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Manhunt 2.0

Manhunt 2.0
Hot House
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Chainfucking
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Sling
106 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Alex Fuerte

Antton Harri

Brad Rock

Collin O`Neal

Damon Phoenix

Marco Paris

Matt Cole

Nick Marino

Rafael Alencar

Robert Van Damme

Tony Mecelli

Trey Casteel

Collin O’Neal is in such a hurry to get over to Antton Harri’s place and tap his WorldClassAss, he forgets the door code he was given to get into the complex. A nosey neighbor who obviously is very familiar with Manhunt.net (and Harri’s Ass) lets him through the gate. Harri comes to the door wearing nothing but a pair of tightie whities and is pleased to see O’Neal is a hunk who appears to live up to his screen name, AllMan. O’Neal is barely in the door before he has Harri’s fat, curved dick lodged down his throat. Harri returns the favor, working O’Neal’s huge tool up to a full 9 inches. O’Neal loses himself in Harri’s WorldClassAss, rimming, licking, poking and prodding the masterpiece. Unable to resist it any longer, O’Neal throws Harri over the arm of the sofa and plows his ass. They explore new positions that only seem to make O’Neal pound harder, go deeper and moan louder. Harri is the first to blow a thick load, followed by a spray of cum that could only fly out of O’Neal.
21  minutes
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Alex Fuerte plays a GreedyHole who doesn’t get enough hands on experience as a trained CMT – he has to also offer free massages to the finest men on Manhunt.net. Fuerte is clearly excited when his first freebie of the day turns out to be Robert Van Damme, who is even more of a hunk in person than he looks online. A simple rub down turns into a steamy, athletic event when Fuerte bends over and licks Van Damme’s ass. These two chiseled studs put the massage table to the test, swapping blowjobs until Van Damme throws Fuerte on his back and fucks his lights out. Fuerte licks Van Damme’s nutsack, causing him to blow his load. Refreshed and relaxed, Van Damme leaves for work. Proving to be a truly GreedyHole, Fuerte goes back to Manhunt.net to find even more men…
20  minutes
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Matt Cole has been cruising Manhunt.net looking for the perfect birthday gift for his boyfriend, Damon Phoenix. He knows he has found the most memorable present ever when Tony Mecelli agrees to join the couple for a morning of hot sucking, fucking action. Mecelli pulls out his Str8Marine cock and shoves it down Phoenix’s throat while Cole dines on the sumptous feast of Phoenix’s BoyButt4U. The Birthday Boy remains the center of attention when he rides Cole’s huge cock and continues to service Mecelli. Cole and Mecelli swap places so Phoenix’s ass is now being invaded, stretched and worked over by Mecelli’s monster meat. He drives his cock all the way into the deep ass canal of Phoenix, pounding his fat ass cheeks with his rockhard washboard abs. Cole notices the fine ass pounding and kneels on the edge of the bed so that Mecelli can work his hole too. The Birthday Boy gets drenched in a cum shower from Mecelli and Cole, then adds his own spew to the puddles on his chest. Mecelli takes off and Cole returns to Manhunt.net to keep the party going.
22  minutes
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Our GreedyHole Alex Fuerte is open for business once again. This time he’s recruited Manhunt.net members Don’tAskDon’tTell (Brad Stone) and BackDoorBoy (Trey Casteel). Fuerte shows off some excellent oral skills, thoroughly deep throating Stone’s horse cock. A knock at the door signals the arrival of Matt Cole and Damon Phoenix. Stone orders Phoenix to get naked and drives his huge ramrod right up his ass. Fuerte gets extra points for having a sling hanging in the guest room. Once gain Birthday Boy Phoenix is the center of attention. His lover Cole is the first in line, shoving his meat deep into Phoenix’s birthday cakes. The other men stand around, watching, jacking and waiting for their turn. Everyone blows their load on Phoenix, who is the last to cum all over himself.
21  minutes
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Marco Paris and Nick Marino leave the gym and thanks to Manhunt Mobile they are only a new message away from hooking up with Rafael Alencar. All three men are rock hard and ready when they walk through the door. Alencar’s Anaconda is nearly ripping through his underwear and it takes both Paris and Marino to contain it. They fall to their knees and take turns slurping on it and slapping it in each other’s face. Paris puts his ability to bottom to the test when he straddles Alencar and sits on his fat cock. Marino joins them, shoving Paris’ cock up his ass, connecting the three of them in an awesome three-way fuck. Alencar shows no mercy when he pulls out of Paris and thrusts his cock all the way back in again in a series of repeated assaults on his ass.
22  minutes
Content & Stars...
Introducing Manhunt 2.0, the latest update of actual XXX encounters as told by the hot men who hookup online at Manhunt.net. AVN Hall of Fame Director Steven Scarborough has secured you an exclusive username and password that will unlock the private pics of 12 buff, hung, horned-up internet sex hounds. There’s no software in this group – just rock hard Hot House men!

Manhunt 2.0 stars Hot House Exclusive Robert Van Damme who gets a lot more than a free massage from fellow Exclusive Alex Fuerte. Hot House Discovery Matt Cole gets online to find the ultimate birthday present for his boyfriend: Hot House Exclusive Tony Mecelli. Hot House Exclusive Marco Paris and Nick Marino go mobile to hookup with horse-hung Rafael Alencar, plus two more incredible true stories!


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