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Lube Job

Lube Job
Raging Stallion
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136 min

Parker Williams

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Cory Koons

Jacob Slader

JD Kollin

Manuel Torres

Marc Williams

Parker Williams

Rick Storm

Cory Koons is a lucky man. He is a guy that loves his job. His bosses know how to put this boy to work! They make him do what he does best: open his eager mouth or his full, tight ass for the use of any employee for sexual relief-- any time, any place. I spent a lot of time looking for the guy for this role and Cory was the best man for the job. He is a man’s pig. He loves to be fucked and he likes it hard and rough.

As Marc continues to use Cory's throat for his own pleasure, Cory is capable of deep-throating all 10 inches of his beautiful, vein-detailed cock. Cory's gags provide the lube. Marc stands him up, throws his boy over his desk, and with little mercy plunges his cock to full depth as Cory squirms and begs for more. The chemistry is hot and we see that Cory knows his place as a submissive pig. He is more than happy as he is tossed, bent, and forced to take it all. Williams fucks the cum right out of Cory (Look Ma, no hands!).

24  minutes
Cory has only one thing on his mind and even when he finds himself alone, he can’t help pulling on his own cock. After a man’s been fucked for a few hours, he can still feel the cock throbbing and filling his ass. This feeling excites Cory and drives him to jack his own hard throbbing cock. Mixed with the excitement of hiding from the boss in the company’s bathroom, he is driven over the edge, and he pumps his load all over himself.
18  minutes
Parker Williams and JD Kollin--two strong, hot, hairy men with nuts full of fuck juice--stumble upon the company fuck boy. JD and Parker take turns with their boy, all the while laughing and mocking him, letting him know where his place is. Talk about sexual harassment! Parker is the first to fuck his boy's willing ass, showing him no mercy. Cory then gets fucked at both ends as JD feeds him from the front while Parker pounds away in back. JD is the next to fuck Cory’s ass as the guys take turns and make Cory the full attention of their sexual urges, throwing him into various positions as he begs for more. They end up leaving him lying on the floor in a pool of their cum, spent but ready for more.
35  minutes
Marc enters and discovers Cory on the bathroom floor, cum still dripping from his hand. Marc has a huge pair of balls and it takes more than one dumping a day to keep him satisfied. When he finds his boy on the floor, he wastes no time in pulling out his hard & ready cock and he forces Cory onto it. This oral scene is one of the hottest I’ve seen in a while, due to Cory’s eagerness for working past his gag reflex. This boy loves cock and wastes no time in letting Marc know it.
25  minutes
Jacob, Rick and Manuel waste no time in taking control of the scene, stripping and replacing their cocks in the mouth that Marc left empty. These three aggressively take their turns with Cory’s mouth, grabbing his head and guiding him from cock to cock. Jacob, being the total ass pig he is, decides not to waste anymore time and finds his huge fucking cock a home in Cory’s ass. Jacob throws a mean fuck and uses the full length of it, pulling it out only to send it back inside to its full depth. Manuel and Rick have no problem in letting Cory know that his ass is their ass to use, all while taunting and commanding him to continue his cock service. The three continue to rotate, sharing Cory’s eager mouth and ass for their enjoyment. An ass to fuck, a mouth to fuck, a hole is a hole is a hole. This scene (and film) ends with a well-used, cum-drenched boy lying on the floor covered in his and everyone’s cum.
31  minutes
One of our most popular models, Parker Williams, has talent. He can act, he can fuck, and guess what??? He is one of Gay Porn's best up-and-coming directors! We decided to turn him loose on a project that he presented to us--a sordid tale about a bottom boy who works in a lube factory. Someone has to test each new batch of lube, right?

This remarkable movie is one of 2005's biggest hits! This movie was filmed at the new Raging Stallion sound stage in downtown San Francisco and was created by the whip-crackin' Raging Stallion production team. Company president Chris Ward oversaw the production. Even though we have given you a new director, make no mistake--this movie is Raging Stallion Studios at its best!


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