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The Muscle Pit

The Muscle Pit
Blue Blake
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79 min

Blue Blake

    all models over 18    
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BamBam Micelli

Brad Rock

Damon Phoenix

Josh Weston

Marco Paris

Robert Van Damme

Tyler Saint

After working out on Los Angeles famous Venice Beach, this sizzling film opens with Robert Van Damme and Marco Paris arriving by convertible into Van Dammeis driveway. Paris immediately jumps out and heads to the drivers side to offer the front of his shorts to his new friend. Since the big man likes what he is looking at, he immediately pulls the fine man black shorts down so he can suck his uncut piece. While they are enjoying themselves everyone can settle back and enjoy how good their oral work looks against the black paint of the car. Once theyve finished trading delicious blow jobs, the two men then head around to the poolside of the house where Marco Paris lies back across a couple of lounge chairs so Van Damme can rim and finger him. The tonguing action elicits some tantalizing sounds of pleasure from Paris who only gets louder when he slips on a condom so he can top him. No one is going to want to miss seeing the strained and excited look on the beautiful mans face as his huge co-star slips all of the way in! They even talk to each other as they are moving around the property, with Paris begging for more and more as they get carried away! In a surprise move, Van Damme lets Paris come in his open mouth toward the end! The two even kiss with fresh juices pouring out of Van Dammes mouth before the big guy closes the scene by spurting all over his amazing abdominal muscles.
19  minutes
Content & Stars...
Then the camera moves on to show BamBam Micelli performing his own Poolside Solo. Fans of really built guys will love watching him strip down to his tiny black briefs and then nothing as he shows off everything he has worked for. He then fingers himself for a while before jacking off for the camera as he enjoys the bright, sunny day.
16  minutes
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Back on the beach, Tyler Saint is helping Damon Phoenix enjoy his workout. The two are obviously interested in each other, so they get on Saintïs motorcycle and ride back to his place to have sex in his kitchen. As soon as they reach his countertop they start kissing and caressing each other. Fortunate viewers get to watch as they strip each other`s shirts off so they can lick each other`s nipples. This leads Phoenix into pulling Saint`s pants down so he can lick him through his white briefs before he pulls those down to reveal an amazingly long dick! No one will blame Phoenix for wanting to wrap his lips around that piece, and they probably won`t be surprised that he isn`t able to swallow all of it as the men enjoy themselves. He makes sure that he licks all around it though, before pulling down his own pants so Saint can deep throat him! This gets the two so excited that Phoenix moves to the counter so Saint can work on his fine bottom before taking him on. They even wind up having sex on the counter, with Phoenix perched on all fours with Tyler Saint right behind him! Everybody is going to think the image of Tyler Saint driving deep into Damon Phoenix`s gorgeous body looks great on top of the granite countertops. Saint even enjoys himself so much that he lets the young man come in his mouth when they get ready to finish to provide a second juicy facial in this production that no one is going to want to miss seeing!
26  minutes
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The film finishes up with Robert Van Damme and Brad Rock watching Josh Weston doing some impressive stretching exercises. For a moment it looks like he is going to ignore their obvious interest, but when he falls and hurts himself they take the opportunity to walk him away from the exercise park. The way Van Dammes hand immediately is drawn to the back of the stunning mans shorts will let everyone know where this scene is going though, so it is no surprise when they stop to rest that the two distract Westons character from his pain with some interested kisses. This leads to some amorous groping before they head off to one of the guys houses where Rock immediately jams his huge cock into Weston! He lets out a loud yell before filling his mouth with Van Dammes dick and almost gagging on all of his inches. Rock even tells him to Take It, as Van Damme helps by pulling his cheeks further apart as Weston strains to take everything offered to him. Everyone will probably be waiting for Robert Van Damme to take his turn after Brad Rock is through, but instead they stop for some exciting rimming action first. Then the men use a large sex toy on Weston that makes him yell even louder in preparation for Van Damme and Rock pushing deep inside of him for the films impressive double penetration scene. The three throw down a towel so Van Damme can lie back on a handsome coffee table with Weston on top of him as Rock slams his way inside. Another Big Blue Production, The Matrixxx is even playing in the background as these three muscular guys get ready to deliver the third set of juicy facials to close out this film!
18  minutes
Content & Stars...
How much cum can a straight bodybuilder eat? Josh Weston takes two dicks up his ass... at the same time, and then his gob gets double-spunked. Robert Van Damme is forced to gobble a pint of his workout partner`s cum... and then swaps it back to him. Dildos, double anal penetrations, cum eating, straight jack-offs and much more... The Muscle Pit is the filthiest muscle fuck movie ever made.

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