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Oral Exams

Oral Exams
Rascal Video
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78 min

Chi Chi LaRue

    all models over 18    
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A.J. Winters
Antonio Majors
Brett Collins
Chad Hunt
Chris Bolt

Damon West
Danny Chance
Hans Ebson
Marco Paris
Matt Summers

Michelangelo Risi
Ray Stone
Rick Hollander
Rob Kirk
Victor Rios

Matt hooks up with the school janitor Chad Hunt in a bathroom stall. Summers gives Hunt the kind of blow-job that would be stellar even if the cock were half that size. Summers takes his shafts hands-free and steadily down the throat, with undisguised pleasure.

There have been a few men who have taken all of Hunt, but they do it slowly and almost as a stunt. Summers takes Hunt effortlessly. He swallows him whole again and again, without any signs of distress. You can actually see the bulge of Hunt’s cock in Summer’s neck. After Hunt shoots Summers tosses him some bucks and throws him out - he then jerks off and literally collapses on the floor.

10  minutes
In a locker room, A.J. Winters and Antonio Majors are talking about two teachers who give A's in return for blowjobs. Nearby, Chris Bolt and Brett Collins listen in and stroke themselves through their towels. Most of the oral action comes from Collins, and we get another truly first-rate blow-job.

The next scene opens with the grade-grabbing students kneeling before their half-dressed teachers and earning their grades. A.J. Winters is a skate-boarder type, with dark deep-set eyes, and is paired with Rick Hollander, a San Diego military type; his cock isn’t long but it is extra thick. The other prof is Risi, a sexy blond Italian, who makes a great contrast to Majors, the ultimate dark swarthy Italian. They briefly switch so that Risi can suck Winters and Hollander’s foreskin can swallow up Major’s cockhead in some docking.

23  minutes
In study hall bald daddy Ray Stone tells a group of ten randy studs to behave while he’s gone – yeah, like that’s going to happen! Instead, Ebson goads Summers to suck him off, and the rest follow suit. It’s terrific: everybody sucks everybody, then Mr. Stone returns and joins in by sucking the youngest looking guy of the bunch, Danny Chance.
18  minutes
The janitor Hunt shows up and Summers sucks him off yet again, to the obvious awe of the rest of the cast. Hunt barks orders for each guy to take a turn, and we see the cast orally service Hunt, to varying degrees of suck-sess. He then orders them all to take him all at once.

For the finale Summer lies on his back on the desk, with his head falling off over the edge, making a straight line from his mouth to his windpipe. He shouts out, 'All right, I want you all to fuck my throat' - and they do, one after another after another. The position immobilizes Summers so he takes whatever pounding in whatever rhythm they give him. He then says, 'Come on guys, cum all over me. Give me everything,' and god help me, they do. By the time they’re done, he has a white facial worthy of Ponds.

27  minutes
Matt Summers is an adorable celestial body, with sparkling eyes, a dazzling smile, a lean and well-toned body, an ample cock, a perfect butt, an insatiable sexual appetite, and most of all, no gag reflex whatsoever. He has the sucking power of a black hole, so for his first starring vehicle, Chi Chi LaRue has created an all-oral action video that surrounds his new star with 14 heavenly bodies, led by that giant planet Chad Hunt.

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