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Mens Room - Bakersfield Station

Mens Room - Bakersfield Station
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153 min

Joe Gage

    all models over 18    
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Abram Rodriguez

Alex Leon

Andrew Rubio

Andy Dill

Danny Vox

Joey Russo

Kent Larson

Lex Kyler

Marc Sterling

Matt Majors

Randy Manroot

Tommy DeLuca

As Danny washes up, Matt Majors and Kent Larson enter the mens room to pee. They size Danny up while playing out an elaborate piss ritual, spraying their golden showers on the toilet seats and over the dividers. Danny can’t resist the impulse, and soon his lips are stretched to full capacity around Major’s humongous meat. Stumbling upon the scene, frightened schoolboy Rodriguez is shocked yet aroused, and retreats to an empty stall where he watches. Soon enough, Larson is fucking him in the mouth while only a few feet away, Danny busily buries his tongue deep inside Major’s dank, inviting, ass crack. Larson finishes himself off, licking his fingers clean, tasting his own liquid protein, as Danny and Majors blow their respective loads in a standing face off that gives new meaning to the phrase t?te ? t?te.
25  minutes
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Joey Russo, AWOL from a highway workers’ crew, enters the mens room and struts, flexes and flops his thick, handsome hard on for all the guys to admire. They do so, each in his own unique way.
37  minutes
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Danny wants more dick, and a horny, helpful field hand is more than happy to oblige. So is a big, hard security guard, Alex Leon, who sucks every cock he can find. Horse hung Tommy Deluca looks the part of a young skaterboy who possesses perhaps the largest cock on the planet.
32  minutes
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Sordid exhibitionism, frenzied cocksucking, deep ass rimming, finger fucking, meat beating, and the spilling of much man seed continues rampantly and unabated on and around the mens room boot black stand.
32  minutes
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A suburban Dad, Lex Kyler, stumbles in the mens room to find security guard, Alex Leon, deep throating youthful backpacker Marc Sterling’s gigantic cock right out in public. Giving in to his forbidden desire, Kyler hesitantly pulls his hardened cock out of his dingy Dockers and begins to stroke. Soon, he’s swallowed up into the teaming miasma of slobbering mouths and flying fists.
27  minutes
Content & Stars...
You’re sure to be hollering, “Entrapment!” when you duck into this Mens Room for a quickie and get sucked into an all day orgy. Mens Room is a massive attack of sleazy, cum and piss spewing, non-stop action. This first collaboration between legendary director Joe Gage and Titan Media combines the famed gut level Gage ethos -- a working man’s world of cock worshipping bruisers, jack off buddies, and fierce ass-busters -- with Titan Media’s quality men and superb production values. Daring in both its wet ‘n wild sexual content and its unrushed, filmic style, Mens Room is a unique porn experience that only Joe Gage and Titan Media could have produced. Mens Room links the Titan Media “all-sex” format with the feature film style of the director’s earlier days.

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