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Back Alley Videos
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89 min

Sean Hardy

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Alex Roman
Billy Rock
Dominic Arrow
Felipe Capuco

Gabriel Phoenix
Josh Dors
Sam Syron

Feeling horny, young muscle stud Billy Rock heads down to the local cruising area, known as the Back Alley for some hot anonymous fun. He`s never been before but has heard it`s the place to go for some discreet fun - whether it`s a quick blowjob behind the bins or full on fucking and gut coating cum play. After anything he can find - he`s nervous but well up for anything and it`s not long before he spots a fellow muscle blond coming out of the shadows. It`s definitely a match, and the fun begins almost immediately as they get a taste of each others hot sweaty bodies, licking, sucking, and biting, and the fun takes a hard turn as Gabriel shoves his deliciously hard dick up into Billy`s wet asshole completely raw - wanting to feel his warm insides on his throbbing shaft. There`s plenty of ass pounding happening tonight, and Billy soon gets his darkest wish granted, his insides covered in a strangers spunk!
22  minutes
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Young or old, the Back Alley doesn’t care – and when two young hung twinks hook-up, it’s just a pure bonus! Super thick dicked Felipe Capuco is a Back Alley regular, and has brought his tattooed street twink with him for some hardcore action. Their lean, toned, smooth bodies are the perfect combination for some sleazy sex in the alleyway, with Felipe holding his mates ass wide open and Alex pushing back, his pierced and shaved face showing how much he’s loving his initiation into the anonymous world of raw Back Alley fucking.
23  minutes
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Making room for some experienced fuckers, Josh Dors and Dominic Arrow hook-up for the first time for some serious thick dicked fun. Dominic’s leans body, hungry hairy hole and shaved head is Josh’s perfect type and we can see exactly what that does to our older daddy type! The dark skinned daddy, tattooed, muscled and super horny man pounds incessantly into Dominic, making him yell out as his ass is truly owned!
22  minutes
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Unable to keep away from the Back Alley, Billy Rock is back for more big dick fucking after experiencing what fun it can be. Finding the skinhead Sam Syron, a very hot piece of rough hanging about the entrance, Billy takes the lead and invites Sam for some fucking, but that’s as far as Billy being in charge goes. The huge dicked Sam slams it down his throat, up his arse and everywhere else he can, taking his frustration out on the muscled young blond, pinning him to the floor as his thick dick slides raw into Billy, until he unleashes his load, covering the boy inside and out.
23  minutes
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Cruising the entrance of the Back Alley, these horny men and naïve young twinks are after some fun, and only some of them know what they’re in for! Joining the fun and inviting the horny fuckers down inside, the smell of sex mixes with sweat and anticipation around the bins and rubbish found in the sordid location these guys want to fuck in. No need for condoms here, the sex is going to be rough and raw and damn fucking horny. With newbies being shown what’s around to regulars and even repeat offenders who just can’t get enough spunk fucked up inside their guts. There’s a piece of ass for everyone down here, from smooth street twinks to muscled daddies wanting a quick fuck before heading home. Will you join them and get Loaded?

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