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Loaded Give It To Me Raw!

Loaded Give It To Me Raw!
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • No Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
175 min

Steve Cruz

    all models over 18    
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Brock Banks

Cain Marko

Devin Trez

Drew Sebastian

Edji Da Silva

Jake Nicola

Julian Grey

Link Parker

Papi Suave

Wade Wolfgar

Zario Travezz

"Yeah, baby… Grab my balls and pull `em down!" growls muscle-bear Drew Sebastian in his low sexy bass voice, legs dangling in the swimming pool while his world-famous, 10-inch tube steak gets slurped on by fuzzy blond brick shithouse, Cain Marko. Basking on his furry belly with a mouthful of giant daddy dong, he pleads, "I want it," as he comes up for air. "Yeah, suck my dick, man," Drew replies as his big cock gets even harder and Cain slips into the pool to try to deep throat the one-eyed beast. Inside, hung young-buck Edji Da Silva is waiting and ready for a raw three way on the living room floor. While Drew sits spread-eagle enjoying the view and stroking his dick, Cain and Edji put on a private bareback flip-flop fuck show for him, taking turns drilling each other`s hairy bubble butt. As the ass pounding continues, Drew and Edji spit roast Cain, his throat and hole both stuffed to the limit. Drew expertly slides into Edji`s hungry hole, making him the lucky meat in the sandwich as Edji ride`s Drew with no abandon and deep-dicks Cain. Finally, Drew sets the pace for the grand finale: a slow power-fuck double team as he breeds Cain and floods his ass, then Edji tags in to use Drew`s jizz as lube and adds his own seed to the mix. Cain "hops on pop," -- "Yeah, my dick`s in your sloppy hole!" -- and cranks out a load. "Good Job, Men! Fuck Yes!" says Daddy Drew.
32  minutes
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Vacation sex between lovers on a great big bed can be the best, and what better way to make a new friend than for beefy uncut muscle daddy Wade Wolfgar to offer up his eager-to-please playmate Jake Nicola`s obedient hole to their tall and horse-hung buddy Julian Gray? With a submissive gleam in his eye, a boyish face on a man`s body and a willing whimper, woofy bear cub Jake can take it like a champ and surrenders his eager raw ass, especially when Julian swaps out and Wade dominates him bareback, plowing Jake on his back and all fours. The huge grin on his mug speaks loads as Jake happily takes Wade to the hilt and deepthroats Julian. Soon it`s Julian`s turn to get impaled, and Jake rolls over to show off his impressive tool. Julian squats down and rides Jake hard, opening his own hole and priming it for Wade`s even bigger trade. Jake and Wade tag out once more with Julian on his back taking `em on, until all three explode in a sweat-drenched, cum-dripping climax.
24  minutes
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Hung and uncut muscle studs Papi Suave and Devin Trez are dangling their flesh swords in the foyer. These studs can`t wait for a bedroom to be free and get down to it in the entry hall. Papi drops to the floor first to inhale Devin`s mighty cock with his deep throat expertise and gets it hard in record time, as the drool drips down his chin. "Get up! Give me some of that," says Devin, and Papi stands to present his own XL meat for Devin to deliver his expert BJ skills and then a thirsty and thorough salad toss ass eating. Devin digs his tongue deep into Papi`s winking butthole and spits on it before piledriving him in the rear just inside the front door. Papi moans and pushes back as Devin reams him hard and raw against the doorjamb. Finally, a vacant bed is available and Papi plops on top of Devin`s thick long dick and slides all the way down to the full seed-filled sack. Writhing and riding like a cum hungry whore, Papi murmurs "Daddy! Fuck Daddy! I can do this all day!" as Devin pistons bareback into the squirming slut. The hardcore prostate pounding makes Papi squirt and spray on Devin`s ripped abs, then Devin amps up his hole-wrecking hammering, and unloads on (and in) Papi`s perfect pink pucker
27  minutes
