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Mo` Bubble Butt

Mo` Bubble Butt
Plain Wrapped
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Dildo
  • Fisting
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Sling
81 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Alex Collack

Collin O`Neal

Dick Wolf

Drew Peters

Jacob Scott

Paul Johnson

Steven Richards

Vin Nolan

Collin O’Neal and Alex Collack have found the man with the perfect ass: Paul Johnson. Johnson hungrily services O’Neal and Collack, taking both huge cocks into his mouth at once. Collack tongues Johnson’s muscular round ass while Johnson sucks on O’Neal’s always rock hard, huge tool. Collack gets Johnson’s bubble butt primed and ready for O’Neal who steps up to fuck Johnson deep and hard.

The tables are turned when Collack gets thrown on the table to service O’Neal. Johnson plays with Collack’s ass, first sticking his hand in his hole, followed by a series of huge dildos. Johnson orders Collack to sit back and ride the dildo while O’Neal finishes what he started; pumping Johnson’s hot ass. Johnson shoots an amazing load all over himself and the other two guys who follow his example, shooting their own loads of hot cum.

21  minutes
Nasty Vin Nolan teases Alex Collack with his huge, fat cock. Collack kneels in front of Nolan, fingering his own hole in anticipation. Finally Nolan grabs Collack by the head and shoves his giant hose down Collack’s throat. Collack sucks Nolan’s cock from the tip to the base while he works his hand deep into his own gaping ass. This self-fisting deep throat session has got to be seen to be believed.

Nolan eventually throws Collack onto a rack and fucks him with his massive meat. Hungry for more, the two men head over to a nearby sling where Collack rides Nolan’s face for a ferocious ass eating. Nolan gets the nut he was after when he fucks Collack one more time, covering both men in white jiz.

19  minutes
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Hot House’s favorite naughty boy Dick Wolf crawls into a cage with a huge dildo for some solo butt play action. Wolf sucks and gnaws on the giant sex toy until it’s covered in enough spit to slide up his ass. Wolf frantically rides the dildo until daddy master Jacob Scott shows up and catches him in the act. Daddy Scott drags Wolf from the cage over to the stocks. Locked in a prone position, Wolf takes his punishment like a man as Daddy Scott smacks him in the face with his huge cock and fucks him.

From there Scott puts Wolf on a rack and injects Wolf’s hot, round ass with a giant ‘shot’ of elbow grease from an elephant-sized grease gun. Wolf opens his hole for an onslaught of monster-sized dildos that make him howl like a dog. Eventually Daddy Scott’s huge, perfectly round ass craves attention. Scott orders Wolf to work his hole with some hardcore buttplay. Finally Wolf, eager to please his daddy, fucks Scott deep until both men explode all over Scott’s muscular, hairy chest!

18  minutes
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Thinking he has privacy, blonde bad boy Drew Peters squats down on a bright red butt-plug the size of a nerf football. Peters obviously enjoys the sensation as his dick grows harder with each thrust of the dildo. In the middle of Peters’ buttplay, hung handballer Steve Richards emerges from the shadows, working his massive cock. Richards yanks Peters off of the football-sized butt toy and throws him on a rack to see just what the innocent looking Peters can really take up that hungry hole. Peters takes Richards huge paws to the wrist. Vin Nolan joins the action, feeding Peters his over-sized piece while Richards pummel-fucks his other hole. Nolan grabs Richard’s fat cock and sucks it like a pro while Peters eats Nolan’s fine, round ass. Finally Peters blows his load all over Nolan’s boots and licks it off while Nolan and Richards get each other off, covering them all in white hot cum.
23  minutes
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Plain Wrapped Video explodes back onto the buttplay scene with Mo’ Bubble Butt, the long awaited third part of the Mo’ Butt Trilogy! AVN Magazine raves “the videography is stunning, giving the movie a golden, translucent feel, and each model (especially super sexy Collin O’Neal and bad-boy Dick Wolf) is thoroughly appealing. Get your butt in gear!"

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