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Kristen Bjorn
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  • Rimming
115 min

Kristen Bjorn

    all models over 18    
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Alex Ribeiro

Carlos Caballero

Eric Flower

Jason Kingsley

Max Veneziano

Rocky de Oliveira

Victor Cowboy

Jean Franko
Jed Willcox
Marcelo Lars
Mathias Vannelli

Matthieu Costa
Paulao do Pauzao
Sergio del Castillo

In the opener, Eric Flower, a perfect specimen of European muscle, passes two mysterious looking men, Paulao Do Pauzao and Alex Riberio, on his way into a maze of ancient buildings. Making no attempt to be discreet, dark Do Pauzao and bearded Riberio follow Flower into the stone building where the three proceed to strip revealing Riberio’s tattooed torso and Do Pauzao’s washboard stomach.

Flower services his two pursuers’ erect dicks and with their encouragement manages to fit both in his mouth at once. They both blow their loads over Flower before they return the service, with Do Pauzao bobbing on his cock and Riberio rimming his ass until he cums.

Still hard as ever, the men move further into the house, where Reberio delivers another cum shot while being rimmed by Do Pauzao and Flower follows soon after. With Reberio still on his knees, Do Pauzao plunges his dick into his waiting ass while Flower feeds him his permanent hard-on. Both Flower and Do Pauzao climax over Riberio before they all move to the bed for the last round of action. This time Flower bottoms for Do Pauzao’s black meat as Riberio jerks and sucks Flower to climax. Flower’s two partners each squirt one last time for a total of 9 combined cum shots, each as impressive as the last.

22  minutes
Taking a leisurely walk through the town, Jason Kingsley and Jeff Willcox are ogled by brutish Jean Franko. Willcox takes the bait and follows Franko, where he is easily dominated and soon ends up with his mouth wrapped around Franko’s hard cock.

Youthfully handsome Rocky Oliveira appears in the window, stroking his erection and prompting Franko’s first climax. Still hard, Franko bends Willcox over for a brief rimming, in preparation for the fuck that follows as Oliveira continues to watch. Moving inside, Franko drops to his knees, orally worshipping the two men. Oliveira shoots an impressive load, followed by Willcox with Franko clearly enjoying having control.

Now in bed, Franko plows into Oliveira’s ass as Willcox strokes beside him. Both Franko and Oliveira cum again, before Franko sits on Oliveira’s now harder than ever cock. Not wanting to be left out, Willcox fucks Oliveira’s mouth and sucks Franko’s uncut dick. Again, all three men deliver explosive cum shots as they collapse into a heaving mass of muscle.

26  minutes
While unknowingly stalked by Marcello Lars and Matthieu Costa, Jason Kingsley meets up with tattooed Max Veneziano for an afternoon rendez-vous. The beautifully muscular duo unleash their equally huge and rigid cocks in a doorway, their kisses quickly progressing to blowjobs as Lars and Costa watch from a nearby window.

Veneziano and Kingsley move inside where Kingsley is penetrated by the tattooed giant’s long hard cock. Meanwhile, outside, Lars braces against the window to take Costa’s meat while jerking his own arousal. Still erect and rearing to go, Veneziano invites the two voyeurs inside to join his private sex party.

In a tangle of limbs, Kingsley and Veneziano manage to double penetrate Costa’s tight hole as the willing bottom feeds on Lars’ dick. Several climaxes later, the men are still hard and energized as Kingsley thrusts into Veneziano with Lars and Costa lending helping hands. Veneziano’s final cum shot is followed by a huge load from Kingsley, signaling a climactic end to an action-packed scene.

32  minutes
After riding through the country by motorcycle, Matthias Vanelli and Carlos Cabarello arrive at a quiet country cottage and don’t even dismount before getting it on in the driveway. With his rock hard cock protruding from his unzipped pants, Vanelli goes into sensory overload with the sensation of Cabarello’s alternating leather gloved stroking and oral massage.

Meanwhile, watching from a window above, tattooed Victor Cowboy and Sergio Del Castillo become inspired by the show before them and get to work trading blow jobs, while keeping their eyes on the action below. After they each cum, the bedroom duo signals for Vanelli and Cabarello to join them inside for a foursome.

The orgy that follows is a fast moving mix of passionate kissing, alternating blowjobs and ass lickings. Moving in unison as a giant mass of muscle, the four men thrust in unison, with Cabrello’s cock deep in Cowboy’s ass while he is straddled by Vanelli fucking Del Castillo. The finale occurs with Cowboy fucking Cabarello while Vanelli and Del Castillo caress their hard-working bodies.

35  minutes
Imagine a town where the streets are lined with red-hot men from all over the world, and all they ever think about is SEX! Welcome to MANVILLE! You`ve come to the right place...

Eric Flower gets a rough ride from tattooed muscle man Alex Ribeiro, and giant dicked black stud Paulao do Pauzao. Jed Willcox is taught a lesson he will never forget by Jean Franco and Rocky Oliveira. Hugely-hung Jason Kingsley and Max Veneziano fuck each other, and then double dip French hunk Matthieu Costa, and Marcello Lars joins in for the ride. Red-hot Xavier Montengro and lover David Salazar imagine a four-way sexual tryst with Gabriel Ventura and Bruno Din.

Matthias Vannelli fucks motorcycle stud Carlos Caballero on top of his cycle, and then Matthias moves on to suck Caballero, Victor Cowboy, and Sergio del Castillo all at once. Later, the foursome fuck in a variety of succulent positions.


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