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Over Drive

Over Drive
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  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
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  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
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  • Voyeurism
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146 min

Brian Mills

    all models over 18    
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Arthur Gordon

Chris Thomas

Coby Mitchell

Dean Flynn

Dirk Jager

Francois Sagat

Marco Blaze

Max Schutler

Rick van Sant

Scott Alexander

Victor Steele

Handsome Dean Flynn spots Max Schutler on the beach, and soon whisks the toned stud off in his convertible. They arrive at a secluded spot in the woods, where Dean heads to the back seat, tells his bud to stand up and then feasts on Max’s hard, uncut cock. The two rub and kiss each other during the hot oral opener, where Dean sucks deep and gets an impressive spit strand caught between his mouth and Max’s dick—and then spits another wad on it. Max delivers a steady face fuck and then drops down to return the favor, deepthroating Dean’s big boner. Max tugs on his own sac and stays stiff as he sucks, his excitement building with each slurp. The two then lean on the trunk as Dean offers his hole for a tongue bath. Max then bends over, opening his ass for a doggie-style pounding over the car. Dean holds on to Max’s tight waist as he works, and a great low shot captures both of their boners in action. The two jack off on each other before Dean goes into the woods to relieve himself—leaving the mischievous Max all alone to steal Dean’s wheels.
20  minutes
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Max drops off the car for a cleaning with muscle hunk Dirk Jager, who commands employee Marco Blaze to get to work—but not before kissing the smooth, muscular hunk. The two 5 o’clock-shadowed studs stare into each other’s eyes before masculine Dirk drops to his knees and is soon eye to eye with Marco’s huge (and super thick) uncut cock. Dirk opens his mouth wide and gets to work on Marco’s massive meat, frequently gagging as he goes deeper during the long suck session. Marco delivers a steady face fuck, getting the spit to drip out of Dirk’s mouth. Marco wipes it off of Dirk’s lips and rubs it on himself, then beats Dirk’s face with his massive tool before grabbing on to Dirk’s dark hair and diving in again, soon feeding Dirk his fingers. Dirk holds on to Marco’s balls and licks them, and soon the two are spotted by hairy hunk Francois Sagat—who strips down and joins the oral appetizer. The three take turns sucking each other, as Marco jacks off and whips his big cock around. The three cum on Marco. ... More
35  minutes
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Narrowly avoiding disaster with the speeding car, road worker Coby Mitchell falls into the woods. The beefy, shaved-head hunk is soon helped by fellow workers Scott Alexander and Arthur Gordon. The three start a rub-and-lick fest highlighted by an insane display of ripped abs—and are soon engaged in a suck chain with tall, dark and handsome Scott towering over his buds with his insanely chiseled bod and huge cock. Coby gets in deep, wet sucks on his buds, working up a sit strand and nibbling on Arthur’s foreskin before deep throating Scott’s schlong. The three fire off their first round of squirts, their muscular bodies tightening up as they release. ... More
30  minutes
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Wandering the woods in search of clothes, Dean Flynn stumbles upon the cabin of gun-wielding Victor Steele, who drops his weapon and drops to his knees to feast on helpless Dean’s cock. Victor’s own throbbing knob peaks out of his jeans, bobbing in excitement as he slurps away. He stands up and Dean takes a turn on his knees, working up more strands of spit as he deepthroats the toned, light-bearded stud. Victor—his super-stiff cock throbbing up to the sky when released from Dean’s mouth—beats his meat on Dean’s face, then bends over as Dean takes a turn on his hole. Dean caresses Victor’s boner from underneath as his long tongue gets to work. The two then jack off on each other’s chests and kiss.... More
29  minutes
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Max Schutler continues his joy ride by picking up friend Rick van Sant and heading to the woods for more scenic outdoor sex. The two kiss passionately before Max takes out Rick’s huge, curvy cock, sucking the tall, hairy top as he rests his massive legs against the convertible. Max works up a slurpy mess, the spit sticking to his mouth and dripping down Rick’s hard shaft and sac. The two smile at each other and kiss throughout, with spit later dripping from Max’s mouth. The two are soon spotted by handsome park sheriff Chris Thomas, a uniformed hunk who rubs his bulge. He can’t resist temptation for long, taking out his hard cock and joining the duo. Max sucks both studs as they smile at each other, with Chris’s milky smooth, muscular body now on full display. The insatiable Max goes back and forth, rubbing his own spit into his foreskin while he sucks.
32  minutes
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Take the top off, grab the stick and thrust into high gear in the latest outdoor escapade from awardwinning director Brian Mills. A gunmetal grey convertible sees lots of action during its countryside travels as 11 hunks get wet and wild in the great outdoors. Get your hands on a hard body with TitanMen exclusives Marco Blaze, Dean Flynn, Dirk Jager, Francois Sagat and Rick van Sant. Rev it up and fuck in the fast lane as Overdrive takes you on the ride of your life!

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