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Muscle Men Serviced

Muscle Men Serviced
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Derek Parker

Jaxton Wheeler

Guy Holiday
Jeremy Spreadums
Tommy Morava

You know that college student who lives down the street? The cute blond one with blue eyes and an athletic build? Well, I got to spend an afternoon with him. Meet Guy Holiday. Sweet, sexy and with a cock that approaches perfection. Guy has a great body, muscular, but he doesn`t live at the gym. He`s a great kisser and I love touching every part of his body. I slowly remove his clothes and play with him. He`s very playful back. When I pull out his cock from his Andrew Christians my eyes pop. Guy has a beautiful, perfect, thick cock. It is one of the hardest cocks I`ve ever experienced. I guess you could call him the man of steel. After taking off his socks I found that Guy has soft, sexy feet. I suck on his toes and lick his soles. Guy lays down on the couch and I worship his backside. He has such a nice ass and hole. I get a good taste of every inch. At the end of the fun I sit on the floor and Guy pounds my face. I can`t suck that huge pole for very long, so I do a lot of licking. I stroke Guy hard and he shoots a big load into my mouth and onto my face. Nice! With a big smile on both of our faces we say goodbye.
22  minutes
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Jeremy Spreadums is a blast. He has a stunning body and a very handsome face. Every time he smiles it lights up the room. Best of all, he has a great personality. Jeremy is someone I would like to hang out with. But first I worship every inch of his incredible body. I know it`s a cliché to say that someone has a body like a Roman or Greek statue. But look at him! He is perfection. I play a lot with Jeremy, making him laugh and finding his one tickle spot. I learn he loves nipple play and I oblige. I deep throat his uncut dick and rim his ass, more than once. I look up while he plows my mouth with his cock and I can`t believe how gorgeous he is. I lay down next to Jeremy and stroke his prick just as he likes it (I ask) and he shoots a massive load straight up his torso, between his abs and pecs, and onto his neck. A line of cum glistened from crotch to neck while I suck his dick clean, then lick every bit of his juice off his chiseled body. It`s days like today where I really do love my job.
31  minutes
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I first met Derek Parker when he came to my studio to shoot a scene for Cocksure Men. I couldn`t believe how sexy he was. Since then he has performed in several scenes and is one of the 10 most popular men on the site. (See Derek Parker on Cocksure Men) I dreamed of getting my hands on Derek for years. Derek and I start kissing with my hand on his firm body. He`s a great kisser, which is no surprise. I remove his shirt revealing his chiseled and tattooed torso. I can`t keep my hands, or mouth, off of him. I unbutton his jeans and turn him towards me, showing off his astounding bubble butt. I strip him down to his jock strap and begin some serious muscle worship. Soon my mouth is wrapped around his cock sticking through the jock. I turn Derek over and kiss his strong, hairy back, all the way down to his hole and finally the tip of his dick. I rim his sweet hole and suck his hard rod. I turn him back over and lift his legs up to get a better lick at his ass. After all of my hard work, it`s time for Derek to get active. I lay on my back, he straddles me, then fucks my mouth. After a good face fuck Derek Parker sprays a load on my mouth and shirt, keeps stroking, then cums a second time as my tongue catches his cream. I swallow his juice. He bends over and kisses me, tasting his own cum. We kiss and laugh to the end. Derek is a dream come true!
19  minutes
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I have been very lucky over the past 15 years. I have played with some of the most gorgeous men ever. My luck, apparently, has not run out. Jaxton Wheeler is a Greek God come alive. I really don`t have to say much. Just look at him! I stripped Jaxton and worshipped him from head to toe, and everything in between. Jaxton is very playful and has a good sense of humor. We laughed a lot and he teased me right up until the end when he jokingly flipped the bird to the camera. Jaxton has an incredible body, especially his amazing legs. I licked and felt every inch of his muscles. I felt his cock throb in my hand as I jacked him off. It was my turn to tease and I kept stroking and then sucking his very sensitive cock. I ate his tasty spunk and looked into his blue eyes. Yes, I am a very lucky man.
25  minutes
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Hot from Europe is muscle hunk Tommy Morava. At this time he didn`t want to do a hardcore gay scene, so I got him to do a solo. I can`t believe how hot he is. He`s got a naturally beefy body with lots of muscles. His biceps and six pack are amazing. With hazel eyes and a killer smile, Tommy loves to show off for the camera. He never stops touching his body as he pleases himself. He looks right at us as he strokes, knowing that we`re watching every part of him. He shows us his sexy, hairy ass, teasing us as he puckers his hole. Tommy showers the sofa with his cum when he blasts his load. He`s incredible from head to toe.
17  minutes
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I love men and I love muscles. Servicing muscular men has been one of my many joys over the years. Here I service famous porn stars like Derek Parker. Derek has worked a lot for my other site Cocksure Men and I`ve always lusted after his sexy muscular body and big smile. Guy Holiday is an up and coming performer with a beautiful muscular body and a big fat dick that I couldn`t get enough of. Jeremy Spreadums is getting super popular and you can see why. What a body he`s got! His muscles have muscles! Jaxton Wheeler is a beefy. sexy muscle porn star that I service, this time in an erotic massage scene.Come watch me play with these muscle hunks. As a bonus, young muscle jock Tommy Morava does a solo jack off for us.

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