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Physical Evaluations

Physical Evaluations
NS Originals
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96 min

Marc MacNamara

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Amone Bane

Beau Butler

Brody Fox

Bruce Jones

Drake Von

James Fox

Rafael Alencar

Will Braun

Deep in The Swords Facility, Dr. Brody Fox has been tasked with testing the physical endurance of new recruit, Amone Bane. With his hard dick completely filling the doctor’s mouth, Amone has proven his cock’s stamina and now must display how skilled he is orally. Amone shows his raw talents as rims, fingers, and spits into Brody’s hole with the pleased doctor progressively taking deeper and deeper breaths. Ready to continue Amone’s examination, Brody gets into position to ride the hopeful agent’s hard cock on his hospital bed. Amone only pulls out to 69 with his examiner before resuming his bareback assessment by bending Brody over, propping his own leg up, and ramming the doctor’s hole. After the stretched-out medical professional cums all over his own hair-covered body, Amone begins his final task – draining his balls directly into Brody’s mouth to test his sperm count.
24  minutes
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Along with their physical endurance, The Swords Facility is also set on making sure that each new recruit has the mental stamina to survive under intense pressure. In a lone examination room, Special Agent James Fox is putting newcomer Bruce Jones to the test by having him complete a series of complicated mind games while he stands only a foot away, teasing Bruce with his exposed cock. Able to ignore the distraction and successfully complete the challenge, Bruce is rewarded by finally getting the chance to wrap his lips around James’ meat and lean over the table for the agent to rim his hole. Pleased with his continued performance, James even goes to fuck the newbie with Bruce begging for more and more of James’ hot cock at each bareback thrust. Laying naked on a table, Bruce completes his testing session by stroking out a thick load onto himself right before James pulls out to unleash his nut on the bottom’s ballsack.
23  minutes
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New to gay porn and The Swords Facility, young recruit Drake Von has been assigned to receive a full-body examination from physical therapist Will Braun. With Drake completely naked and his full bush exposed, Dr. Braun wants to perform one final test to prove that Drake is fully capable of using every part of his body. The doctor starts off by going down on Drake’s girthy cock and letting the newbie fuck his mouth before bending over to see how well Drake can use his tongue on his hairy hole. Both now laying in Drake’s hospital bed, the hung twink begins pumping Will’s tight hole full of his raw meat. Drake and his thick dick receive deep praise from the doctor as he mounts and fills him up bareback until he’s aching to pull out and smother Will’s cheeks in cum. The drained top then aces his final test as he successfully sucks every last drop of cum out of Dr. Braun’s hard cock.
24  minutes
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After a long day of running an underground complex for an elite group of porn star agents, Head of The Swords Facility Beau Butler wants more than just a massage from physical therapist Rafael Alencar. He quickly informs Rafael at the start of their session that he’d rather just get fucked and in no time, Beau is bobbing his head up and down on his masseur’s famously thick dick. Once Beau exposes his tan-lined cheeks and flashes his hairy hole, Rafael buries his face in Beau’s ass and gets ready to bareback the beefy hunk. Beau stays hard the entire time Rafael thrusts his bareback cock in and out of him and leans back in pure pleasure as the hung top effortlessly stuffs his insides. A few more pumps from Rafael’s oversized member has Beau unloading all over Rafael’s pubes right before Rafael is pulling out to cover Beau’s face in his hot nut.
26  minutes
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Welcome to The Swords Facility. Here, we ensure that before any gay porn star is allowed to enter the field as a secret agent, they’ve been put through the wringer, tested on their mental endurance, and most importantly, fully completed all of their ‘Physical Evaluations’. From award-winning director Marc MacNamara, this second installment of ‘The Swords’ saga enters the unseen complex where an experienced team of doctors, trainers and interrogators make it their mission to physically evaluate every last inch of each new recruit that walks through their doors. In one section of The Swords Facility, Dr. Brody Fox can be seen analyzing the physical endurance of newcomer Amone Bane and draining his balls to examine his sperm count. A few doors down, a closed-off examination room has Special Agent James Fox teasing Bruce Jones with his hard cock as he attempts to complete a series of brain games. Young recruit Drake Von has his bushy hog out and is close to completing his full body examination with Dr. Will Braun, but first must prove that he’s fully capable of using every part of his body. Overseeing all of these intimate practices is Facility Head Beau Butler, who is making it clear to physical therapist Rafael Alencar that he isn’t interested in a massage and instead needs to be dominated bareback by the stud’s oversized dick. Nothing is ever left up to chance and only the best will pass the exhausting examinations and ‘Physical Evaluations’ from the trained professionals that make up The Swords Facility.

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