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Omega - Centurion Muscle 3

Omega - Centurion Muscle 3
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
119 min

J.D. Slater

    all models over 18    
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Arron Action
Blake Nolan
Erik Hunter
Jake Deckard

Ken Mack
Lee Mane
Mick Powers
Trey Casteel

The film opens with a musclebear duo deluxe: all-American butch bear Mick Powers paired up with super-buffed hirsute Turkish sensation Huessein, in a sleazy pas de deux of fur, sweat and sin. From the opening kiss you feel like a voyeur sneaking a forbidden glimpse of a very private moment of passion, so intense and emotionally naked that it might consume you as it has our hairy heroes. They climb all over each other and the set like sex-crazed gorillas, performing stunts of oral acrobatics that will amaze and delight. Huessein seems to power up the more he plays with Mick`s booty and he turbo-humps him in every position gravity will allow till they both pop their loads and collapse, spent.
27  minutes
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Next up, wall-of-muscle coverman Erik Hunter is paired with Aussie bad dog musclehound Arron Action. This is a balls-out, take-no-prisoner, suck-`n-fuckathon that runs the whole gambit from slow and sleazy to fast and furious. It’s red-hot big fucking mansex and the testosterone almost oozes through the screen. A very impressive display of Herculean sexual prowess starts as Action deep-throats Hunter`s massive cock. Not to be outdone, Hunter turns it into a 69 scene that works them both up to a froth. Then like Thor’s mighty hammer, Hunter levels his horsemeat at Action`s hungry fuckhole and slowly (so you can see each inch on Action`s face) works it open to the point where he can wail the bejesus out of the Australian pigbutt. Feel the earth move as these two stacked studs powerdrive each other like bulls in heat.
20  minutes
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Next is another tawdry tableau of brawn gone bad which introduces Lee Mane and pairs him with mighty coverhunk Mick Powers as they embark on an exploration of each other’s bodies and orifices. This one is all about the journey - not the destination - as they tumble in a sexual freefall including leather, sucking, rimming, dick pumps, muscle worship, tit play, deep kissing and fucking. The dark and moody lighting serves to enhance and sculpt these mondo muscled studhunters as they seem to evolve moment to moment, making flesh and fantasy one. The musclebound Mane takes over from the beginning, and Powers shows what servicing dick and manmeat is all about. A prime example of what happens when you let the inner beast out.
16  minutes
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The following vignette of beefcake and fur features musclebear daddy supreme Blake Nolan and big, bad, and beefy coverman Jake Deckard. These guys are like redwoods made of prime meat, towering obelisks of horny might that collide in sexual fury engulfing each other completely. Rock hard from the get-go, there is never any doubt about how blazing white-hot they are for each other. From kissing to swapping blowjobs to rimming to fucking, the intensity rises with each passing minute. These are world-class sex gods getting it on like civilization depended on it, and having a fucking good time doing it. You can really feel all that flesh pounding together as Nolan fucks Deckard mercilessly. Grab onto to something sturdy for the cumshots, both theirs and yours.
26  minutes
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How does one bring to a close such a cavalcade of sculpted flesh and debauchery? What could serve as a proper finale for this bountiful buffet of buffed bodies and brick-solid hard-ons? Well according to the book of Slater, this is where you put the eye-popping threeway. So dissolve to the pharaoh of phallus mega-hunk Erik Hunter, this time joined by horned-up and hung musclebear dad Ken Mack and powerbottom extraordinaire musclepup Trey Casteel. These men form a perfectly balanced trio of want and desire. Watch in wonder as the erotic geometry of these macho hunks forms a myriad of sleazy designs. Be truly impressed as Casteel stands up to one of the fiercest tag-team fucks on film. Monster cock Hunter and long dong Mack are dealing with a bottom to be reckoned with, but with hard dicks and steely-eyed determination they fuck the jizz out of Casteel and then spooge all over him.
30  minutes
Content & Stars...
Raging Stallion Studios very proudly presents the biggest and baddest film from legendary director J.D. Slater: Centurion Muscle III: Omega. Just when you thought that the men and sex couldn`t get any hotter, Slater cranks it up yet another notch, making this the steamiest offering of mega-horned-out hyper-butch buffed beef yet.

Nine of the biggest, hottest, hunkiest horndogs ever to rut and grunt their way through five of the most spectacular over-the-top fuckfests ever recorded. The performances are nothing short of Olympian and will leave you awestruck and breathless with their hypnotic power and passion. All the uberhunks` attraction for each other is overwhelming and the energy they produce is quite tangible as they create scene after scene of unforgettable, real, muscle lust.

Omega takes up where Centurion Muscle II: Alpha left off, and brings in a whole new group of pumped and ripped gym junkies to explore their inner animal needs and feed their sexual hungers. Without the pretense of plot or set up, what you end up with is musclewhore libidos running wild and exploding across the screen like the sexbombs these supermen are. Prepare yourself for an evening with the big dogs that will stun and excite you as few videos ever have. Horny, hung, and without shame, these mountains of manhood set a whole new standard by which all others will be judged.


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