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Meat Hungry

Meat Hungry
Next Door Studios
  • 3-Way
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  • Masturbation
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  • Solo
111 min



    all models over 18    
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Bo Dean

Conner Maguire

Kevin Crows

Adam Wirthmore
Blu Kennedy
John Magnum
Paul Wagner

Phenix Saint
Rod Daily
Tyler Ford

Kevin Crows. Conner Maguire. Two seemingly normal, wholesome humans. But these two share a secret that only comes out deep in the dungeon chambers where they lurk. They are fiends. Cock-starved animals when the light hits them the right way. Do not get in their way when they are engaged with one another. Just watch their fiendish lust play out in front of you and thank your Maker that you were not designed this way. Repeat: Do not interfere with these deviants. You have been warned.
25  minutes
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Don`t you love waking up with a dick rubbing your feet? Bo Dean does! John Magnum has snuck up on his buddy and decided to snap some pics of Bo`s ballsack and ass with his camera phone. When Bo wakes up, John already has his rock hard boner fucking Bo`s bare tootsies. Although John took advantage of his sleeping friend`s feet, Bo isn`t mad at all. In fact, he`s quite turned on. John is happy to give Bo a wakie-wakie cock sucking after seeing the size of his juicy erection. And Bo knows the whole foot fucking thing was all in good fun. That`s why he`s willing to slurp John`s cock `till it erupts with steaming jizz.
20  minutes
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What`s better than waking up next to one hot, hung guy? Waking up next to two studly young men, that`s what. The other morning, Rod Daily, Phenix Saint and Adam Wirthmore were waking up after a night of hard partying. Since Adam is a total cock whore, he decided to take advantage of the groggy Phenix by sliding off his boxers and giving his half asleep cock a good sucking. Once Rod wakes up, things get hot and heavy. With a 3 way 69 and plenty of ass pounding, this wake up is better than a triple shot of espresso.
21  minutes
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On a recent sunny day, we caught Paul Wagner and Tyler Ford taking a dip in our pool. After jumping out and drying off, the two studs began horse playing and whipping each other with the towels. We`re not sure how a stinging slap with a towel on the rump would turn you on, but apparently it got these two guys hot and bothered because after towel-slapping their way into the bedroom, the two young hunks begin to make out, strip and ultimately fuck. Maybe getting spanked by a we towel isn`t so bad.
19  minutes
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Blu Kennedy is heating it up with his first solo scene. This red haired, muscular dude is strapped with a big, bulging cock, perfect for an afternoon stroke session. Blu just came from softball practice and can`t wait to jerk off some steam. Although his jock strap has been chaffing him all day, the straps feel nice on his ass cheeks. Watch Blu as he touches himself all over and tugs his meat on the bathroom floor.
26  minutes
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These Meat Hungry studs are craving some cock and will stop at nothing to get what they want. Watch all of the hardcore action now!

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