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Raging Stallion
  • Anal Sex
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193 min

Ben Rush, Steve Cruz

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Beau Butler


Danny Starr

Derek Kage

Lawson James

Paul Wagner

Sean Xavier

Timothy Chance

Fresh off an expensive, fuck-filled vacation in Spain, Paul Wagner is eager to get out of the airport and into the comfort of his own home. After using the “Let It Ride” rideshare app to call a car, though, he quickly learns that unhinged driver Derek Kage has some alternative plans for him. Without warning, Derek turns sharply into an abandoned garage where Paul – against his own better judgment – agrees to a flip-fuck with the alarmingly intense and unstable motorist. Soon, Derek’s tongue, fingers, and bareback cock are going in on Paul’s hairy hole as the penetrated passenger leans his exposed body against Derek’s car. Now occupying the open trunk of his SUV, Derek takes a ride on Paul’s big dick and gets fucked from behind until both men are covering each other in their loads. After, all that’s left is for Paul to be driven home and realize the hard way that this psychotic stranger not only knows his phone number but also where he lives.
45  minutes
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Derek Kage just finished delivering a creamy facial to his latest passenger, and now he’s heading straight to a nearby bathhouse to watch other men get off. Immediately, he sees bearded doorman Lawson James going at it with muscle daddy Timothy Chance. Alone in a dark corner of the venue, Lawson gets a mouthful of Timothy’s big dick and Timothy gets to worship Lawson’s hairy bubble butt and pits. Timothy further services Lawson’s ass as he barebacks the daddy’s cock-hungry hole across the vacant room, slamming his sweaty rod into Lawson’s furry cheeks. With Derek lurking in the shadows, the two unload their balls before Timothy heads off to the restroom to clean up – but instead comes face-to-face with a potentially fatal threat.
33  minutes
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After a tough day at work – including having to fire Derek Kage, one of his most erratic drivers -- “Let It Ride” car service manager Beau Butler is looking to forget his troubles. Lucky for him, co-worker Brogan is right by his side and on the hunt for an interoffice flip-fuck. Right on a conference table, Brogan, wearing only a black jockstrap, throws back his legs to let Beau finger, service, and rim his hole. Wanting some attention on his own ass, Beau hops on the table for a bareback ride on Brogan before bending over his own desk to get fucked hard. Beau, almost ready to burst, finishes off the workplace hookup by topping his associate until Brogan is covered in two hot loads. Satisfied from their after-hours activities, both men prepare to leave the office – until the power cuts out and they’re faced with the deadly consequences of terminating someone as unhinged as Derek Kage.
41  minutes
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Ever since meeting Paul Wagner, deranged rideshare driver Derek Kage has grown more and more obsessed with his recent passenger. Thinking he knows where he lives, Derek decides to sneak into Paul’s house only to discover a naked Danny Starr sprawled out in bed. Fortunately for Derek, Danny doesn’t seem to mind an anonymous hookup as the dangerous stranger begins to get a feel and taste of his muscular bubble butt. The late-night bang even progresses to Derek blowing Danny’s big dick and then going for a bareback ride on the uncut and unsuspecting suburban stud. Now smothered in fresh cum, Derek refocuses on finding his former passenger by pushing Danny to reveal the true location of his prey.
34  minutes
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After dealing with the unbalanced rideshare driver Derek Kage, Paul Wagner wants nothing more than to rest in the comforting arms of fuck-buddy Sean Xavier. The relaxation doesn’t last long, though, as the two exchange blowjobs on the living room couch and Sean spreads his legs for Paul to rim his hole. Now going for a ride on his partner, Sean gets simultaneously sucked and fucked as he sits on Paul’s bareback meat all while his nine-inch cock fills Paul’s mouth. The impressive positions continue as Paul pounds his big dick bottom all over the sofa until each is unleashing his own wet load. Now completely drained, the couple must gather the energy to fight off an intruder who’s about to pay them an unexpected visit.
40  minutes
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When awkward rideshare driver Derek Kage picks up handsome-but-cocky passenger Paul Wagner from a local airport, he can’t ignore his instant physical attraction. Paul, both turned on by and hesitant about the driver’s intensity – and against his own better judgment – agrees to stop at a vacant nearby garage for a rough flip-fuck with the unstable motorist. As the night draws in, though, Paul grows increasingly uncomfortable with Derek’s obsessive and menacing text messages and calls, immediately filing a grievance with the “Let It Ride” car service app. Discernibly unhinged and now even more enraged by Paul’s deliberate complaint, Derek begins a deadly and twisted descent into madness that leaves a grisly body count in its horrifying wake. Co-starring exclusive Beau Butler, Lawson James, Timothy Chance, Brogan, Danny Starr, and Sean Xavier, ‘Overdrive’ signals a new kind of terror that’s just one swipe away. So, go ahead; jump in the back seat. You’ll be at your final destination sooner than you think.

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