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One Night At The Ready

One Night At The Ready
Hot House
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116 min

Chi Chi LaRue

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Austin Wolf

Dakota Rivers

Jason Vario

Johnny V

Kurtis Wolfe

Michael Delray

Skyy Knox

Fane Roberts
Jack Vidra

Michael Delray and Kurtis Wolfe are old college football buddies who married their college sweethearts. They get together once a week to watch the Buckeye game The Ready Bar. They`re complaining about their wives no longer putting out when Michael sets down his drink and heads to the bathroom. Kurtis watches him leave then follows Michael`s lead and heads off to join him. Kurtis can hear Michael beating off in the stall and after a slight hesitation, he pulls out his own big hairy cock and starts jacking off by the sinks. Kurtis peeks through the crack of the stall door and when he sees Kurtis with his dick in his hand, he decides to join his buddy. The two studs jack their thick poles and inch closer to each other the more they get into it. “Id` kill for a warm mouth to fuck right now,” Michael says. Kurtis gives him a knowing smile and slowly falls to his knees in front of Michael. He grabs Michael`s meaty balls and takes his throbbing cock in his mouth. Kurtis savors every second of this new experience and slowly works every inch of the big uncut dick with his mouth. Kurtis wants to take things to the next level and after a quick suck from Michael, Kurtis eats his hairy asshole. When it`s nice and opened up, Kurtis slips his massive dick deep inside Michael`s tight hole. He pumps away going as deep as he possibly can until Michael is ready to blow. Michael stands up and slathers Kurtis` face with thick white cum. The feel of Michael`s load on his face makes Kurtis ready to bust and Micheal gets on his knees and opens his mouth wide. Every drop of Kurtis makes it safely onto Michael`s hungry tongue and the two satisfied studs go back to watching their game.
40  minutes
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Fane Roberts sets his sights on Austin Wolf at The Ready Bar. He approaches his target without a moment`s hesitation and whispers in Austin`s ear to meet him in a hotel room. Austin heads upstairs and finds Fane ass up in bed and ready for Austin to have his way. Fane is ready to get down to business and helps the stud out of his clothes as they make out and rub each other`s hard bodies. Austin wants to get the action going and fingers Fane`s tight smooth hole before Fane sits on his face. Fane can feel Austin`s big cock straining against the fabric of his pants so he reaches in and pulls it out to take a taste. Fane needs Austin inside him and bends over to offer up his body for Austin to enter. Austin can`t wait to get inside and slides his rigid cock deep into the fit jock`s asshole. Once he`s inside, he picks up the pace and pounds Fane with a frenzied urgency to get the job done. Fane`s hole takes a beating with every thrust from the muscle stud`s pelvis. Austin`s cock feels so amazing going in and out that it makes Fane want to nut. Austin will do anything it takes to help Fane along and pulls out to suck his nuts as Fane jacks off and explodes all over his own perfectly fit body. When Austin sees Fane in the throes of pleasure, he needs to get off immediately. He stands over Fane and jacks his hairy rod until it erupts all over Fane`s open mouth and satisfied face. “Leave the money on the nightstand” and “It`s been a pleasure doing business,” are the last words spoken. Wait a minute...who`s the hustler here?
28  minutes
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Skyy Knox is dressed in business attire having a drink at the Ready Bar when he spills it on Jason Vario`s construction uniform. Jason is upset and follows Skyy out to the alley. “You made a mess, now clean it up,” Jason says to the clumsy stranger. Doing as he`s told, Skyy proceeds to lick the drink from Jason`s bulging bicep and dirty boot. Skyy is turned on by the whole humiliation and makes his way up Jason`s leg to his bulging crotch. Ready to get off after a hard day at work, Jason unleashes his uncut beast and rams it down Skyy`s throat, making the dapper hunk gag. Skyy can`t get enough of the monster cock and takes time to rim Jason`s thick foreskin and suck on his giant, full sack. Jason`s instincts take over as he bends Skyy over a bench and rips his pants open for easy access to his fuck hole. Jason goes in and lubes Skyy up with his tongue before he rams his giant cock deep inside. Skyy is ecstatic to receive such an amazing cock letting his hole get relentlessly reamed and stretched as Jason builds to an urgent frenzy. Ready to blow, Jason pulls his throbbing cock out of the tight crack and goes ass to mouth in Skyy`s drooling skull. Jason`s load is large and deliberate as he sprays Skyy`s face and expensive shirt with a gusher of his blue collar sperm. Skyy is satisfied knowing that he`s given all the pleasure he can to the stud and they finish off kissing up Jason`s load in the alley by the dumpster.
25  minutes
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Jack Vidra is the bartender at the Ready Bar and he`s seen a lot of action come and go on his watch. He never gets to join in on the action and usually has to live vicariously through all the other patrons. When he has to kick Johnny V out at closing time, Johnny wants to give something special back to Jack for all his hard work. His surprise is Dakota Rivers, a hunky stud with a body full of muscles who`s ready to please the bartender and his friend. Jack is riled up and ready for fun and can hardly peel off his apron fast enough as he and Johnny worship every inch of Dakota`s bulging body. Jack is horny after watching everyone else get action all night and is the first to take a taste of Dakota`s raging boner. Johnny doesn`t like to be left out and takes turns with Jack sucking on the stud`s hard cock. Jack needs a bit more to satisfy his cravings and bends Johnny over to lick his ass. As Johnny keeps sucking Dakota, Jack slips his cock inside Johnny and pounds away. Johnny gets spit roasted until Dakota decides he wants to have a go at Jack. Jack is happy to please the stud and hops on for the ride of his life. The threesome can`t get enough different cocks and asses and they switch it up until they`ve all had a taste of each other. Johnny is the first to let loose when he sprays Jack`s face with his massive load. The sight of Jack getting doused with jizz is all it takes for Dakota to go with the flow and give the lucky bartender a second load of fun. With his mouth full and his face dripping, Jack gives himself permission to unleash the day and sprays his own hairy body with his bartender`s special blend.
23  minutes
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Welcome to The Ready – a dimly lit bar attached to a dim hotel. It’s seen better days but it has a definite charm, a feeling of home and community to those who have made it their special place to go. If these walls could talk… well, through the experiences of nightshift bartender Jack Vidra they can. Join Jack and eight of his regulars for ‘One Night at the Ready’ and find out why this is such a HARD job to quit. The Ready Bar is a special place where locals come to hang out and strangers are always welcome. Dimly lit and attached to a hotel, the politics of hustlers, the dynamics of old friends, and the cravings of lonely men converge to form a perfect place where passion and sex are always in the air. Award winning director Chi Chi LaRue heads up a cast of nine horny studs who will make your `One Night at the Ready` an experience you won`t soon forget! Michael Delray and Kurtis Wolfe are straight buddies from their college days. After discussing how their wives no longer put out, they end up in the bathroom where Kurtis feeds Michael`s asshole with his big thick cock. Fane Roberts sets his sights on Austin Wolf and the two head to a hotel room. After rimming Fane`s ass, Austin slides his meat inside the lonely stud and finishes up with a load in Fane`s mouth. Welldressed Skyy Knox spills a drink on Jason Vario`s construction uniform. After following Skyy to the back alley, Jason makes Skyy lick up his mess before he skull fucks the dapper stranger and stretches his ass with his uncut monster cock. Bartender Jack Vidra is closing up for the night when Johnny V introduces him to Dakota Rivers. The three hung studs suck and fuck until Johnny and Dakota reward Jack for long day of work with two loads to his face. Every night at the bar is compelling, but this ‘One Night at the Ready’, as seen through the eyes of the bartender will get your cock hard and squirting in no time!

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