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Passionate Play

Passionate Play
Blake Mason
  • Anal Sex
  • Cum Facials
  • Kissing
  • Massage
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
91 min

Blake Mason

    all models over 18    
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Damien Ryder

Jaxon Radoc

Nathan Hope

Theo Ford

Tyler Jenkins

Ryan Cayman
Ryan Mason

Sometimes the lust between guys is obvious in their frantic hunger for each other, and occasionally we pair up a couple of guys who have a real sensual energy. The two Ryan`s appearing together to share their big dicks definitely fits into the second category. Kissing, sucking and fucking, the two seem almost lost in each other while we film them. After Blond Ryan sinks his dick into his new friend and fucks him nice and slow, eventually picking up the pace when our dark haired hottie is on his back and ready to cum. It`s a great duo, and we know for a fact there was a connection between them that will go beyond the screen
22  minutes
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You know a massage between guys like Nathan and Jaxon is going to end with cum spewing out. The boys are playing innocent to begin with, but soon Jaxon`s cock is slipping between those lips and Nathan is getting a taste. The inked lad has his own long hard uncut dick to feast on too, of course, and Jaxon loves the taste. With his hole rimmed out he`s ready for that cock to plunge into him, being rammed in true hardcore style as Nathan gives him a perfect mix of slow thrusting and hard ramming, getting him splashing out a massive cumshot over himself, and all finished off with a tasty load in the face for Jaxon too!
20  minutes
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You might think Theo and Nathan are lovers the way they go at each other in this sensual hardcore flip fuck session. The guys tease each other with cock licking and anal play before getting down and dirty with the butt banging, but after Nathan gives his new buddy his cock nice and slow the boys switch things up. Theo is ready to slam that hole! Check out the frantic fucking he delivers, and the teasing cock play too, before both jerk out their cum loads!
26  minutes
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Damien loves to top, but he couldn`t wait to bottom for the big dick of bisexual noob Tyler. This handsome and inked guy is a masculine fucker, as you can see from the way he powers into Damien`s hole and fucks him all over the bed. It certainly does the job for Damien, who gets covered in their cum loads and shares a taste with his tanned top buddy!
23  minutes
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Hand-selected for being both raunchy and sensual, PASSIONATE is four of BlakeMason’s hottest scenes! Ryan Cayman and Ryan Mason go slow and high tempo as the connection between them heats up. Nathan Hope and Aussie lad Jaxon Radoc melt into each other with massages before getting each other off with hard fucking. Nathan is back for another intense scene with muscular stunner Theo Ford, where they tease each other relentlessly before flip fucking. The most powerful fuck of the DVD comes from Damien Ryder and Tyler Jenkins; these big fit lads don’t hold back as they work up a sweat.

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