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Legendary Stud Jerry Stearns

Legendary Stud Jerry Stearns
Treasure Island Media
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180 min

Paul Morris

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Brad McGuire

Caedon Chase


Jacob Scott


Allen Adams
Bilal Bagra
Dan Fisk
Ian Jay

Jake Wood
Jerry Stearns
John Sullivan
JT Steel

Lito Cruz
Ryan Sullivan

Hairy-chested submissive DAVE had been writing to me for a very long time, asking if he could please take a turn swingin` on JERRY STEARNS` massive king-kong schlong. And since MR. STEARNS has a thing for lean muscular white boys, this wasn`t hard to get going. Once in a while sex is a doorway to something sublime. This pairing is exactly that.
16  minutes
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CAEDON CHASE calls himself "The Snowball King". After you see this scene, you`ll know why. We teamed him up with ALLEN ADAMS, one of our resident cum-fanatics...and the two of them look like they`re making sperm taffy, with huge gooey wads of manjuice drooling back and forth, mouth to mouth. JERRY STEARNS adds his prodigious appendage and thick spooge to the carnal mix in this scene, giving CAEDON and ALLEN a challenge worthy of the Snowball King. You have never seen snowballing like this!
16  minutes
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It was the weekend of a leather street fair in San Francisco. I can`t say which. (They`ve already said they`ll sue if they`re associated with this sperm-filled video.) I started DAWSON off with a raunchy gang bang. A nice warm-up for the most famous HOLE in the world. DAWSON hungrily took on man after man, including the legendary JERRY STEARNS, using his tireless butt-pucker to suck the juice right out of their cocks.
39  minutes
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Our truly (no exaggeration here) horse-hung exclusive JERRY STEARNS saw some pics of JT STEEL, and said to me "I want that ass!" This one is the real deal, two perfect men, each thoroughly digging the other.
8  minutes
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A hot anonymous cocksucker came to me and pleaded for a chance to be in one of my videos. I decided to blindfold him and have him suck off anything that got shoved down his prettyboy gullet. I put together a truly varied stable of studs, brought in the blindfolded cocksucker, and let him go at it. What I didn`t plan on was that Treasure Island exclusive, horse-hung JERRY STEARNS, would like the cocksucker so much that he shoved his massive cock gut-deep and guided the guy around the room like a helpless puppet on the end of his giant cock!
10  minutes
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Juiced up by DAN FISK, IAN JAY was hot and ready to cross the line. His hole had been primed and pumped, and he was ready for a serious two-stud fuck session. Our resident fuck-slave WILL helped Ian warm up tops BRAD MCGUIRE and JERRY STEARNS. And he gets a nice get-go reward when BRAD shoves his fingers up IAN`s hole and feeds WILL DAN FISK`s jizz, still warm and tasty from a few hours before. It`s a true pleasure to watch two world-class cocksmen like BRAD and JERRY break in a fresh and willing colt. And by the end of this session IAN was definitely getting a feel for what was in store for him. No turnin` back now...
19  minutes
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I end up BUILT TO FUCK with a brief and to-the-point fuck-event featuring wild-man YURI and my favorite stud, JERRY STEARNS. A perfect lesson in how to fuck a man so he`ll never forget it.
10  minutes
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When I first met JOHN SULLIVAN, he told me he wanted badly to be the anonymous cumdump in one of my films. WHAT I CAN`T SEE 3 is the fulfillment of JOHN`s fuckpig dreams, a saga told in three scenes. Kicking it off, JERRY STEARNS and LITO CRUZ show JOHN no mercy–which is just how he wants it. Adding to the depravity, the blindfolded cumslut has no idea his estranged brother RYAN SULLIVAN is also in the room, watching JOHN gag on the huge slab of manmeat LITO shoves down his throat while he`s simultaneously reamed by over 10 inches of JERRY`s uncut, obsidian dick. The more the powertops use and abuse him, the more JOHN needs. Consumed with desire, the insatiable bottom takes load after hot, thick load down his gullet and up his ass, until he`s filled and overflowing with the cum of both men. By the time they`re through with him, JOHN is thoroughly exhausted and as satisfied as any no-limits fuckwhore can ever be.
13  minutes
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I’ll tell you the truth: I usually avoid pretty boys. I’m sure you understand why. They’re usually too fucking involved in being pretty to know how to fuck—or get fucked—like real men. BILAL BAGRA proved me wrong, though. This kid comes from a privileged background—the family has houses around the world—and he’s fucking beautiful. You think teeth like that come cheap? Huh uh. But he begged me for the chance to take a ride on JERRY STEARNS’ mammoth cock and I agreed. And the boy did me proud. He rode that horse-dick like it was the answer to all life’s problems—which, after all, it is. After STEARNS jizzed in the boy’s butt, the kid didn’t stop and kept on a-suckin` the oozing softening phallus like a hungry baby needing to be fed.
9  minutes
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2004. JONAS caused quite a stir in the PLANTIN` SEED bar scene taking cock and cum atop a barstool. Here he becomes a human “Lazy Susan” being passed around from top man JERRY STEARNS to his buddy JACOB SCOTT. Both men feed JONAS from both ends spit roasting him at all times, taking turns giving this slut all the cock he has dreamed of.
13  minutes
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There’s something special about a bottom whore who just doesn’t give a fuck what you do to him. It gives every top in the world the license to use him, abuse him and toss him the fuck away. Personally, I love to watch this bottom in action. It’s like he’s a new breed of fuck-zombie, existing only for the dick, needing only to serve any dick at all. So for the hell of it I gave him to two of the real big dicks of the modern world: JERRY STEARNS and LITO CRUZ. They had some real nice fun with him. Neither stud wanted to know the kid’s name, though. A whore-hole like him doesn’t need a name: it’s just meat to fuck.
27  minutes
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JERRY STEARNS is one of those incredibly rare men endowed with physical attributes that could easily lead a guy to become an ego-maniac. But JERRY isn’t just a man who is phenomenally gifted physically; he’s also one of the finest and most humble guys you could ever hope to meet. For me, it takes more than just a huge cock to make a LEGEND -- though JERRY certainly possesses one of the biggest and most beautiful cocks it’s been my pleasure to encounter! In scene after scene, JERRY’s intensity and his personality shine through -- watch the way the men react as he fucks them. They’re transported, not only because they’re being plowed by the biggest, but also because they’re connecting with a truly exceptional man. If ever a man deserved to be given the label of “legend,” it’s JERRY STEARNS. He carries his world-class gifts with a grace worthy of study and emulation.

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