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Naked Muscles - The New Breed

Naked Muscles - The New Breed
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
98 min

John Rutherford, Kristofer Weston

    all models over 18    
© 2007 COLT Studio Group. All Rights Reserved


Adam Champ

Adam Dexter

Carlo Masi

Chris Wide

Cody Cooper

Tom Chase

This first scene sets the tone and theme for the video. It is classic COLT: two muscular, athletic men enjoying each other’s company, and taking it to sensual extremes. The pair is perfectly contrasted with each other: Adam Champ is dark, hairy and uncut. Chris Wide is light, smooth and also uncircumcised. But both of them display near phenomenal physiques. Chris and Adam are playing volleyball and pretty quickly strip off their shorts in the hot sun. It isn’t too long before volleyball becomes wrestling on the ground, and it’s even quicker when that wrestling leads to a whole lot more. They take their time exploring each other kissing, fondling, licking and sucking. Once things really heat up, it isn’t long before Chris enjoys Adam’s thick, uncut manhood. Before they’re done, Adam will have done more than ‘spiked’ Chris!
26  minutes
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In this scene, the contrast in men is even more defined. African-American Adam Dexter’s 6’5” muscular frame looms over newcomer, Irishman Cody Cooper’s light, compact and mature physique. The scene takes place with the pair in Speedos on a picnic table. Dexter’s size and strength are prominently displayed as he lifts, plays with and eventually takes Cooper’s small, tight ass on the table. It is an atypical but fresh scene from COLT Studio, as one man is definitely used to his fullest, submissive potential.
25  minutes
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The scene begins with Carlo in leather gear, washing down his Harley Davidson. He nearly worships the machine, getting fully aroused, as he lovingly polishes and strokes the body parts. As he is polishing the leather seat, rutting against it with his thick, uncut cock, real-life boyfriend Adam Champ appears from the garage. The couple begins to make out in a masculine display of muscle, leather, spit and lube. Carlo dark, sensual Italian green eyes have never been more expressive as he is looking up past Adams’ thick, furry chest, as he worships his dick. Without ever taking their boots off, the men literally include the bike in their lovemaking, as Carlo straddles Adam against it and rides him, feeling the full horsepower of the Argentinean stud he is straddling.
25  minutes
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History in the making… Taking place on top of a bale of hay in a barn, Tom and Carlo leisurely make out, getting each other ready to test their sexual limits. It is the most sensually detailed of the four scenes, embracing their tender masculinity before expanding into a rough fuck that Tom gives Carlo. The two men verbally express themselves like none of the pairs before them. Tom turns Carlo into ‘his boy’ before he is finished using his legendary 11” cock on his ass. But before the scene is finished, Carlo will have flipped Tom over to take his turn. Carlo patiently takes his time in preparing Tom’s ass for his thick Italian, uncut dick. It is the first time on video in which Tom Chase bottoms and Tom is obviously stimulated and his perfect, round muscular ass encourages Carlo to go deeper. It is a deliberately paced and sensually performed scene, in which both men obviously appreciate their new intimate experiences.
22  minutes
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Executive Producer John Rutherford continues the celebration of COLT Studio`s 40th anniversary with this quartet of scenes which continue in the tradition of classic settings and action which place COLT in the forefront of male erotica. It is also one of the most diversified features in terms of settings, casting, as well as scenes they are asked to perform, particularly by COLT Man Legend Tom Chase in his first appearance at COLT as an anal bottom.

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