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King Size

King Size
Hot House
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107 min

Robert Drake

    all models over 18    
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Dean Phoenix

Josh West

Kyle King

Mike Roberts

Rafael Alencar

Ross Hurston

Scott Tanner

Colby Keller

Hot House Exclusive Kyle King knows a king-size one when he sees it – so he wastes no time getting on his knees to suck on Dean Phoenix’s monster! Phoenix returns the favor, expertly taking King’s fat cock to the base. After fucking his face, King bends over so Phoenix can eat his ass, offering up his pristine hole to the greedy top. Phoenix throws King on all fours and mounts him for a vigorous pummel-fuck session. King loves getting fucked so much he thrusts his big white ass back harder and harder with each thrust until you wonder who’s fucking who. Unable to contain his load any longer, Phoenix pulls out and shoots all over King’s back. King rolls over and jacks off onto his tight, muscular stomach.
19  minutes
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Rafael Alencar strokes his 11”x7” monster, hoping to find someone to help him out with a 3-day load. As luck would have it, Ross Hurston comes along and gets busy sucking his cock. Alencar lays back, allowing Hurston to climb on top of him and fill his mouth with his massive cock and balls, creating a king-size 69! All the face-fucking action has the two men rock-hard and ready for more. Hurston flips over and sits right down on Alencar’s huge cock, bouncing up and down until it entirely disappears up his ass. Alencar decides to drive, and throws Hurston over a bench so he can fuck him even deeper, thrusting all 11” of his cock in and out like a jack-hammer. Finally Hurston throws his legs up over his head and balances on a stack of tires while Alencar fucks him, then pulls out to jack and blow his load. Hurston jacks off and shoots his load into his own mouth.
28  minutes
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Get to know new Exclusive Kyle King in this steamy up-close and personal solo performance! The young stud starts standing in a red jockstrap, massaging his huge cock into a full 8+ inches. After playing with his tight, puckered hole, King lies back on a bench and throws his legs up in the air. While jacking off he pulls out a king size red flashlight and begins probing his ass. Several inches of the 2’ long handle disappear up King’s ass, making him more excited with each thrust. All of the anal probing has him ready to cum so he gets on his knees and rubs out every last drop of his young man juice. “Did you like that?” King asks. Yes! We sure did…
11  minutes
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Corn fed farm boy Colby Keller gets a taste of the big city and a taste of Scott Tanner’s big cock in Scene 4 of King Size! Keller finds Tanner busting out of a worn jockstrap and wastes no time going down on him. Tanner can’t resist Keller’s big white ass so he puts him on all fours and begins licking his hole and sucking Keller’s corncob of a cock. Tanner takes charge by flipping Keller over on his back and shoving his huge cock up his ass. Tanner plows Keller’s creamy white back forty in several different positions until neither of them can take it any more. Tanner pulls out first and shoots all over Keller’s back, then Keller rolls over and jacks off, blowing his huge white load all over his chest and stomach.
21  minutes
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Get ready to see Hot House favorite Mike Roberts like never before when Exclusive Kyle King gets down on his knees and sucks Roberts’ fat uncut cock. King’s expert oral attention gets Roberts so hard he throws King on his knees and fucks him doggie style. Josh West joins the duo, bringing his truly King Size tool to the action. He nudges Roberts out of the way and plunges his 10+ inches into King’s hole. Roberts begins to fuck King’s face, filling the young stud from both ends. Roberts pulls out and blows his load on King’s back, leaving West to finish the job. West spins King over and jacks his ass open, shoving his huge cock deep into King’s tight end. West works up a sweat pounding King’s ass, reducing King to a moaning, whimpering pig bottom. West takes a turn at King’s mouth, fucking his face while King jacks off. King shoots first, followed by West, who coats King’s face in thick white cum.
28  minutes
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Hot House Exclusive Kyle King debuts in KING SIZE, a tribute to men of mammoth proportions! Ross Hurston joins the pack with his chiseled good looks and huge British tool, followed closely by horse-hung superstars Dean Phoenix and Rafael Alencar. Big-dicked studs Mike Roberts, Colby Keller, Scott Tanner, and Josh West check in and measure up, rounding out this larger-than-life cast. Don`t miss one inch of the eye-popping, king size fucking, king size sucking, and king size action!

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