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Masters & Servants

Masters & Servants
High Octane
141 min

Herve Bodilis

    all models over 18    
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Abel Price
Cade Nichols
David Rivera
Enrico Bellagio
Evan Rochelle

Gamal Simon
Garcia Udulo
Marco Campbell
Peter Shadow
Renato Bellagio

Rod Stevens
Rogerio Mateo
Steve Hunt

Our story opens as the sun is rising above the chateau. Master Steve Hunt is rising and his male servant Cade Nichols is there to attend to his every whim. Cade watches naked Steve get out of bed and make his way to the shower. After showering, Steve emerges and Cade begins to work. Cade takes care dressing Steve and prepares breakfast for his master. While Cade is making the bed he begins to sniff his master`s underwear, getting hard at the scent of his master. Bringing out his uncut meat on the unmade bed, he strokes his cock. Servant Sanjoy, who wants some servant on servant action, joins Cade. ... More
29  minutes
Sharing your servant is best! Masters Renato Bellagio and David Rivera are the masters and Rogerio Mateo is the servant who aims to please. Rogerio is taking care of shoes when Renato and David enter. Master Renato watches as servant Rogerio undresses fellow master David. David is soon sucking on Rogerio`s uncut tool, watching Renato watching them. Renato begins to stroke his cock watching David suck down Rogerio. Servant Rogerio knows what these masters want and he aims to please them. ... More
30  minutes
Servant chauffeurs take care of the car and each other. Arriving home, Steve Hunt leaves his two chauffeurs Rod Stevens and Gamal Simon to each other`s devices. Quickly exploring each other`s bodies, Rod and Gamal enter the back of the van to have more room for their hot, hard bodies. Gamal is soon taking Rod`s rod into his mouth, teasing it with teeth and tongue. Trading kisses between sucks is the way these uncut men like it. Rod wants Gamal`s cock bad and takes it all the way down his throat. ... More
18  minutes
Nothing wrong with the masters getting some. Alone in the master`s room, David Rivera and Steve Hunt go after the other`s mouth and cock. Steve is the first on his knees, taking David`s uncut meat down his throat. David pulls Steve up for some more kissing and David begins stroking Steve`s uncut tool, getting it ready for throat action. Getting on the table, Steve has a better view of David going all the way down. David rolls Steve over and starts to eat Steve`s willing asshole. ... More
22  minutes
Poker masters want hard cocks after a relaxing game. After losing a hand to Garcia Udulo, Abel Price antes up and takes Garcia`s hot uncut cock in his mouth. Marco Campbell likes what he sees and pulls out his cock, stroking to the scene. Garcia starts fucking Abel`s mouth hard and without mercy. After all, a bet is a bet! Marco and Garcia kiss as Abel has a sword fight in his mouth. Abel is soon a betting man as Garcia starts to fuck him hard and fast. Marco whacks off, letting his heavy nut sack hit his legs. Abel wants Marco`s uncut cock too and begins to ride him. This time Garcia strokes while he watches the action. Abel is then stuffed from both ends. Marco takes the rear and Garcia takes the front. Marco and Garcia explode on Abel`s face, showing him who won that hand.
18  minutes
Sipping some of the bubbly gets Steve Hunt horny for his servants Peter Shadow and Enrico Bellagio. Steve rubs Enrico`s crotch, getting it hard for his mouth. Steve begins to suck on Enrico`s uncut meat, while servant Peter watches. Wanting more cock, Steve turns his attention to Peter`s meat. Forcefully attacking Peter`s dick, Steve is cock hungry. And only his man-servants will do! Eager to please their master, Enrico and Peter kiss and suck Steve`s cock. ... More
24  minutes
Raging Stallion Studios presents its first major release from the newly acquired European line High Octane...Masters & Servants. Director Herve Bodilis brings us 14 men in two hours of dominance. If you are interested in hard, uncut cocks and the men they are attached too...then Masters & Servants is for you!

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