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Men Amongst the Ruins

Men Amongst the Ruins
Kristen Bjorn
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Chainfucking
  • Doublefucking
  • Group Oral
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
146 min

Kristen Bjorn

    all models over 18    
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Andres Duranza

Attila Sipos

Cesar Moreno

David Chelsea

Jeremy Sheldon

Juan Jimenez

Julio Vidal

Lucas Andrades

Lucius Socrates

Marcus Ocean

Max Veneziano

Rafael Alencar

Savio SIlva

Slava Petrovich

Ken Mifune
Mattiheu Costa
Octavio Fuentes

Savio Silva and Lucius Socrates have made their way to the deserted ruins for an afternoon of impersonal sex. In a private corner they get into kissing, dick-dueling and fully-clothed cocksucking. Within moments, they are interrupted by another couple, Andres Duranza and Rafael Alencar, who have opted for the same secluded place to get it on. After brief glances and knowing smiles, each couple goes at it, alternately watching and performing for the other.

The action then cuts away from them to doe-eyed, long-maned Petrovich who is seen strolling about the ruins before having his backpack grabbed from a trio of hunky thieves. Soon after Veneziano retrieves the bag, only to discover a passport and a skin magazine inside -- with Petrovich on the cover and an explicit layout within. The photos titillate him, and soon he is fantasizing an encounter with the tall, sinewy Russian.

26  minutes
As Veneziano begins his search for the Russian, he comes upon the two couples from the first scene, now an intertwined quartet, rimming with such gusto that one of them erupts with Alencar`s tongue up his ass. The multi-positioned fucking that follows demonstrates the versatility of each and culminates in a train fuck, superbly captured from the camera resting below.

The nine money shots of the sequence send Veneziano back into his fantasy, where Petrovich is waiting to take his turn at sucking. With the enthusiasm of a devoted puppy, he does not so much give head to Veneziano`s ever-ready erection as make love to it. The fantasy hurtles into big, butch Veneziano, sprawled on a table, legs in the air, offering his cherry ass to Petrovich.

24  minutes
While Veneziano resumes his search for his real dream man, he passes a tattooed mulatto (Lucas Andrades) and a beefy brunet (Julio Vidal) connecting under a gated archway. He watches for a moment, then moves off, but Bjorn`s camera lingers on the pair. Soon they are approached by a curious voyeur (blond, gym-built Marcus Ocean) who pounds off his first load before joining them for a rim-suck servicing of the stocky Vidal. After two sets of oral money shots, the trio adjourns to a deserted hallway to fuck off two more sets of impressive ejaculations.
27  minutes
The boss of the thieves (the masterful Juan Jiminez) discovers that one of his underlings (Attila Sipos) has skimmed off some of the stolen money and decides to punish him in the way such sins are always punished: Sipos must service not only Jiminez but two other gang members (Jeremy Shelton and David Chelsea). After all four bring each other off by hand, they settle into a tower tableau for some serious sucking and another round of pop shots in a deserted courtyard. Next they break into pairs, with Shelton happily fucking Sipos, while Celsea kneels nearby to gobble down Jiminez. The sequence ends with Shelton and Jiminez double-fucking Chelsea as he sucks Sipos. Most amazing of all, Chelsea explodes with a power cum shot while double-plugged.
24  minutes
Veneziano is busily continuing his fantasy that has now shifted to a portrait-filled, castle-like room. Veneziano and Petrovich continue to luxuriate in kissing, frottage, mutual sucking, foreskin play and rimming before Veneziano finally invades Petrovich`s granite ass, half on, half off a big fourposter bed. Their turbulent fuck drives Petrovich to his most copious money shot thus far, and it is followed by Veneziano`s no-hand explosion all over those perfect Russian glutes.
25  minutes
In classic Kristen Bjorn style, the movie ends with a truely multinational, multiracial cruising BANG! Finally, for cum mavens, there are at least 60+ messy money shots in the film, so if you`re still cum-hungry, check out scenes 1-5. And, oh, yes, Veneziano does finally find the real Petrovich -- you`ll have to see that for yourself.
20  minutes
MEN AMONGST THE RUINS is entirely set within and around the walls of ancient ruins. It is a tale of romance, lust, and the endless pursuit of hot sex!

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