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Laid Up

Laid Up
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133 min

Brian Mills

    all models over 18    
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Billy Knight

Billy Matthews

Christopher Michaels

Core Andrews

Jim Turner

Mark Reed

Matt Sizemore

Michael Vincenzo

Robert Collins

Steve Parker

As the day begins, the Clinic halls are buzzing. Drop dead handsome Dr. Vincenzo gruffly orders muscular therapist Robert Collins to check on a patient’s mobility. Over in the exam room, his associate, Dr. Core Andrews pulls on the gloves as Matt Sizemore sticks his ass up in the air: `What`s up there, Doc?` Matt asks. But when this hard assed top can`t take a gloved, lubed finger he freaks and decides the Doc needs a taste of his own medicine and shoves the cone shaped metal anoscope up Doc Andrews’ professional butt.... More
26  minutes
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Over in the physical therapy room dark haired Jim Turner struggles on crutches and lays himself prone on the massage table. With a few rubs on Jim`s muscular thigh, big Robert Collins has him groaning. It hurts good and the sight of Robert`s big cock bulging through his hospital blues is just what Jim needs. Robert drops his regulation gear to reveal an incredibly chiseled torso and a thick dick with a mean curve. This he rams at the perfect angle down Jim`s eager throat, and then up his ass, plunging past the scrotum piercing that gets some very therapeutic yanking.... More
29  minutes
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It`s shaping up to be a busy day for Robert, so he scrubs up, or rather licks off his dripping fingers, and then he`s off down the hall to Mark Reed, a tough looking guy that might be a stand in for George Clooney on a very masculine day. Mark likes it rough, and takes it hard in every position imaginable on the exam table. Robert, always with a great bedside manner, has the juice to satisfy more than one patient and out does himself with a marathon cum gusher that placeshim at the head of his class and promises a thriving practice of his own one day.
19  minutes
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Out in the hall, the coast is clear as the two boyfriend orderlies, Billy Knight and Christopher Michaels, decide to sneak off and catch a little nookie in the linen closet. Young? Yes, but very nasty and they`ve got perfectly matched more than man-sized dicks. Green eyed exotic as he may be, Christopher has no trouble swallowing his boyfriend’s veined cock down to the metal ring clamping his balls. They go at it like young puppies at their first feeding, making the close confines of the linen closet shake rattle and roll until the door is smashed open and: `What`s doing on here, you guys are on duty!!!` Dr. Vincenzo`s Latin blood is up and he slams his clipboard down to the floor.... More
28  minutes
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Billy`s goatee grins extra wide when he takes both fat men`s dicks in his mouth while he jacks his own fat piece. `All right, that`s enough,` Dr. Vincenzo says and orders Christopher: `Eat your boyfriend`s ass good and clean.` That`s not all there is on the procedure list. Dr. Vincenzo makes them tie their balls up with medical restraints leaving a good length so he can pull on them.... More
19  minutes
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In an exam room, Dr. Steve Parker is demonstrating a very special procedure -- how to insert a penile probe, or sound. Parker is a mysterious guy wearing a black eye patch and sitting stone still in the exam chair as he calmly lubricates a shiny metal rod. After applying a blob of lube in his cock hole, he plunges the rod deep inside. Parker doesn`t even flinch, though Intern Billy Matthews seems to stiffen in attention.... More
13  minutes
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From a deep tissue anoscopy, to a ball busting discipline scene where the fiery Dr. Michael Vincenzo fucks an intern in front of his boyfriend, ten horny guys reveal the medical profession at its hottest. Things really get extreme when one Doc demonstrates how to probe his own cock hole, twisting and turning a metal rod so well it feels like being stroked from the inside. The prognosis is hot, the therapy is rough and the cure is cum drenched smiles all around until the next appointment, which none of these humpy guys will miss.

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