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My Best Friend`s Husband

My Best Friend`s Husband
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142 min

Michael Lucas

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Adam Bryant
Bennett Anthony
Brenner Bolton
Cameron Foster
Connor Maguire
Jake Steel

Jimmy Fanz
Johnny Rapid
Mike DeMarko
Owen Michaels
Vadim Black
Will Braun

Brenner Bolton has plans to go out with his best friend, but she sends her husband Cameron Foster instead. Brenner is meeting up with old friends and asks Cameron to pretend to be his boyfriend to avoid ridicule for being single. After their day out, the two return to Brenner`s hotel room where things heat up. Brenner decides to be a good friend and offers to take care of Cameron`s hot, straight cock. With a little convincing, Cameron fucks a load out of Brenner, finishing with a nice, steamy facial.
24  minutes
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Mike De Marko has plans to go on a run with his best friend and her hot-as-fuck husband, Adam Bryant. Sadly, his friend is out for the count but he manages to convince Adam to come along anyway. After a long run, Mike suggests to Adam that he shower off his sweaty cock and balls before returning home to his wife. While in the shower, Mike jumps in and somehow convinces Adam to show him exactly what his friend has been raving about.
25  minutes
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Will Braun has had enough of his wife`s best friend Johnny Rapid, who won`t stop coming onto Will just because he is straight and hot. Will decides to pay Johnny a visit and let him know what he thinks of his advances. Johnny assures him that this is not the case, and asks Will to help him look for something he has misplaced. Relieved, Will agrees and starts to help, but when he bends down and shows some crack, Johnny can`t help but turn this married man gay.
21  minutes
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Vadim Black`s wife goes out of town but needs Vadim`s help to finish a work task. Vadim decides to call his wife`s best friend, Jimmy Fanz, for some assistance. After spending the day together, Jimmy can`t help but feel some sort of chemistry between him and his best friend`s husband. After some quick convincing Vadim`s cock is deep in Jimmy`s tight ass.
27  minutes
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You find out that your best friend`s husband was a gay porn star in the past. What do you do? In Owen`s case he confronts Connor. To his surprise Connor still has some residual feelings from his past working in gay porn. Owen does not struggle too hard to convince Connor to relive his past by fucking him hard and showing him what it was really like to take Connor`s massive dick.
24  minutes
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Bennett Anthony is waiting for his wife at couple`s therapy when he decided to open up to his therapist about a time when he was seduced by his wife`s best friend, Jake Steel. Jake finds Bennett asleep in bed with his wife passed out in the next room when he decides to make his move. Bennett fucks Jake`s load out of him before feeding him his own."
21  minutes
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You can never tell when a faithful husband isn`t so faithful. What makes it even worse is when they decide to cheat with the same sex. Watch these confused husbands cheat with sexy hot men who want to show them the way real men fuck!!

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