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Matt Cole Collection

Matt Cole Collection
Hot House
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  • Domination
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  • Outdoor Sex
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  • Sling
133 min

Michael Clift, Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Brad Patton
Damon Phoenix
Dean Monroe
Francesco D`Macho
Jason Ridge

Matt Cole
Nick Horn
Steve Cruz
Tony Mecelli
Vinnie D`Angelo

There’s nothing hotter than the sight of Brad Patton’s monster meat stuffed into a yellow Speedo. Well, actually there is something hotter – for instance, when the Speedo comes off and the unreal cock comes jumping out. It’s simply the most astonishing cock in the business today; but it’s also attached to the sexiest blonde Goliath (Brad’s an ice speedskater – the legs and ass are as big as they come!) Sexy newcomer Matt Cole is the perfect match for Brad and their performance in this final scene is so over-the-top passionate it’s gotta be seen to be believed! The camera just loves covering these two bodies – especially when Matt rolls back on his shoulders for Brad to feast on his hole. After teasing his hole with his tongue, Brad soon moves to the task at hand: stuffing his giant club into Matt’s juicy hole. Brad absolutely fucks the living daylights out of him – prompting us to promote Matt to the title of Hot House Powerbottom. This scene has to be one of the most scorching pairings we’ve ever shot! After fucking the entire afternoon away, these two dogs in heat dump their loads. TRUNKS 2 ends with Cole in the shower, completely spent, lost in the thought that there’d never be another fuck like that again...
21  minutes
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Boyfriends on a weekend retreat at Collingwood Manor, Jason Ridge and Matt Cole don’t even bother to unpack their bags before they begin to strip each other. Ridge throws Cole down on the bed and immediately dives into his juicy, world-class ass. Cole shows his appreciation by swallowing Ridge’s rock-hard cock to the base then flips over to get his own mammoth tool licked and sucked by the orally talented Ridge. Still in charge, Ridge flips Cole over and fucks his big round ass — the kind of ass that takes a really big cock to reach the hole. Then Cole returns the favor, pummeling his man with his fuckstick. Both men continue to fuck each other until they both explode, leaving Ridge drenched in cum.
21  minutes
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Dean Monroe is on his knees, deep throating Matt Cole’s long hard cock while Cole is busy gagging on Nick Horn’s extra-thick tool. Cole and Horn have a cock fight over Monroe’s wet, hungry mouth. Serviceman Monroe grabs both men by their cocks and begins sucking them off. Eager-to-please, Monroe gets on all fours between the other two so that Horn can fuck his hole and Cole can feed his face. Next Monroe lays on his back and the two cocksmen trade places. Horn rides Monroe’s face while Cole thrusts his huge piece deep into Monroe’s ass. Power-bottom Monroe has the two top-studs on their backs, cocks hard and standing at attention, so that he can take turns riding them. He hops back and forth, giving both studs a taste of his clenching hole until all three men rub out huge loads.
23  minutes
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Matt Cole has been cruising Manhunt.net looking for the perfect birthday gift for his boyfriend, Damon Phoenix. He knows he has found the most memorable present ever when Tony Mecelli agrees to join the couple for a morning of hot sucking, fucking action. Mecelli pulls out his Str8Marine cock and shoves it down Phoenix’s throat while Cole dines on the sumptous feast of Phoenix’s BoyButt4U. The Birthday Boy remains the center of attention when he rides Cole’s huge cock and continues to service Mecelli. Cole and Mecelli swap places so Phoenix’s ass is now being invaded, stretched and worked over by Mecelli’s monster meat. He drives his cock all the way into the deep ass canal of Phoenix, pounding his fat ass cheeks with his rockhard washboard abs. Cole notices the fine ass pounding and kneels on the edge of the bed so that Mecelli can work his hole too. The Birthday Boy gets drenched in a cum shower from Mecelli and Cole, then adds his own spew to the puddles on his chest. Mecelli takes off and Cole returns to Manhunt.net to keep the party going.
22  minutes
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Iron-clad top stud Vinnie D’Angelo cracks the whip, breaking the strong-willed Steve Cruz with the help of big-dicked stud Matt Cole. Cruz hangs from the ceiling in a customized swing, allowing his hard cock and hairy hole to be easily played with. D’Angelo takes a riding crop and whips Cruz while Cole eats his ass. D’Angelo puts Cruz to the test, making him beg for Cole’s monster meat. Cole eagerly obeys, shoving his cock up Cruz’s ass and pulling him back and forth in the swing. Watching the two men proves to be too much for D’Angelo who shoves his own fat cock deep inside Cruz. D’Angelo treats Cruz like a weight training bag, each thrust of his cock like a punch to his hungry hole. Now released from the swing, Cruz devours D’Angelo’s cock like an animal. Cole returns to fuck Cruz again then rolls over and offers his ass to D’Angelo. Finally Cole and Cruz shoot their loads all over D’Angelo’s boots who showers his own load on them both.
24  minutes
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Privates Francesco D’Macho and Matt Cole stand at attention in Drill Sergeant Marc Williams’ office. Sergeant Williams demonstrates his authority by ordering Private D’Macho to clean up the mess in his office. Private Cole takes advantage of the fact that D’Macho is on his knees and pulls out his long fat cock for some deep throat action. Private D’Macho follows orders, taking Cole’s pole to the base. Next D’Macho turns Cole over and sucks his asshole, preparing it for his thick uncut man-meat. D’Macho pummels Cole like a good soldier until he decides he wants his ass invaded too. Private Cole stands at attention and impales Private D’Macho until they both shoot!
22  minutes
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Matt Cole shares his favorite scenes with you in this must-have collector`s edition! The Matt Cole Collection features six scorching-hot scenes with Francesco D`Macho, Jason Ridge, Tony Mecelli, Vinnie D`Angelo along with horse-hung Brad Patton, Dean Monroe, Nick Horn, Damon Phoenix and Steve Cruz.

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