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Open Road Part 1

Open Road Part 1
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
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123 min

Bruno Bond, Steve Cruz

    all models over 18    
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Adam Ramzi
Aleks Buldocek
Boomer Banks
James Ryder

Marcus Isaacs
Seven Dixon
Tony Orion

Before the bar opens, young bar back James Ryder and bartender Marcus Isaacs are getting ready. Tatted James is barechested and his jeans ride low, showing off his hot bubble butt. Marcus notices and wants to play so he climbs over the bar and presents his ass to James. Marcus spreads his furry buns and watches himself reflected in the mirror as James probes the warm center of his hole and milks his cock. Leaping to the floor, Marcus plants a kiss on James` lips and hoists him onto the bar for impassioned cock and ball sucking. James lies back across a couple bar stools for Marcus to fuck him with his meaty cock. Then Marcus wants to feel James` cock up his ass, so they swap places. They make enough noise to lure Aleks Buldocek out of a back office. Bearded and burly, Aleks has massive pecs and a torso covered with ink and fur. He and James take turns using Marcus` hole and mouth to fulfill their sexual needs. The men are in perfect synch and they send streams of cum flying in three directions at exactly the same time
37  minutes
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Adam Ramzi walks into Aleks Buldocek`s bar throws his bag down, sits on a barstool and asks for "something strong." Aleks sees a handsome, athletic guy in plaid flannel with abundant chest hairs curling out of his unbuttoned shirt. Adam sees massive pecs and a torso covered with ink and fur. Their hands slide over each other as Aleks pushes a shot glass across the polished wood. When their eyes meet, Aleks knows Adam wants something stronger than a shot. Aleks sits on the bar and guides Adam`s head while he sucks. Adam straddles a bar stool, hanging his ass over the edge for Aleks to eat and fuck. Adam`s hot ass cheeks are white and covered in barely visible hairs that darken and thickens towards his crack. They bang hard, kiss, then resume fucking with Adam on his back, his tight abs clenching into symmetric ripples with Aleks` every thrust. Adam worships Aleks` nipples, pecs and biceps with his tongue. Their lips meet for a final hungry kiss as they blast out streams of cum.
31  minutes
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Adam Ramzi hitchhikes a ride from the city and is let out on a country road. Thunder rolls and there are cattle in every direction. A red muscle car pulls over and Seven Dixon leans across the seat. "Get in." Seven drives to an old barn. As soon as his hands are off the wheel, they`re all over Adam. Their bodies collide. Seven has bulging biceps and broad tan shoulders. "Well Bred" is inked across his shoulder blades and there`s a large numeral 7 on both sides of his neck. He tosses Adam`s slender frame on the front seat and dives onto the hard cock that projects like a stick shift. Adam flexes his hips to drive his cock into Seven`s warm mouth. When he gets out of the car, he is a pillar of slim muscle fucking Seven`s face until they are both covered in sweat. Seven props himself against the car door and arches his back, saying "get inâ" in another way. His bubble ass is a magnet for Adam`s tongue and cock. Adam drills him on the car and on the ground until his balls are about to burst, then plunges his cock into Seven`s mouth and shoots wildly as Seven drenches his ripped abs with cum.
27  minutes
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Drifter Boomer Banks takes refuge from the heat in an old barn. He tosses his duffel bag on the hay, to use for a pillow. His dreams are interrupted by a hand on his cock. Tony Orion wants to see what`s creating that enormous bulge in Boomer`s pants, so he helps himself. Boomer`s cock could rival the bulls out in the fields. It`s so fat that Tony`s hand can barely close around it, and it`s long enough for three fists. Tony strokes it for a bit before Boomer looks to see who`s got ahold of it. He`s happy to see Tony: solid muscle, with a furry chest behind his coveralls and a full beard. He humps the hay bale as he tries to get as much of Boomer`s cock down his throat as possible. Boomer gets to his feet and turns his attention to Tony`s hairy ass. He spanks the hole with his tongue then tongue-fucks it. Tony clenches his hairy buns invitingly as Boomer pile-drives into Tony who is upside down on the bale of hay. The pleasure from such a huge cock has Tony only speaking gibberish. The push it all the way to the edge with intense fucking, until Boomer can`t take it any longer and he jacks off into Tony`s mouth and Tony shoots his load onto the hay as the sun goes down.
28  minutes
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Take an uninhibited journey with Raging Stallion on the back roads of America. Sexy, rough and rugged men let loose and ride free on the Open Road, experiencing intense sexual encounters and hooking up whenever and wherever it happens. A thumb and a highway are all it takes, and when you arrive you know you`re gonna get some. Open Road, Part 1, directed by dynamic duo Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, offers triple-X American man sex featuring blue collar studs doing it dirty. Lots of liquids have been spilled on Aleks Buldocek`s bar, but none like the spills coming from the guys who work behind the counter. Employees James Ryder and Marcus Isaacs dress to reveal one, a smooth ass; the other, hairy pecs - because it gets more tips. They wind up their sexual tension before the bar opens. Aleks hears the noise and joins them. Aleks is alone later, when drifter Adam Ramzi steps off the Open Road to wet his whistle. Adam`s holes need to be filled and Aleks is the big, burly man for the job. Adam`s back on the road, and he hitches a ride from Seven Dixon, a studly man with 7`s tattooed on his neck and biceps like bowling balls driving a car that has as much muscle as he has. Adam feels the need to top this time, and delivers on all cylinders. Boomer Banks is exhausted from lugging around his big sack on the road. He is carrying an endowment that makes you doubt your eyes. While taking a load off and napping in a barn, Boomer is discovered by farmer Tony Orion, who wants to touch, suck and then offer his ass to experience Boomer`s horse-hung power. Once you`re on the Open Road anything can happen, and in Part 1, the road takes these studs to some of the most aggressive, exhilarating encounters that you`ve ever seen.

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