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Pack Attack 1

Pack Attack 1
Hot House
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97 min

David Lamm

    all models over 18    
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Fredrick Ford

Jason Crew

Justin Gemini

Kent North

Rick Gonzales

Ricky Martinez (a)

Kent North has all five horse-hung members of the pack standing in a line on a raised wooden platform, putting all of their crotches right at the perfect level for cock-sucking. He tells them “You know why you’re here. Fill all my holes…” and steps up to deep throat each rock hard cock in succession. Justin Gemini’s 10×6 rock hard rod slides down North’s throat, followed by Jason Crew, Ricky Martinez, Fredrick Ford and Rick Gonzales. North expertly deep throats every cock, even Ricky Martinez’ (one of the biggest cock we’ve ever seen) who shouts “You got skills! You got skills!” North works his way up and down the line, taking a break from each man’s monster-cock to lick his boots.

North has ordered the men off the platform and tells them to get ready to fill his holes. Fredrick Ford sucks Justin Gemini’s huge tool while Jason Crew services Ford. North is on his knees, servicing both Ricky Martinez and Rick Gonzales. Crew, Gemini and Ford swap blow jobs and make out while North and Gonzaels suck Martinez off.

27  minutes
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Eventually North feeds Martinez his own cock while Gonzales eats North’s ass. North turns his attention to Ford’s bubble-butt while Martinez continues to suck himself off. Gemini can barely take it when Ford munches his ass and Crew sucks his huge cock.

Frederick Ford breaks out a huge 14×7 dildo and fucks North with it while Martinez fucks North’s face. Justin Gemini powerfucks Rick Gonzales’ face – pumping his cock in and out faster with each thrust. Ford continues to work the huge dildo into North’s hole while Jason Crew slaps his fat cock on North’s ass. North’s hole meets the challenge and Ford pulls the latex tool all the way out and shoves it back in, almost to the base!

24  minutes
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Solo action reaches new levels in this scene when cock-masters Ricky Martinez and Jason Crew show off their special talents. Martinez sits down and begins stroking his mammoth tool. With very little effort, he leans down and shoves the head of his cock into his own mouth. As his cock gets harder he is able to take more and more of it down his throat. Crew is by his side, laying on his back. After working his cock until it is semi-hard, he bends it around and fucks himself in the ass with it. Meanwhile, the gangbang continues with Frederick Ford being the first to step up and shove his cock into Kent North’s pulsating ass. Martinez and Crew join the rest of the men as they stand in a pack, jacking off over North. They all take turns cumming huge globs of white jiz all over North who eventually blows his own load.
27  minutes
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Loads all blown, the pack is back and ready for more. This time, North is on his knees between Crew and Gemini. Crew fucks his face while Gemini gyrates his hips, driving his fat tool deeper and deeper into North’s ass. Martinez replaces Crew and Ford steps up to tap North’s ass, followed by Gonzales. Crew and Martinez step around to get some of North’s gaping hole and fuck him like a dog. At this point North is nothing more than a fuck hole as all five men shove whatever they want wherever they want, leaving North covered in sweat and pre-cum.

North lands in a sling with all five insatiable heavy-cocked studs in line, waiting for their chance to fuck North inside-out. Just when you think North is about to give up, he braces himself and eggs the top on demanding to be fucked harder and faster! Everybody gets a turn at North’s hole until once again, the pack stands over North and drenches him with cum.

19  minutes
Content & Stars...
Pack Attack, the new gangbang series from Hot House Entertainment, features one lucky Hot House Man thrown to a pack of big-dicked, hole-hungy tops with trouble on their minds and monster cocks between their legs!

Pack Attack 1 stars Hot House Exclusive Kent North, the greediest pig-bottom on the planet, who demanded we find the 5 biggest cocks in the business to try and tame his hungry hole.


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