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Open Door

Open Door
Bulldog Raw
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Blindfold
  • Cum-eating
  • Handjobs
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Spitting
  • Voyeurism
89 min

Sean Hardy

    all models over 18    
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Charley Cole
Dave London
Dmitry Osten
Gabriel Phoenix

Jason Domino
Master Dale
Matt Anders

Getting his hot smooth hole ready for the day of fucking he’s given himself, Dmitry Osten lube sit up with spit and slides a finger or two inside, pulling it open in anticipation for his first caller he’s invited to his Open Door day. Not having to wait too long, tall handsome Jason Domino quietly arrives and goes straight over the waiting boy, only a jockstrap and blindfold on him. Caressing his skin and slapping that peachy ass, Jason gets tongue deep inside Dmitry, tasting that he’s the first, but not the last guest for the day. Pulling on his target hole whilst getting blown and throat fucking the horny young fucker, Jason is soon rock solid and ready to pound his raw dick into the very hungry ass waiting for it. Flipping his toy around and pumping balls deep, Dmitry splits his legs wide and gives Jason the best access possible, all whilst we see every inch disappearing into the unused hole, Dmitry moaning out loud a he’s given the first taste of what’s to come. Nearing climax, Jason is joined by a new boy, Charley a big dicked twink who wants in on the action, but has to settle for a blowjob whilst Jason finishes his go on Dmitry, shooting over that freshly fucked hole and lapping it up, spitting his own spunk over Dmitry, leaving Charley to cream it up and add to the juice!
22  minutes
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Hung twink Charley Cole is left with a cum covered Dmitry after the previous guy leaves, and the smell of sex is already in the air. Rock hard at the sight and feel of a juicy ass as Dmitry pushes Charley’s fingers deeper inside him, Charley can’t wait to strip fully naked and really get he dick plunging into a hot mouth and even hotter, wetter hole. Pushing his giant dick deep into the moaning Dmitry, Charley pounds hard, the skinny twink with the giant dick going all the way in and all the way out, switching from ass to mouth as Dmitry tastes not only his ass, but cum from the stranger before Charley. Using his own spit as lube, Charley heads back to that delicious, now gaping asshole and slams faster and harder, ready to empty his balls all over Dmitry and sliding his still ejaculating dick inside, mixing two loads together inside the horny young man.
16  minutes
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Waiting for his next visitor to come through the Open Door, Dmitry Osten plays with his cum filled hole, two loads down and it’s looking like a good day so far. Fingering and stretching his already abused ass, he hears the door open and straight guy Dale has been tempted to get his dick serviced by a horny lad this time! Fucking Dmitry in the face, the bottom boy has no idea who he is devouring, only that it’s what he wants and what he’s left his door open for! Getting his ass roughly played with, Dale is one dominant fucker and is soon sliding his way into ass, male ass, completely raw and feeling every inch getting deeper. Moaning at the harsh handling of his hole, Dmitry loves it and is there to take dick and swallow spunk down his asshole and into his guts, and Dale more than obliges. In the midst of a rough pounding, Dale is joined by yet another visitor, Gabriel and bearded handsome young man who rests on the bed and slowly jerks off at the sight of Dmitry getting fucked raw by a complete stranger. With Dale flipping the boy over and pulling on his dick as his own sinks further, Gabriel spit-roasts the boy, his long dick throat fucking Dmitry who still has it in his mouth as his ass is given the third load of the day, Dale scooping up the thick white load and pushing it deep into his hole, plunging his dick after to give a hot creampie and filling that ass nicely. Still getting his dick sucked, Gabriel wants more as Dale leaves, having done what he wanted and leaving the bottom slut to work more cum from the strangers entering his Open Door.
19  minutes
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Servicing dick like a professional, Dmitry loves the taste of them and Gabriel loves the feeling of getting his dick tongue worshipped, especially as he watches the horny boy fingering his loaded ass from the visitors before him. Pulling Dmitry’s arms up over his head, Gabriel knells on them, leaving Dmitry vulnerable whilst sucking dick, his armpits in full view of the camera and fingers his spunk filled ass as he nears his own climax. Joined By hunky Matt Anders just as Gabriel’s is working up a sweat, he pulls the new guest by his dick towards the star of the show and Matt wastes no time getting his fingers wet with cum and his dick wet with spit as Dmitry sucks on both at the same time, feeling like the cock-whore he’s always wanted to be. Squirting his load over Dmitry’s still blindfolded face, over Matt’s thick dick and Dmitry’s open mouth, this is Dmitry’s first load direct to mouth and he laps it up like nectar.
15  minutes
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Leaving Matt, Gabriel heads off, satisfied and Matt then goes full force on Dmitry’s hungry hole, the cum from previous loads being sucked and slammed deep by the muscled stud, Dmitry working his own dick in pleasure. The party is not yet over for the boy though, as one final guest arrives, daddy Dave London arrives just in time to get his thick juicy dick sucked as Matt goes at Dmitry from behind, Dmitry’s big dick stiff and swinging, his head spinning with horny thoughts at who and what these guys are doing to him. As Matt unloads over Dmitry’s hole, Dave takes over and pushes the man’s cum into Dmitry with his own dick. Sweating hard as he nears orgasm, Dave squirts a thick load up Dmitry’s back, letting it drip into his gaping hole and slides his still dripping dick inside, giving the boy his final load of the day!Turning over as the last man leaves, Dmitry is finally full and takes his mask off, letting him enjoy the stink of sweat, spunk and sex still in the air, fingering and scooping out as much cum as he can from his warm wet ass and bringing it to his mouth to savour the flavour of the many men who have come through his Open Door and left their seed behind. Jerking his handsome hard dick as he squirms in pleasure on the bed, he shoots his own load all over himself, his pink asshole twitching up close to the camera, the cum still dripping from it as it will for days, his fingers easily going inside, not one, not two but more and more, eager to discover the cum buried and fucked deep inside.
17  minutes
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There’s an open invitation to all horny men – the door to Dmitry Osten will be left open for one day only. He’s waiting, jockstrap and blindfold on and his smooth hole willingly available to anyone and everyone, the only rule is no condoms and your load needs to find its way inside of, preferable deep inside his soon to be gaping hole. The handsome horny young man has given his consent to be used by countless men, either one at a time or as many as arrive, and although he doesn’t know who they may be, we’re given the access to watch everything unfold before us. With big dicks using other men’s spunk as lube, ass to mouth where Dmitry tastes more than dick on their shafts, to spit roasting and tag teaming and giant dicks creaming his insides, this day will be the day Dmitry becomes the cum slut he has always wanted to be after he scoops out the cum from his hole and swallows as much as he can whilst ready to squirt his own final load from his achingly stiff dick.

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