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A Matter of Size 2

A Matter of Size 2
Matt Sterling
  • 3-Way
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  • Oral Sex
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  • Solo
84 min

Matt Sterling

    all models over 18    
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Chad Farrel

Ethan Marc

Jason Crew

Jason Ridge

Kent Larson

Marco Pirelli

Maxx Diesel

Mike Roberts

Barrett Long
Damian Cruise

It is early morning and Jason Crew has been partially awakened by his alarm clock. Still sleepy, he reaches over to turn it off and falls back into a dream-like state and, as usual, he has a raging early morning hardon. He fondles himself through his underwear as his huge cock grows to its full potential. Still half asleep yet very horny, he pulls off his underwear and as he strokes his massive cock, we see that he is fantasizing on gorgeous Mike Roberts. In his fantasy, he looks over to a chair where Mike is jacking off and talking dirty to him. Jason takes his own huge cock and starts to fuck himself with it. He shoves his cock deep into his own hole, a unique capability rarely if ever seen before. Made wildly horny by his imaginary encounter with Mike Roberts, he continues to jack off until both he Mike reach gushing orgasms.
13  minutes
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A handsome young man (Marco Pirelli) walks into a sportswear shop where he is soon getting admiring glances from the shop salesman (Ethan Marc). He goes into the dressing room to try on underwear, leaving the dressing door turning Marc on as he can’t help but stare at Marco’s beautiful ass and his thick semi-hard cock. Ethan gets the message and it’s not long before they both make their way into the stock room where Ethan anxiously goes down on Pirelli’s throbbing cock. Pirelli fucks Ethan in the mouth seemingly without mercy before he wets Ethan’s puckering asshole with his mouth and tongue. Pirelli pushes Marc onto a pile of boxes where he shoves his big rock-hard cock deep into Marc’s anxious hole. He fucks him with a ferocity rarely seen and has Marc begging for more. Marc has now surrendered to Pirelli who fucks him mercilessly until he cums with a huge load, soaking Marc’s hard, muscular body. Ethan pops his load simultaneously leaving his chest and body dripping with cum.
17  minutes
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Super-hung Jason Crew and muscular stud, Chad Farrell hook up in the orgy room at the Ten Plus Club. Jason bets Chad that he can fuck himself with his own cock. Chad doubts that he can, and willingly makes the bet. Jason lays back and, to Chad’s amazement, shoves his own cock deep into his own tight asshole. Though he loses the bet, the sight of Jason fucking himself gets Chad very hot and horny and he strokes his dick to a raging hard-on. He goes down on Jason, swallowing his massive prick all the way down his cock-hungry throat. A hot 69 session is followed by Chad plunging his hard dick deep into Jason’s tight ass, fucking him at a frenzied pace. Jason Ridge enters and seeing the intense action, he anxiously jumps in to fuck Crew while Crew sucks Chad’s big cock. Now it’s Jason Crew’s turn to fuck and he rams his massive prick deep into Jason Ridge’s hole without mercy enhancing the scene with a lot of “dirty talk” A 3-way circle jerk with copious loads completes this extremely intense sexual scene.
24  minutes
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Maxx Diesel and Kent Larson are at a bar having a beer as they watch Damian Cruz finish up a game of pool. Through their conversation, we learn that the winner of the game gets to fuck the other two. Hard bodied Damian wins and lets Kent suck his big cock as Maxx throws a mean fuck into Kent. Damian elects to fuck big, muscular Maxx first showing Maxx no mercy as he plows deep into Maxx’s tight hole while Kent eats Damian’s ass. As the non-stop action continues, Damian decides it’s Kent’s turn to bottom and Kent willingly surrenders his butt to Damian’s hole-hungry cock before all three shoot their load onto Kent’s muscular cum drenched stomach and chest.
9  minutes
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Jason Crew is reading a magazine at the desk in the office of the “Ten Plus Club” when Barrett Long walks in. Jason asks him if he thinks he will qualify for membership. Barrett opens up his pants and drops a huge piece of meat on Jason’s desk. Barrett’s cock is so big it makes a loud thud when it hits the desk. Jason stares in disbelief as this is the first cock he’s seen that it thicker and longer than his own big cock. As he stares at the massive cock, Barrett invites him to “go for it”. Jason quickly climbs over the desk and fills his mouth and throat with Barrett’s monstrous, mouth stretching cock. Marco Pirelli walks in and wants to feel that huge meat in his mouth. Barrett passes his monster cock back and forth to Jason and Marco both of whom devour it in a frenzy. All three get so hot, they can’t hold back shooting big loads of cum. Soon Marco is sprawled across the desk and Barrett shoves his huge cock into Marco’s hungry ass as Marco sucks Jason’s big piece. The action gets more and more intense and the room is filled with dirty talk as Barrett shows Marco’s ass no mercy and Jason fucks Marco in the mouth. After sex so intense, they all work up a heavy sweat, they explode their big gushing loads. Barrett’s shoots a heavy stream about 4 feet showering Jason and Marco with his hot cum. This scene is extremely intense.
21  minutes
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Winner of 2007 Gold VOD Award

After much anticipation the long-awaited sequel to `A Matter of Size` is here! This movie has been given rave reviews by every major reviewer. It is a `must-see!`


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