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One Night With Pierre Fitch

One Night With Pierre Fitch
Fitch Media
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107 min

Pierre Fitch

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Johan Lapointe
Mario Borfuk
Pierre Fitch
Trystian Sweet
Turk Melrose

Pierre & Turk - Pierre and horny twink Turk slip out of their bathrobes and explore each others bodies. Turk chews on Pierre’s big cock and balls until Pierre returns the favor and swallows Turk’s cock. They just can’t seem to get enough as Pierre and Turk munch each others buttholes and practice their deep-throating skills. Pierre buries his cock into Turks ass and fucks him all over the bed then Turk fucks Pierre and makes him blow a massive load as he squirts his own cum.
33  minutes
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Pierre & Trystian - Trystian gets to work on Pierre’s body and soon Pierre unzips Trystian’s jeans and goes down on his swelling cock. The sloppy blowjob continues until Trystian pulls off Pierre’s pants and swallows his cock. Pierre gets the royal treatment as his butthole gets licked and chewed before being assaulted by Trystian’s cock. After a no-holds-barred workout they both pop ginormous nuts.
25  minutes
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Pierre & Mario - Pierre and Mario tussle on the bed as they strip off their clothes and Pierre goes first by going all the way down on Mario. In no time Mario is taking Pierre’s big cock down his throat but before long Pierre is slamming his cock hard and deep into Mario’s tight butthole. Mario shoots a messy load and Pierre follows with his own a creamy wad.
26  minutes
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Pierre & Johan -Already stripped down to their skivvies, Pierre and Johan swap some saliva and then Johan swoops down on Pierre’s cock. Pierre tastes Johan’s meat before slipping into a fierce 69 session with him then he turns Johan over and goes to town on his butthole, licking and chewing with abandon. Johan sits on Pierre’s huge cock then gets his ass fucked all over the bed. Johan explodes on his stomach and Pierre’s lets loose a shot on Johan’s face.
23  minutes
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What would you do if you have one night with Pierre Fitch? Would you bend him over a bed in New York City like Turk Melrose and Trystian Sweet? Or would you let him pound your ass in Ft. Lauderdale the way Mario Borfuk did? Or better yet, would you be like Johan Lapointe and take a trip to Montreal to blow his sweet cock? No matter what your zip code, you`re sure to have fun when you spend One Night With Pierre Fitch!

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