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The Matrixxx: A Muscle Explosion

The Matrixxx: A Muscle Explosion
Blue Blake
  • 3-Way
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116 min

Blue Blake

    all models over 18    
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Jay Poison

Jeremy Jordan

Jim Slade

Stefan Milos

Tony Cage

Tony Valentino

Dan Packin
Flex Deon Blake
Trey Rexx

The Greatest Physique - In the first episode we meet Jim Slade, who wants to win the greatest physique contest in the world - The Matrixxx. This year he intends to win, but to do so he needs Anthony Cage to pull out of the contest. So he decides to offer Anthony his hole and convince him to withdraw. The only problem is that Jim Slade gets into the hottest orgasmic sex ever! They enjoy every stroke of their big cock, every lick of the other's ass, and every thrust into the other's hard butt. Let your senses go wild!
23  minutes
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Self Body Worship - In episode two, we find out that Jay Poison is going to compete. He is a pro-bodybuilder that is built to the max. In the gym working out he decides to pose and flex his huge muscles for us. He enjoys his body and others admiring it. Jay continues to self-worship his body by stroking his cock and shoving a nice sized dildo up his ass. He ends up shooting a big load all over himself.
18  minutes
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Straight Russian Gymnast - In this episode, Trey Rexx is planning to steal The Matrixxx trophy using his phenomenal body and physique. The only way to stop him is to have Joey, "the guy with the fattest dick in Southern California", pay him a visit and bribe him with cash and cock. In this same scene, Stefan Milos, the straight Russian Gymnast, decides to show off for the camera. Hot, hard dripping man-sex!
32  minutes
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The Beer Delivery - In the next scene, Jim Slade arranges to have a case of beer delivered to Tony Cage. It is delivered by none other than the cute Jeremy Jordan, who ends up drinking the beer with Tony, and both of them giving way to full-blown orgasmic sex. Mouths and tongues are everywhere as Jeremy gives Tony an awesome cock sucking and butt licking. Jeremy gets his tight hole fucked over and over, and even gets picked up and carried by Tony…dick still in ass!
19  minutes
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The Head Judge - Jim Slade meets the head judge the night before the contest to offer him “anything” in exchange for a win. The black judge has always wanted to fuck a white boy…so let the games begin! A friend is called over and now there is two black guys dominating this white muscle boy. Sucking, ass-licking, and DOUBLE PENETRATION of the white boy by these two big-dicked huge black guys leads to cum juice right down the throat of Jim Slade. An unbelievable MUST SEE scene!
24  minutes
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If you wanna win the bodybuilding contest known as the Matrixxx you have to first get double penetrated then eat bodybuilder cum. Huge muscleguys, gymnasts and even a pro wrestler fuck, suck, rim and even dildo their own assholes proving straight bodybuilders will do anything to win a muscle contest. Inside this movie is double penetration. Learn how to really stretch that hole!

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