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One Hot Summer

One Hot Summer
Studio 2000
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  • Group Sex
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  • Rimming
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84 min

John Travis

    all models over 18    
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Aaron Brandt

Austin Reeves

Jordan West

Logan Reed

Rick Chase

Blake Kennedy
Craig Norman
Danny West
Gary Hanson
Jon Davis
Mike Lofton

In the opening scene of the show, we meet the various staff and guests as the Institute begins. We also discover that this idyllic setting is not without its problems. Jordan West, the founder and guiding spirit of the Institute has gone from being outgoing and gregarious to being withdrawn and apparently suicidal. But we (and we alone) also discover that Jordan has a guardian angel (or guardian ghost in this case) watching over him. It is our ghost who really gets the ball rolling and turns a group of horny strangers into a bonded group of sex celebrating friends. ... More
15  minutes
Content & Stars...
The days go by and the guys grow ever closer. One evening out in the castle`s garden Austin Reeves discovers that Rick Chase, (a STUDIO 2000 Exclusive), makes a clear distinction between sex and friendship. Mike Lofton is his best friend. That`s one thing. Sex is something else. Sex is a favorite activity to be shared whenever the moment is right. And that night is certainly right for them as Rick shows Austin just how much he likes to turn a man every way but loose. It`s amazing that one so young can be such a sexpert. But when you`re as hot, handsome and ready as Rick, amazing is what you come to expect. No part of Austin will ever be the same.
16  minutes
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Mike has a difficult time dealing with Rick`s separation of friendship and sex. He thinks that`s what love is all about. But one afternoon in front of the castle, he decides that holding it in is not the answer. It`s better to hold it out. Especially when there is someone like the sex perfect Logan Reed around who is more than ready to grab hold of what you have to offer and hold it, kiss it, caress it and put it in warm and wet places that feel so very, very good. Mike loses his innocence but finds something far more important; the knowledge of what really good sex with a really good man is all about.
17  minutes
Content & Stars...
Even though everyone is having a perfect summer that seems to be made up of equal parts growth and sex, there is a certain sadness and sense of increasing foreboding hanging over the castle. Our ghost decides to take the problem in hand. Well, things being what they are, he can`t quite manage that alone so enlists Gary Hanson to give him a hand, or rather, for Gary to share his body. Together they wind their way into Jordan`s bedroom and through magical powers that only a ghost (or a hard cock) can understand, Jordan finds his way back to the up side through the healing passion of a big, hard dick and a hot, sucking asshole. But all good things must end.
14  minutes
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This the last night and everyone is packing when Bobby Golden decides that it isn`t going to end on a sad note. He`s got something that he thinks everyone will remember (wouldn`t you remember a big ten incher?) and he`s going to use it to help create a memorable night. It`s an idea whose time has come as Bobby, Aaron Brandt and Dax Kelly and Rick, Dan and Jon Davis join together for some very festive action. Things are so intense that once around doesn`t even slow anyone down. The juices flow big time but the sex just keeps on going as Bobby and Jon, Dax and Aaron, and Rick and Dan share their passions, their heat, their intense potency and their copious juices again and again. And Rick and Dan discover that some sex is more special than you might think.
22  minutes
Content & Stars...
One Hot Summer will give you one hot time-again and again. The show has a very special and very gorgeous setting, a beautiful castle. This castle is the summer home of the Kingsley Institute. Each summer the Institute hosts a group of man-hungry young men, men of promise and ability and an intense love and desire for their fellow men. The lucky studs who are chosen are paid as if they were working but are free to do whatever they wish; work, think, plan, or do nothing. This freedom to do whatever they wish is a wonderful release and each guy responds to it in his own way. But there is one pursuit where they all share an interest. Sex. From the first night when the fact that they hardly know one another doesn`t slow down the hardons to the final night when only sex can keep the sadness of departure at bay, these sex hounds are guaranteeing One Hot Summer.

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