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Off Limits

Off Limits
Centaur Films
  • 3-Way
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  • Dildo
  • Glory Holes
  • Group Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Showering
  • Voyeurism
100 min

Chip Daniels

    all models over 18    
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Brad Hunter

Brock Masters

Casey Williams

Chip Daniels

Franco Gorgino

Jeremy Brooks

Mikal Jante

Peter Wilder

Vladam Velika

Duncan Mills
Richie Miso

Brock receives a letter from his buddy Richie Miso, who has been stationed in Prague. Richie explains that the best places to go for male sex are on the "Off Limits" list posted by each command. He is brought to a local bathhouse by Franco Gorgino, a Czech Army friend. Richie watches and jacks off as Franco leads him to the glory-hole rooms and shows him how to suck uncut cock. Franco`s cock is soon being slurped by local boy Mikal Jante.
17  minutes
Content & Stars...
Meanwhile, outdoors, privates Casey Williams and Duncan Mills are sucking each other only to also get caught by the ever-vigilant Daniels. The action switches back to Brock, in the shop, reading his letter while incredibly cute Private Brad Hunter is under the jeep`s hood. Brock is engrossed in the letter about how buddy Richie is getting his ass fucked by Franco in a jacuzzi, while Vladimir Lacek slurps his delicious uncut cock. Next to Richie, blond nordic Vladam Velika is asspacking it into adorable bubblebutt Mikal. Brock is returned to the present by cock hungry Brad, who has pulled Brock`s raging hardon out of his greens and into his eager mouth. Brad services his donkey dick, `til Brock explodes in his face.
18  minutes
Content & Stars...
Meanwhile, back in his barracks with this hot letter, Brock is on his bunk polishing his hard, oversized sextool, and secretly being watched by Private Jeremy Brooks, hiding in a locker. Brock is interrupted by Staff. Sgt. Chip Daniels, who sends him off to get the Master Sgt`s jeep serviced.
30  minutes
Content & Stars...
Just the beginning for Brock, he returns to the barracks and reads his letter to Private Mills, whose ass he has always wanted. Mills is turned on by the nasty letter and begins chowing down on Brock`s ever ready ass hammer. Brock wants more, and buttfucks the private all over that bunk, until both reach their ultimate release, leaving Mill`s asshole sore and itching for more! Remember Private Brooks, who was secretly watching Brock jack off? We find him sneaking into the Master Sgt`s office where he finds a drawer full of dildos. He gets down to business, shoving dildos up his ass, dreaming it`s Brock`s cock up there, and beating off his own big dick. His cum shot is amazing! Just as he`s shot it off, Brock barges in to give the Sgt back his keys to the jeep and finds sweat and cum-drenched Jeremy instead. Brock wastes no time.
16  minutes
Content & Stars...
The fuck positions they get into let you get right in there with them. Later, Casey, Brock and Duncan decide that they are gonna risk it, like Brock`s buddy Rich, and go "Off Limits," to a local gay bar called "The Joint." We don`t want to spoil the ending, but suffice to say that the backroom action they find themselves in with Peter Wilder is well, that great backroom nasty sex we love but won`t admit we do ourselves. "Off Limits" is sure to please your tastes, be they for cut or uncut dick, two ways, three ways, four ways, five ways, one on one, orgies, sucking, fucking, kissing, rimming, dildo, assplay and more. Cum join our army!
19  minutes
Content & Stars...
Eleven hung, toned, incredible models in nine different sexual encounters, from two ways to four and five ways, with lots of fucking, sucking, ass eating, and even self-inflicted dildo ass ramming! Headlining the cast is super hung, super handsome, superstar and topman, Brock Masters.

This is only his second video, and you can`t find his incredibly supersized cock pounding butts anywhere but at Centaur, as he unleashes his sexual dynamo in four amazing encounters! Plus, Director Chip Daniels went all the way to the Czech Republic to find new faces and bodies.


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