oral session with Toby. Initailly, he whips out his big hard cock for Toby to suck but being a cocksucker at heart, he soon has Toby’s meat in his cocksucker mouth. He spits and drools lasciviously on Toby’s 9-inch tool, slobbering up and down the length of the shaft. The scene ends with Shane rolled back on his neck with Larry’s face buried in his butt, licking and sucking Shane’s crotch, coaxing out the giant load that shoots into Shane’s open mouth.
17  minutes
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Toby’s lawyer has him sent to the infirmary where the doctor (Hot House Exclusive Kent North) tells him there’s nothing he can do for him and sends him back to his cell. In the meantime, the orderly (Carlos Morales) ushers in a new patient (Nick Horn) who has a pain in his groin. Nick lies down on the examination table and when the doctor pulls his pants down to take a look, out pops the problem – and it’s a big one at that. Carlos immediately assists by placing his mouth firmly around the prick and sucking it to the base before long, Nick has both Carlos’ and Kent’s mouth servicing his dick and balls with their wet hungry mouths. Nick stands up and Kent drops to his knees to service both big fat pricks at once – but he wants more. He soon bends over to take Carlos’ big fat cock up his ass while Nick slurps on the hard dick dangling between his legs. They switch, flipping Kent on his back so Nick can get a shot at banging the doctor’s tight hole. The three continue to flip-flop fuck each other, even piston-fucking Kent’s enormous, greedy butthole with an 18-inch dildo.
21  minutes
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Sentenced to four years in prison, Shane finds himself confronted one day by his new cellmate, whom he recognizes as the drug dealer (Trevor Knight) who planted the drugs on him. The two begin to fight it out in the cell but Shane easily overpowers him. Shane whips out his cock and stuffs it into the back of Trevor’s throat not knowing that they are being watched by one of the guards (Mike Roberts). The guard surreptitiously pulls out his giant dick and begins to slowly stroke it while Shane continues to face-fuck Trevor. While the guard blows his wad on the prison floor, Shane smothers Trevor’s face with his asshole and forces him to suck it. Shane finally flips the punk on his stomach and takes his revenge on his tight puckered up butthole. Shane unleashes all his internalized anger on the stud’s butthole with a ferocious nailing, his giant bull nuts slapping his cheeks with each thrust. Shane wants some of the prize-winning 11-inches of meat hanging down between Trevor’s legs and gets the boy to fuck him back in return. The energy between these two veterans is unbeatable – we’re convinced it’s the highlight performance of their careers. Trevor’s cumshot is also truly unreal: 16 giant squirts of cum shoot way up onto Shane’s chest. Fucking hot!
25  minutes
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18 months later, Toby meets with the parole board (Hot House Exclusive Marco Paris, Marc Williams, Duke Michaels, and Parker Williams) who decide to let him out early with one condition – a piece of his hot ass. This scene is packed with Olympian bodybuilder muscles and dicks straight out of a Tom of Finland drawing. The multi-racial line up pull out their giant cocks for Shane to blow. Even the bailiff joins in on the action, bending Shane over so he can eat his plump round butt. Shane, meanwhile, bobs his head back and forth between the two enormous cocks between the legs of Marc Williams and Duke Michaels – and we’re talking double-digit inches here. Before long, Shane climbs up on top of Duke and starts to ride while Marco, taking it in the ass from the black stallion, busies his mouth on Parker’s meaty prick. This final orgy goes on for nearly half an hour, with Scarborough’s trademark non-stop action packed with savage, back-breaking fucking, sucking, and dumping.
26  minutes
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19  minutes
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15  minutes
Kent North and Carlos Morales, two of the biggest, greediest powerbottoms in the business, go deep for the Hardcore Director’s Cut Bonus Scene, screwing each other with some of the biggest toys in our production kits.
19  minutes
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  • Best Video
  • Best Duo Sex Scene - Trevor Knight & Shane Rollins
  • Best Actor - Shane Rollins
  • Best Director - Steven Scarborough
  • People`s Choice Award

2007 GAYVN WINNER - Best Oral Scene with Ty Hudson and Shane Rollins

Winner of 2007 Gold VOD Award

Shane Rollins rocks The House with the tour-de-force performance of his career in JUSTICE, the biggest production ever from Hot House Video. This masterpiece from AVN Hall of Fame Director Steven Scarborough follows the story of Toby Conners (Rollins), a young man falsely accused and convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. In a nod to director Lars Von Trier (Dancer in the Dark, Dogville), Scarborough puts Toby in situations that continually spiral out of control, leaving Toby no choice but to use his sexual moxie to get out of each situation. It’s a role that only a sexual Olympian like Rollins could accomplish.


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