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Fetish Force
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70 min

Jasun Mark, Trenton Ducati

    all models over 18    
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Adrian Hart

Beau Butler

Devin Franco


Shane Cook

Wrestling stud Shane Cook is dominating Devin Franco throughout their match. After four intense rounds of the men grabbing each other’s sweaty bodies, a satisfied Shane sits his muscular ass on Devin’s chest as his girthy dick spills out of his uniform. Devin, wearing only a white singlet that’s covered in filth and grime from all the hardcore roughhousing, opens his mouth to take Shane’s victorious cock as Shane reaches his hand down to expose Devin’s hard dick. With Devin naked and completely exposed, Shane buries his face in Devin’s thick bubble butt. Once Shane’s tongue has explored every portion of his hole, the wrestling champion begins swallowing Devin’s stiff dick. Devin palms Shane’s head, pumping himself in and out of him until he erupts and breeds Shane’s mouth. A drained Devin then turns around so Shane can empty his mouthful of cum all over Devin’s wet hole.
18  minutes
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Hung jock Shane Cook immediately begins his near-naked wrestling match by forcefully bringing Devin Franco to his knees and filling his mouth with his girthy meat. Wearing only a pair of revealing briefs that completely expose his hole and hard cock, Devin escapes Shane only to be knocked down on his back seconds later. Shane takes advantage of Devin’s position by spitting all over his hole and thrusting his fat cock into Devin’s unsuspecting ass. Shane makes sure both ends of Devin get their fill as he furiously stuffs his oversized dick into each of Devin’s open orifices. Barebacking Devin’s wet hole is ultimately what causes the athletic top’s thick dick to pull out and shoot a strong stream of jizz all over Devin. With Shane’s monster cock reentering his used ass, Devin strokes himself until he bursts and adds a fresh load to the messy collection of cum covering his body.
18  minutes
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After five intense rounds on the mat, beefy wrestling stud Beau Butler has successfully pinned opponent Adrian Hart. To commemorate the win, referee Reign holds down Adrian so Beau can swallow every inch of the massive cock that’s sprung out of Adrian’s yellow, skin-tight singlet. With the muscular Adrian now focused on getting his hole and pole serviced, the ref turns his attention to barebacking Beau’s incredibly hairy ass. Reign thrusts the entirety of his XL cock in and out of Beau’s asshole as Adrian uses his long dick to fill up Beau’s mouth. A deep-voiced warning from the referee signals that Reign is about to breed Beau’s meaty ass. With his load deep inside Beau, the ref then commands the bottom to push the fresh load out of his used hole as Adrian’s cock spits out a wad of jizz into Beau’s cum-hungry mouth.
17  minutes
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Referee Reign knows that it’s going to get intense on the mat today, but he’s ready for anything wrestling hunks Beau Butler and Adrian Hard have to throw at him. Wearing only headgear and some barely-there underwear that shows off their assholes and hard cocks, the jocks forget about the physical competition two rounds in and start filling each other’s holes instead. Deep moans come from Beau as Adrian hits him from the back and as the jockstrap-clad ref stuffs Beau’s mouth with his sweaty dick. Now completely naked, Reign barebacks Adrian’s ass as both Adrian and Beau stroke themselves until they’re shooting loads all over Adrian’s body. The ref continues to pump his long cock inside of the muscular wrestler until he breeds his smooth ass and covers his insides in a heavy coat of his seed.
17  minutes
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If you’re into wrestling mats, hot gear, hungry holes and hard cocks, brace yourself, because these stunning grapplers are about to manhandle you until you’re ‘Pinned’ and begging for more. Directed by Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark, these five wrestling jocks aren’t afraid of asserting their physical dominance in front of anyone watching. After pinning down athletic stud Devin Franco, hung muscle man Shane Cook celebrates his victory by shoving his girthy cock into his opponent’s open mouth. The rematch between the two wrestlers sees both men exposing their asses and hard dicks before Shane Cook knocks Devin Franco down yet again and barebacks his juicy bubble butt. Shane Cook ends the match by pulling out of Devin Franco’s used ass and spewing heavy ropes all over the bottom’s naked abs. Beau Butler just pinned down the ripped Adrian Hart and referee Reign is looking to award the beefy athlete. As a reward for the win, the hairy victor gets both ends stuffed until Reign and Adrian Hart blow their warm loads into his mouth and hole. After their rematch, it’s Adrian Hart’s turn to get fucked by the ref’s big dick. Beau Butler covers his opponent in his thick load as Reign breeds his smooth hole with his sweaty cock. No matter the outcome of the match, these wrestling hunks are making sure everyone’s getting manhandled, roughhoused, and ‘Pinned’ until their balls are officially drained.

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