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Orgasmic Beef

Orgasmic Beef
Butch Dixon
  • Anal Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
  • Showering
76 min

Butch Dixon

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Aday Traun
Alex Axel
Dominique Kenique
Iker Crown

Ivo Kerk
Martin Dajnar
Thomas Axe
Tony Banderas

The party is going outside and these Spanish hunks don`t waste anytime, in Britain you can be wandering around for ages up on Hampstead Heath - before you get any dick ( So I`ve heard). Day Traun and Iker Crown meet with a great big tongue sandwich kiss, and its down to their knees straight from here. Iker is a keen cock suck and well skilled in his passion as Aday`s stiff prick is testimony. The boys yank up T-shirts and wriggle down their track bottoms to get well stuck in for a sleazy, alfresco, bend-over-and-take-it fuck. Lucky, plucky Iker gets a good hard ploughing as Aday thrusts deep inside his hot buns, making sure he`s stuffed every inch of dark uncut dick right up in there. Yum. Then when he`s finished fucking that tight boy-hole he wanks out a creamy load all over Iker`s fat, uncircumcised dick. BUT Iker`s thing is sucking cock, so he kneels down and takes that tender member in his mouth as he shoots all over the first floor !
19  minutes
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One of our burliest and bushiest of beards - Martin Dajnar is back and he`s coupled with a very able, overly endowed sexy stud - Thomas Axe and Thomas is hungry. There`s nothing ( almost nothing) as satisfying as a hungry, long tongued rimmer and Thomas is THE MAN. He luvs eating out a hairy, sweaty hole, getting it sopping wet, and twitching, gaping for a length of stiff, uncut dick. Martin is getting both - in spades. These rampant hunks get down to a tasty, foreskin licking feast of mutual cock sucking, wanking, rimming and of course a good hard, slam, bam all-the-way-in hard, man on man fucking. Its certainly a steamy, hefty and much needed fuck for these two over sexed studs!
20  minutes
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21  minutes
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They`re rough and gruff and horny as jack rabbits, sexy, man-mountain - Ivo Kerk, (always good to see him, he`s such a 100% beefy slab of man and newcummer - Axel Alex - and its a real doozy! Alex is a totally versatile 50/50 fuckeee and he`s on his back for this hunka-spunk. Lucky Alex`s eyes were on stalks ( aswell as the burgeoning stalk in his trackie bottoms) when he saw Ivo walk in ( blocking out most of the sunlight as he did! Alex was straight down on his knees as Ivo sat back our lucky sucker could rest his head between Ivo`s colossal thighs and slurp on that beefy, uncut meat until the cows come home. But we wanna see Ivo working that man-hole!
16  minutes
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Butch`s crew of bearded, tattooed studs can`t get enough of uncut cock and sweet hairy asses - They just keep going at it anytime, anywhere....

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