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Mix Tape Vol 1

Mix Tape Vol 1
Boom Boxxx
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93 min

Jake Jaxson

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Adam Ramzi

Boomer Banks

Jack Hunter

Wesley Woods

Ziggy Banks

As a rock hard Jack goes down on him, Boomer is rubbing the smooth pink hole he`s about to own. Boomer uses Jack`s mouth and throat and then tells him to sit on his face...which Jack does by straddling Boomer in his armchair. The position turns out to be perfect for slobbering on Jack`s hole and sucking his veiny shaft. Jack gets up and moves to the window where his saliva-lubed hole is easily penetrated by Boomer`s raw cock. Boomer glides in and out, faster and deeper and Jack takes every thrust consistently wanting more. With his cock buried deep in Jack, Boomer takes him to the bed and bends him over to fuck him with playful ownership. Boomer pulls all the way out and thrusts into the hilt, Jack`s moans bringing a sexy smirk to his face. Boomer kisses Jack before one final assault on his ass. Boomer pounds Jack on his back with the full fuck treatment, his cock like a guided missile hitting its target with every launch. Soon Boomer happily sees that he`s bringing Jack closer to cumming and with his verbal prodding, Jack shoots a thick load. Boomer resumes fucking hard and finally pulls out to cum over the hole he`s just owned and slurps up his own load. He slips in his cock one more time to rest inside Jack as they kiss. And as they cool down Boomer utters a deep-voiced "woof" that says it all.
20  minutes
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Longtime friends Boomer Banks & Adam Ramzi get "deep" flip-fucking in their FIRST scene together, a new CockyBoys Fans Only (CBFO) scene via Boomer`s BoomBoxx all-sex line! Boomer and Adam get comfortably intimate in the bathroom with a naked haircut that glides right into kissing. It`s with this same ease that Adam necks with Boomer and slips his growing cock into him. Soon though the bathroom is just too small for their big love so they move to the bed. As Boomer lies back Adam gives him as much pleasure as one mouth can do. He slowly sucks every inch of his fat cock, he rims his ass, kisses him passionately and tantalizes his nipples before returning to fuck him. At the same Adam makes sure his mouth continues giving Boomer intense pleasure. Boomer starts to take a little more control by riding on top of Adam`s thrusting cock and soon both guys are on the edge. However, they switch roles seamlessly and Boomer starts fucking a breathless Adam. Boomer fucks Adam deep with suck power he almost pounds him off the bed. But Adam takes every inch and still wants more. He gets on top and rides Boomer`s jack-hammering cock and still works his hole deeper. Adam proves he can take the full force of Boomer`s cock when he`s fucked standing up against the glass bathroom door. Boomer finishes Adam off on his back and quickly pulls out to cum over his freshly fucked hole. He slips his still hard cock in to help Adam get off with his own edged up load. They share a sweet & affectionate post-sex kiss, as natural as their longtime friendly chemistry.
20  minutes
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They begin in the shower consuming each other with deep, passionate kisses as Boomer asserts his power and putting Wesley to his knees. Wesley sucks every inch of Boomer, gets an approving dose of his spit and buries his mouth and tongue in his slick crack. They affectionately dry each other off but Boomer takes Wesley to bed and gets on top to dry hump him and make him feel the power. He briefly rims Wesley, fucks him halfway and goes back and forth before finally thrusting every inch into him. As Boomer pins him to the bed Wesley experiences the pain/pleasure principle to the max, breathlessly moaning and begging Boomer not to stop. Turning Wesley to his side Boomer relentlessly fucks him to wide-eyed ecstasy and somehow manages pound him even deeper when he gets him on his back. While still maintaining dominance Boomer takes a brief break by riding Wesley`s cock but soon he gets right back into his power top role by filling Wesley`s mouth and penetrating his worked over hole again. He fucks Wesley every which way and increases his force and speed just as Wesley gets louder as he cries out. As Wesley`s cries reaching glass shattering decibels Boomer pulls out to cum over his hole and slide his still hard cock back in. Wesley then sits on Boomer`s chest and after so much deep pounding and edging his balls churn up a thick facial on Boomer`s beard and both studs get a taste as they enjoy one last kiss.
34  minutes
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Ziggy Banks makes his CockyBoys debut opposite Haus founder Boomer Banks ! Boomer gets a very welcome wake-up call from Ziggy kisses and caresses his body and goes all in eating out his ass and nuzzling him. In return Boomer makes out with Ziggy against the nearby mirror and generously sucks his cock, exciting Ziggy to hump Boomer`s crack. Ziggy lies Boomer back on the bed, gives him one last drive-by rimming and slides his cock into him.Ziggy is all about wrapping himself around Boomer and kissing him passionately as he thrusts deep into his moaning mentor. Even as he turns to fucking Boomer sideways his lips and mouth are in constant contact with him. Boomer responds by fucking Ziggy against a chest of drawers with some all-in/all-out action to the max. Knowing he`s on the edge Boomer wants Ziggy to cum while fucking him and Ziggy gives him full-on pounding. Soon after Ziggy cums and finishes off his intense orgasm by milking out every drop on his Boomer`s hole and licking it up. Ziggy moves his head in position as Boomer jacks off a thick load and though most of it winds up as a facial and beard mousse Ziggy gets a taste from the drippings and kisses King Boomer with his royal icing still on his face.
20  minutes
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Let’s Turn Up the BoomBoxxx! In his new All-Sex line, Boomer Banks is ready to go condomless. Having reached to pinnacle of the gay porn world and having shot in every position known, he’s ready to break out of the Box and now make his own rules while creating this new All-Sex Imprint called BoomBoxxx! Here Boomer will explore and experiment with a variety of men, boys and (boy)toys that he has had relationships with both on and off camera.

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