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Adrian Hart


JJ Knight

Joey Mills

Johnny Donovan

Malik Delgaty

Michael Boston

Pierce Paris

Skyy Knox

Since Archie got into the Men Pop app, he`s been trying to get a rise out of his roommates with wilder and wilder hijinks. Although his "drop the towel challenge" doesn`t get a big reaction from Joey Mills and Michael Boston as they play videogames, when he jizzes all over their pizza they definitely take notice. Joey checks out Archie`s profile to take his revenge, then hides in his room to give him a "surprise facial" just like Archie wanted! Archie sucks out the last of Joey`s cum, and then Joey deepthroats the top`s cock. Archie rims Joey and then gets a close-up on his phone as he pounds his ass doggystyle. Joey climbs on top to ride Archie, then takes his dick super deep as the top penetrates him in missionary till he cums. Archie pulls out and shoots so far that he gives Joey a facial of his own!
23  minutes
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Pierce Paris and Johnny Donovan are enjoying all the challenge stories going around the Men Pop app - they just wish they weren`t so PG. They decide to create their own sexy story, dancing in their towels and dropping them to windmill their cocks! As Pierce gets on his knees to suck Johnny`s dick, the app stops recording, but they keep the action going. Johnny fucks his man doggystyle and missionary before sucking Pierce`s cock and lowering himself onto it. This flip fuck heats up as Pierce pounds Johnny from behind, then turns him on his back till the handsome bottom climaxes before Pierce covers his face in cum. Too bad they didn`t get THAT on video!
24  minutes
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While Adrian Hart and Michael Boston are waiting for cam guy JJ Knight to arrive so they can start their hot livestream, they make a fun story for Michael`s MenPop account. But before they can start shooting, they have to decide who`s bottoming with a game of Rock Paper Scissors! Michael wins that honor, so he and Adrian undress each other, and he sucks the top`s dick as JJ gets it all on video. Their action is so hot that their viewer gives them a tip, so they thank him before Michael takes more than just the tip of Adrian`s cock doggystyle. It turns out Adrian will bottom today after all, because JJ gets so horny he starts to fuck him too! Power bottom Michael takes both their dicks in a hot double penetration, then Adrian rides JJ as he sucks Michael`s cock before both JJ and Adrian cover Michael`s face with jizz and he cums all over his abs.
28  minutes
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Malik Delgaty gets annoyed when Skyy Knox keeps clowning around while he`s trying to film a sexy dance for his MenPop story, so he bumps his booty against Skyy to make the bottom fall down, then sits on his face! The "punishment" just makes the bottom horny, so he starts sensually sucking Malik`s big cock and kissing all over the top`s muscular chest. Malik eases his cock into Skyy`s hole doggystyle, then the bottom shows just how deep he can take it as he rides Malik. Malik fucks Skyy mish till he makes the bottom pop, then finishes with a hot facial. The camera caught it all--time to post it on MenPop!
27  minutes
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The MenPop app is great for both fun and fucking! In Part 1 of this series, Archie tries to get a rise out of his roomies and go viral with pranks, but ends up making Joey Mills`s cock rise after Joey takes his revenge with a "surprise facial" prank. In Part 2, boyfriends Pierce Paris and Johnny Donovan post a sexy towel dance story that turns them on so much, they keep the action going with a hot flip fuck. The MenPop hijinks continue in Part 3, as Adrian Hart and Michael Boston film a live cam show that heats up when their camera guy JJ Knight decides to join in, turning their twosome into a threesome. In Part 4, Malik Delgaty is just trying to post his sexy workout for his MenPop story, but when Skyy Knox keeps messing up his shots on purpose, he ends up posting his "punishment" of Skyy by sitting on his face, then pounding that ass.

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