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Military Taboo 3

Military Taboo 3
San Diego Boy Productions
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82 min



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Troy Moore

Derek Prinston
Jett Slater
Kye Edan
Marcus Webner

San Ave

Sexy Sysqo, a 22 year old US Marine gets his first taste of cock from Noah, a hot Latin Camp Pendleton Marine. Things start off when Noah joins Sysqo in the shower who gets an instant hard-on. Noah takes the hint and goes down on Sysqo’s rock hard cock, rimming his ass and getting him ready to take Noah’s thick cock up his ass for the first time! Back in the bedroom, Noah works Sysqo’s ass with his fingers to loosen it up, then shoves his cock up his ass and he loves it! They try every position possible. At times, Noah talks nasty to Sysqo about eating pussy while getting pounded. While licking Noah’s ass, Noah begs Sysqo to eat his ass like he eats pussy! The climax is when Sysqo shoots his load for the first time ever with a cock up his ass and sprays his cum over his head!
26  minutes
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During his audition, we could tell that Navy boy Jett wasn`t shy when it came to exposing himself. The only hesitation Jett had was being touched by another guy, sexually. But we got him over that hump by making him feel comfortable. When Jett sported wood just from rubbing himself down in the shower, we knew he was ready to take a walk on the wild side. Our mouths had been watering for his beautiful cock and ass since we first saw his body, so there was no holding back. He wanted straight porn to watch to make him feel comfortable, but once we got our mouths around his dick and tongue in his ass, Jett was enjoying every bit of attention. This young stud sure enjoyed his audition and blow job.
14  minutes
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Troy invites Navy boy Marcus into his kitchen for a drink, there they waste no time and start fooling around. Before they even make it to the bedroom, they both drop on the stairs and start to fuck. Marcus is bent in every position just getting his ass plowed. To avoid the rug burns they decide to move into the bedroom. They both flip-flop getting fucked and sucking each others cock. They just can’t get enough of each other. The action here is once again so hot that the crew just can’t keep there hard dicks inside their pants. Marcus and Troy aggressively pull out the cameraman’s cock and take turns sucking it while another crew guy jumps in and starts fucking Troy. This all comes to a big climax as the cum starts to fly from every direction, one after the other they unload!
21  minutes
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Kye, a 21 year old San Diego Navy boy who is always horny and willing. He takes his nightly trip to the apartment complex jacuzzi, in hopes to meet some young stud. Kye is all about taking risk and living on the edge. He removes his swimsuit in the open were neighbors could watch or potentially walk in, but that does not stop him. Watch his low-hanging balls as he works his stiff cock. Finding no action, he heads back to his pad were he finds comfort with his mega dildo. Watch his horny hungry ass swallow the entire thing, all while he jacks his dick to submission.
8  minutes
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Derek has proven that when it comes to anal pleasure, he`s second to none. It’s great to see this stud on the receiving end. But with a cock that`s 8.5 inches long and 6 inches around, I figured it was time to see Navy boySan Ave pound some ass. Not many can take a dick as huge as his, but Derek was more than willing to try. By the sounds of his moaning, while he was being fucked, it looked like San Ave was definitely hitting Derek’s G-Spot. We had to pull out the Trojan Magnums for this scene.
13  minutes
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Real Military men that want more action from the crew.

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