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Open Road Part 2

Open Road Part 2
Raging Stallion
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125 min

Bruno Bond, Steve Cruz

    all models over 18    
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Boomer Banks
Christian Wilde
Donnie Dean
Esteban Del Toro

Jimmy Fanz
Mike Dozer
Tommy Defendi

Mike Dozer swerves his van off the road to pick up sexy hitchhiker Boomer Banks. Boomer climbs in and Mike drives to a place to pull over. They jump out and commence chewing lips and nipples. Mike massages Boomer`s cock through his pants and the bulge grows enormously until Mike has to yank down Boomer`s pants to see the beast firsthand. Mike`s oral capability is astonishing; he can swallow every last inch of Boomer`s massive endowment and withstand a full-bore face-fucking and not gag. Mike ditches his shirt and drop his pants. He`s a hairy barrel-chested guy with a big dick of his own. Boomer slurps up Mike`s meat, but he really wants his face in Mike`s meaty ass. Boomer spots a toolbox and grabs a crescent wrench, using the handle as a dildo. Every time he sticks it in, Mike urges "Go deep." The wrench provides just the right stretching for Boomer to sink his cock with little resistance. Mike groans, but his hard on bobs vigorously and the van rocks with Boomer`s pounding. The more Mike sweats, the harder Boomer slams, until they erupt in cum gushers. Mike replenishes his energy by eating up Boomer`s cum.
34  minutes
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Christian Wilde`s muscle car won`t start, so while he sits behind the wheel in frustration, he decides to rub one out. It`s a full-on, take-your-clothes-off, leave-the-door-open, hope-for-the-best wank, and his cock is at maximum hardness. He attracts young, passerby Esteban Del Toro who watches greedily until he hears someone coming and takes off. That someone is Jimmy Fanz, the athletic cub with a youthful face and an irresistible cock and ass. Harder and hotter than ever, Jimmy is just what Christian was hoping for, and though he tries to split when he sees Christian jacking off, Christian grabs him. He bends Jimmy over the open window of the car door, shreds the seat of his pants and just fucks him. Christian`s fat cock makes maximum contact with Jimmy`s hole, sending jolts of pleasure through both of them. Christian lays on the ground next to the car. Jimmy`s so into getting fucked that he quickly mounts Christian and rides his cock in sideways crab position, controlling the depth and the angle at which his hole gets pounded. Christian slams the hood of the car, throws Jimmy down on his back and pound his ass some more. As the sexual energy intensifies with each thrust, they can`t contain themselves much longer, shooting two hefty loads.
27  minutes
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Plumber Mike Dozer is about to get his depths plumbed by Tommy Defendi. Mike is fixing a leaky urinal in a public restroom, When Tommy comes in to piss, Mike`s gaze is riveted to Tommy`s fat dick. Mike may have the deepest throat of any guy in porn ever, and Tommy`s length and girth are all in a day`s work. Mike`s excess drool washes over Tommy`s balls until they glisten. Now it`s Tommy`s turn and he chokes himself trying to deliver as good as he got. Mike ditches his tank top and work pants and gives Tommy an assist by grabbing the back of his head, pulling it over his super hard dick. Tommy counters by spinning Mike 180 degrees and rocketing his tongue into Mike`s hole, followed by his cock. Mike is a solid, almost immoveable mass of muscle who can take a hard, ferocious fucking. His ass turns red from Tommy`s slaps. Between the two of them, sweat pours down on the floor. Mike makes the floor more slippery with a pool of cum, then he takes Tommy`s load in his mouth and face.
31  minutes
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Esteban Del Toro is lost. He`s shuffling down a dusty road with nothing but vineyards in every direction and the highway far away. A truck in the distance may be his only hope. He tells the driver, Donnie Dean, that he`s lost, but Donnie is willing to help him get his bearings if Donnie can have a go at the 8 uncut inches Esteban is packing. Esteban whips it out and pulls off his shirt. He`s all smooth sculpted muscle. Donnie sheds his clothes. He`s got a body packed with tight muscle and a nice coating of hair. Donnie sucks Esteban on the tailgate of his truck, then jumps up on the bed and aims his ass at Esteban`s face. Esteban plugs Donnie`s hole first with his tongue and then with his cock in front of all of the traffic on the distant highway. They move down to the bed of the truck and Esteban plows Donnie on his back, running his hands through the hair on Donnie`s chest and belly. Donnie grabs his cock and Esteban grabs Donnie`s nuts and they literally squeeze the load out of Donnie. Esteban keeps fucking until Donnie`s cum subsides, then blasts his own load.
33  minutes
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Take an uninhibited journey with Raging Stallion on the back roads of America. Sexy, rough and rugged men let loose and ride free on the Open Road, experiencing intense sexual encounters and hooking up whenever and wherever it happens. Hookups are on the horizon, and directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond drive the wild and unruly action in Open Road, Part 2. A thumb and a highway are all it takes to experience intense, in-the-moment sexual encounters. Mike Dozer cruises back roads in his van, looking for guys like Boomer Banks, who will exchange a sexual ride for a ride on down the road. Christian Wilde`s is frustrated while he is fixing his broken down muscle car, but he takes his mind off it by stroking his hot meat. Then, he finds unsuspecting Jimmy Fanz and takes out his frustrations on Jimmy`s ass. Tommy Defendi makes a pit stop at a public restroom that escalates into sex with plumber Mike Dozer. Mike loves getting his deep hole snaked by Tommy`s massive tool. The Open Road ends in a vineyard, where Donnie Dean helps lost Esteban Del Toro find his way in exchange for an intense tailgate fuck on Donnie`s truck. Even though Esteban was lost on this back road, he sure know his way around Donnie`s willing body and ends his journey deep in Donnie`s hole. Once you`re on the Open Road anything can happen, and in Part 2, it takes these studs to some of the most aggressive, exhilarating encounters that you`ve ever seen.

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