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Getting fresh and clean, towering stud Wade Wolfgar soaps and lathers up as his bearded man Jake Nicola grooms in the mirror, sneaking peeks at his bathing buddy in the shower. Wade comes out wet and ready to take Jake on a throbbing thrill ride and fill his gaping maw with Daddy`s warm load. To get there, they steam up the entire bathroom with a slow and sloppy, deepthroat face-fuck. Jake gets Wade`s humongous uncut dick solid as rock before kicking back on the edge of the tub so Wade can service Jake`s achingly hard shaft and heavy ball sack. He gets bent over the sink while Wade probes and tongue-teases Jake`s furry manhole. Wade pushes him back on his knees and Jake finishes Wade off with a satisfying splatter. Jizz dripping off his smiling face, Jake pops just as hard.
23  minutes
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Zario Travezz and Brock Banks make tough but tender love on a huge outdoor bed by the edge of the swimming pool. Just when it seems the cocks couldn`t get any bigger, Zario`s mighty fuck stick juts out from his tall frame, and Brock`s legendary, large, uncut jawbreaker is a worthy opponent. Passionate wet kisses lead to a ball-tingling blowjob swap, as Zario swallows Brock`s giant meat down to his pubes, then leans back so Brock can get a tonsil-crushing taste of Zario`s pole. It`s going to take a lot of slobber and butt munching to get Brock ready for this massive dick, so Zario demonstrates his particular talent for tonguing a hot hole until it is begging for his unrelenting tool. Sure enough, Brock`s ass gets the lapping and licking of a lifetime, bucking back into Zario`s sloppy skewer with enthusiastic zeal. Edging to the brink, they stop and go inside, where Brock gets his revenge on Zario and plunders his tight hole with equally unforgiving prowess. Through a variety of positions, Zario rides and bounces on Brock`s cock till he blasts a load skyward and Brock bends him over for one last anal invasion, frosting Zario`s amazing azz with sizzling jizz.
38  minutes
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Outside, by the pool, Link Parker and Cain Marko are making out and stroking in the sun. Link climbs on top to tease his hole and brush against Cain`s fat hard prick, then Cain crouches down to gobble up Link`s ginormous cock. Edji Da Silva joins the party and Link greets him with a friendly, "Well, Hello There! Sexy Daddy!" Edji piles on and climbs in, polishing Link`s knob while Link gets a face full of Cain`s majestic cock. Schlongs to the sky and assholes in the air, the three switch around and keep you guessing who`s gonna do what to whom, and just who`s gonna go first? Is it built brunette fuckboy Edji getting drilled and filled from both ends by Link and Cain`s incredibly long and thick monster meat? Maybe ripped, rangy Link jackhammering Cain while Edji smothers papa bear with his eager hole? Or big beautiful bruiser Cain with his perfect fuzzy muscle-butt and dangling daddy dick? Shall there be some simultaneous spunk spraying soon? How about all of the above and more? This is three way, bareback action worthy of repeat viewing for sure.
31  minutes
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‘Loaded: Give It To Me Raw!’ is Raging Stallion’s latest 100% bareback, no-holds-barred, all-sex feature directed by award-winning director Steve Cruz, who puts the focus on these rough and rugged men and the steamy, intense action. Join this burly group of 11 bearded, inked, lust-crazed men stripping down and getting straight to raw barebacking in a spacious vacation villa. Drew Sebastian and Cain Marko kick things off with a leisurely backyard blowjob in the swimming pool, with Cain chowing down on Drew`s massive meat till Edji Da Silva joins the fun, and he and Drew take turns drilling Cain, wrecking his hole. Wade Wolfgar is a hot uncut Daddy sharing his scruffy bottom boy Jake Nicola`s obedient hole with Julian Grey in an ass-slamming, jizz-dripping three way. Papi Suave & Devin Trez suck and fuck in the foyer till they get their turn in one of the bedrooms for a raw pounding sesh. Wade Wolfgar comes out of the shower to take Jake Nicola on another throbbing thrill ride and fill his face with Daddy`s warm load. Zario Travezz and Brock Banks share a poolside suck-fest and a bareback flip-fuck-a-thon before going inside for a volcanic finish. On a big stack of inflatable mattresses, Link Parker gets Cain Marko hungry and ready for a switch-hitting three way, where edgy Edji Da Silva joins in and Cain gets his fuzzy muscle-butt worked over. Next time you’re eager for raw, rough sex with all-natural men, come get sweaty with the studs in the cum-soaked, ‘Loaded! Give It To Me Raw!’

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