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PISS - Volume 1

PISS - Volume 1
Treasure Island Media
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Cum-eating
  • Foot Play
  • Group Oral
  • Kissing
  • No Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
  • Showering
  • Watersports
98 min

Paul Morris

    all models over 18    
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Aitor Crash

Austin Shadow

Brad McGuire


Nathan Gear

Adam Gunner
Gallo Vento

James Roscoe

Leo Nabuco
Lukas Cipriani
Pat Jackson
Zach Blunt

JEREK and PAT JACKSON were playing around in the pool with the ever-studly AUSTIN SHADOW. So Max snatched his camera, and shot these Treasure Island men doing what they do best. The sex is completely unplanned and spontaneous-and totally fuckin` sizzling. It progresses from raw underwater butt-fucking to PAT and AUSTIN double-penetrating the always-ready JEREK. DAWSON glories in his love of PISS. It`s morning, and what better way to start the day than to gulp down quarts of fresh-brewed stud-piss straight from the taps? DAWSON loves that yellow ambrosia as much as spooge-well, nearly as much! He glugs down all the sparklin` gold that our trio of well-equipped studs BRAD, TOM and AUSTIN can produce. The men were supposed to be resting up for an afternoon scene, but once again they couldn`t stop themselves. The sex is unplanned, unscripted and unbridled! DAWSON is the complete slut-hole. AUSTIN SHADOW is the complete horn-dog topman. The two just naturally couldn`t stop fuckin`. Within a few minutes, BRAD MCGUIRE jumped in to get another hard `n` deep pokin` of DAWSON`s public-access fuckhole. One highlight in this scene is an ultra-hot double-fuck with MCGUIRE and SHADOW pistoning DAWSON at the same time, leaving the manslut with stretched-out pouty ass-lips.
16  minutes
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Crossing the line; the disappearance of LUKAS CIPRIANI. What can I say about LUKAS CIPRIANI? He was beautiful and filthy and had a voracious appetite for cock. Men were drawn to his light but he was a Darksider. Born into the world of man sex, his father was a traveling whore and taught his son the family business. LUKAS` youth and beauty brought him many men, but deep down he longed for that one man who would take him all the way. LUKAS truly wanted to cross the line. Fellow Darksider ABRAHAM was just the right guy for the job. ABRAHAM took charge of LUKAS` willing holes, fucking and filling him with hot smelly piss. The dominant top gave his willing victim a final kiss and LUKAS lost his last bit of control. Keeping a firm grip on LUKAS`s throat, the butcher pulled LUKAS by his hair across that final line. We`ve neither seen nor heard from LUKAS since. Rest in Peace, LUKAS, wherever you are.
15  minutes
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****** Compilation of Scenes ****** TIM exclusive BRAD MCGUIRE was just off the plane when Max presented him with a welcome-to-London gift: KLEP, a young `n` eager cocksucker. Now, KLEP had told us that a major fantasy of his was to get on his knees and worship topman BRAD`s fat uncut cock---and to guzzle down every last golden drop of his hot raunchy piss. How could we say no? BRAD had such a good time he gave KLEP a thick mouthful of fresh sperm. An entire group of studs tramp to the communal shower to soap up, clean off -- and piss all over DAWSON. He has just been waiting, hoping for a chance to get a taste of hot stud-suds. And while the topmen empty their full-to-bursting bladders on him, DAWSON`s passion for cock really shines through: he`s in total bliss as the men drown him in splashing gold. Once they shot their loads, they were ready to hose down the cocksucker with a three-nozzle piss-shower. KLEP wallows on the floor, licking the fresh beer-piss up off the filthy concrete. KEER pulls off his smelly black sock, soaks it in everyone`s piss and forces KLEP to suck the piss right out of it. What with boot-licking, sock-sucking, floor-slurping and more, by the end of this brief but satisfying piss segment KLEP is worn out and exhausted on the concrete floor.
11  minutes
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TIM cocksucking slave JAMES ROSCOE lives and breathes to suck cock. So we decided to help him live out one of his fantasies--of being the gangbang bottom cocksucker to a stable of horny, horse-hung throat-fuckers. We threw him into the basement with thirteen lusty men and watched JAMES chow down. Halfway through, JAMES is clearly in a quasi-religious state, his eyes all glazed over as he takes cock after cock. He ends up being fed nearly 20 loads and a good gallon of warm piss. And JAMES? The whoredog was hungry for more!
21  minutes
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HARD ON is London`s biggest regular sex-club, and this year it celebrated its 10th birthday. Top men AITOR CRASH and KEIRAN took to the stage with 21 year-old newcomer NATHAN GEAR -- a perfect rookie sub slut. Some of the audience join in, fucking NATHAN`s mouth and ass, and pissing over him in front of a heaving horny crowd of hundreds.
10  minutes
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I knew cocksucker SKEET and horse-hung pagan KEER would get along fine. When a cocksucker like SKEET sees a cock like KEER`S, everyone knows the score. But these two hit it off way better than even I expected. KEER starts off by giving SKEET a nice warm piss-shower. Then he kneels down and sucks out SKEET`s load. And that`s when SKEET gets to give his attention fully to KEER`s huge cock.
7  minutes
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CHRISTIAN spends a wet, rainy Fire Island afternoon hanging by the pool, taking all the cum and piss ZACH BLUNT, DONATO, and ADAM GUNNER can give him.
11  minutes
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LÉU NABUCO has to take a piss. GALLO VENTO stalks and follows him into the toilet. Two horny Brazilians, side by side at the urinal checking each other’s dicks out. Boners happen. Pants drop lower. LÉU is soon bent over grabbing his ankles as GALLO is ramming his hard cock in and out of his hole.
7  minutes
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Enjoy this collection of raw-piss fuck and suck scenes featuring TIM Exclusives BRAD MCGUIRE, JAMES ROSCOE, CHRISTIAN, DAWSON, plus favorite TIM men like LUKAS CIPRIANI, NATHAN GEAR, ADAM GUNNER, KEER, AUSTIN SHADOW, and more.

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