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Hot House
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113 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Alex Collack

Alex Fuerte

Jason Kingsley

Jason Ridge

Jed Willcox

Justin Gemini

Kent North

Marco Paris

Tony Mecelli

Trey Casteel

Jason Ridge lies on his stomach sunning his oiled, tan back as Alex Fuerte and Tony Mecelli pull up next to him. Without warning, they grab Jason and toss him into the pool. When he pulls up out of the water, the two hunks already have their hard dicks out waiting for service. Jason proceeds to slobber on both giant steaks, blowing Alex and jacking Tony, then switches to blowing Tony while jacking Alex, before finally stuffing both huge cocks in his mouth at once. Jason rolls back on the edge of the pool and gets rimmed by Fuerte who bathes his open hole with cool water. Tony steps forward and turns Ridge over onto all fours and pulls up behind him with his long 10-incher. He pummels Jason’s round muscle butt so hard that Jason has trouble keeping Fuerte’s cock in his mouth; Fuerte finally gives up and shoves it in his ass instead, riding Ridge with long hard strokes. The scene finishes with Fuerte moving into a reverse cowboy on top of Mecelli until all three studs shoot white-hot loads of jizz everywhere.
25  minutes
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Jason Kingsley calls Trey Casteel up onto the porch after a sudden summer shower. When Jason pulls out his whopping 10 inches, Trey gets weak in the knees and drops down to take as much of the mammoth meat in his throat as he can. The two kiss passionately as their cocks rub against each other. After some moist rimming, Kingsley stuffs his horsecock right up Casteel’s perfect set of bronzed buns. After driving the stud crazy with each deep thrust, he rolls him on his back and sucks on his freshly fucked hole — but not for long. Jason needs back in his sweet, juicy fuckhole and he quickly mounts the stud to deliver another succession of long strokes. The moisture in the air starts to build as the two men fuck through the afternoon until they unload their nuts, exhausted and spent.
21  minutes
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Superbod Alex Collack finds a spot on the lawn to grab some rays. He starts to rub his perfect chiseled muscles with suntan lotion, unaware that young Justin Gemini is watching him from the bushes. Justin comes over to Alex and begins to show off his enormous cock — well over ten inches of shaft. Alex sucks him off for a minute then guides Justin down to his own fat uncut prick. He begins to suck cock like a blue-ribbon champion while his oversized shaft bounces up and down between his knees. The two lay on the grass to makeout with Justin’s giant piece teasingly rubbing against the crack of Alex’s hole. Alex quickly puts it out of sight up his ass and begins to ride; but the temptation to be the first inside Justin`s virgin hole is too great and Collack soon bends him over and takes charge of his beautiful young ass with its creamy skin and deep hairless hole. After a lengthy sweaty screw session, the two unload their seed and collapse in a heap.... More
30  minutes
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Scene 4 opens with Marco Paris and Jed Willcox chasing each other around the lawn with giant Supersoakers. Marco finally tackles Jed to the ground and begins to make out with the furry-chested hunk. Within minutes the swim trunks come off and their hard cocks grind against each other as they hump in the summer grass.... More
17  minutes
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In this Bonus Scene Jed Willcox and Jason Kingsley stand over Kent North and Marco Paris as they stuff the pair of cocks down their throats while the majestic Palm Springs mountains tower behind them. Long streams of spit drools from the corner of Kent’s mouth as he greedily slobbers on Jed’s meaty prick. The Kent and Marco fall on their knees facing each other and present their butts for oral priming from Jason and Jed. The two bottoms make out while their butts get pumped from behind. They buck back onto the dicks with tremendous force, hungrily trying to get all of the cocks stuffed deep inside them. Finally, both couples swap partners and turn to the camera for a double reverse cowboy position; you see both cocks slide in their holes while their own heavy dicks swing to the beat of each thrust. After some serious slamming, the four studs unload their seed and collapse in each other’s arms
20  minutes
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Leave it to Director Steven Scarborough to make good clean fun look so dirty. Mischief captures 11 big muscle studs who chase each other around the pool, lawns, and shrubs of a 5 acre Palm Springs mansion while the owner’s away. Hot House Exclusives Alex Collack, Kent North, Alex Fuerte, Marco Paris, and Jason Ridge, this summertime scorcher features the hottest physiques in the business and begs the question: are you in the mood for Mischief?

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