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Out In The Wild

Out In The Wild
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87 min

Blacky Mendez, Maxwell B

    all models over 18    
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Ben Mason
Carlo Cox
Dan Vega
Dean Monroe
Dirk Caber

Jake Ryder
Kayden Gray
Kent North
Pier Sias
Trojan Rock

Buff Ben Mason gets together with Jake in this outdoor fuck session to make you drain your balls. Licking his shaven body all over, getting it all damp and slippery, Jake is so turned on by this guy it’s unreal and amazingly horny to watch. The cut denim shorts our top stallion is wearing gives way to his big uncut cock, ready for an oral workout in great positions and a cock throbbing 69 to leave u exhausted!! Getting his hole well and truly wet with spit, Ben’s pulsating dick is soon thrust into Jake, having his hole wrap around the thick shaft as it builds into an intense orgasm that leaves both studs knackered!!
33  minutes
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Being caught having an al fresco wank brings a lot more fun than Dan Vega could have expected. Hunky lifeguards Carlo and Dean thrust their hard chunks of meat into Dan’s chiselled face and sucks as hard as he can!! All three muscled studs love the taste of cock and ass, they just can’t get enough, and the fucking that Dean is given is mind blowing, watching Carlo slide around in his arse is cock throbbing to say the least but when Dan’s thick meat rams inside him you can almost feel the hole stretch itself!!
19  minutes
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The sun is slowly going down over the fields and muscled woodsman Dirk Caber is here with his farm-hand Kayden showing him the best technique to chop logs, and the ideal way to handle his wood! As we take in the musky aroma coming off Dirks glistening body, his arms bulging as he swings that heavy axe and Kayden’s own youthful stance as he learns all he needs to from his superior the testosterone in the air needs an escape, and as the two men move towards the log shed itself, the cover of the wooden slats provides ample opportunity to work through the day’s toil. Dirk knows exactly what is about to be unzipped from Kayden’s kit, as if they do this every day, and if we were them, we sure would! The huge dick bounces from Kayden and although he’s the muscled hairy daddy, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love a hard thick dick up his ass!! These horny lumberjacks twist and turn and bounce through the woodpile, Dirk nimbly squatting over the entire length and swiftly takes it all over and over and Kayden pounds skywards, leaving the wood a little damper than usual but the evening sun pouring through the wooden shack will dry their wads of spunk nicely, ready for the next day!
19  minutes
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A scorching hot orgy of muscle men descend into the tropical garden. There’s more hairy hunks than you know what to do with, but luckily, these horny masculine men know what to do and what they want, and nothing’s going to stop them! From rampant cock sucking and ball play, to ass eating and rough fucking, their scratchy beards rough up holes, balls and faces as they bury themselves deep in every available hole, the gruff noises getting louder and louder as the carnal need for cum comes to a hot, wet climax!
16  minutes
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The hottest, horniest hunks are found under the scorching hot sun, their ripped, bulging bodies tanning, sweating and smelling as amazing as they look as they flex and thrust with each other - a huge melee of muscle that has to be seen to be believed. This collection of the buffest men, the biggest muscle bodies found outside all getting hotter, hornier and more pumped than ever as they indulge their muscle worship fantasies in the great outdoors. From delicious duos to group orgies, the testosterone fills the air and is carried on the breeze, straight to the adoring fans to enjoy.

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